Will - Prof singing - Pennsauken Township

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Will - Prof singing - Pennsauken Township


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20years of training vocals, music group/choir arrangements, production, song writing in New Jersey

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About Will

I have been Teaching and training since 1994. Many of my students are currently still involved in making music and/or singing. Several of them ar currently pursuing carreers in the music industry as well as holding performance vocal contracts with well know record companies.
I have worked with world famous Gospel, Pop, Choral and RnB musicians and artists.
Ive worked for the GMA (Gospel Music Association) As a judge for upcoming artist and writer competitions.
I now train artists and musicians here in New Jersey as well as in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa.
At the End of the Day, my Day is Made when I can help a student be their best.
The one thing im not too good at is Holding back secrets ive learned.
I want my students to have Every tool needed for them to have Stellar Achievement.

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Double bachelor Kean University & J.D.T. Bible College Training Center. Mentored and Trained by Brett Manning (Singing Success) , David Lawrence (Piano by Ear) & James Treadwell jr.(Kingdom Impact, Destiny One Records)

Piano- individual/group training in puano by ear. The goal is to traing the musician like an athlete through repetition and unlocking intuitive feel. Every student leaves the training know how to play any song that they hear by ear without reading music.

Vocals- individual/group training is singing fundamentals ,knowing and feeling your best vocal tone, "Tessitura", perfect and relative Pitch, stylistic vibrato, vocal agility , maintanance and vocal performance skills.
This training is taylored to all levels of singers from child beginners to adult professionals.
(Group singing) Blend, teamwork, dynamics

All trainings can be done with on site, home visit or webinar styles.

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