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Accent Reduction Spanish and English Speaker who learned how to speak English at age 15.

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I learned English at a late age but went to school in America, but was raised on the border of Mexico where everyone speaks Spanish. When I was 15, I moved up 6 hours North close to San Antonio, Texas where I had to learn English. I learned a way to sound like I don't know Spanish and have greatly reduced my accent when I speak English. I was also able to retain my knowledge of Spanish and can speak it with it's accent as well. I hope to teach any one who would like to work with me to learn how. I hope to work one on one with each of you on vowels, sounds, and pronunciation of words in English. We will repeat a lot of words that give Spanish speakers the accent and how to maintain it in Spanish but not in English (or at least, not as much!) Progress and consistency is key!

Aprendí inglés cuando tenía quince años y soy de la ciudad de Río Grande en Estado de Tejas. Toda la gente habla español y cuando tenia 15 años, llege cerca de San Antonio. Es cuando aprendí inglés, era bien defecil. En tonces Estudie todos los días con la televisión y con los libros; las palabras y cómo se deben de decir en Ingles. Ahora tengo 32 años, y cuando hablo inglés no se me olvide el acento. Mantengo el acento cuando hablo español y lo mismo cuando hablo inglés.


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About Enedina

I have recently taken a test for my current job for Spanish Owl and received a score of Advanced Intermediate. And received a score of Advanced Expert in English. I have given several people of all ages lessons on basic English and basic Spanish from Beginners all the way to Intermediate. I also was a Mentor for several Months in a college teaching High school Students all the way to Senior Aged Men and Women on English as a Second Language to help them take tests/get citizenship's.



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