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ACCFIN DOCTOR. Fin Accounting, Mgmnt ACC, Cost ACC, Information Management Systems, Finance, Financial Mgmnt, Int'l Finance, and Strategic Management. I am a PhD in Accounting and a PhD in Finance, bo

About the lesson

Who is the Tutor?
This professor/tutor is a US-educated Doctor of Philosophy in accounting and finance Summa Cum Laude (both with a 4.0 GPA), an executive MBA in strategic management along with undergraduate studies in accounting, and possesses several accounting designations, for example, CPA, CA, CMA, and CGMA, and have earned meritorious fellowship awards, for example, FCPA (CA, AU), FCMA (CA, UK), from institutes in North America, UK, Scotland, Ireland, and AU/NZ; and is native fluent in French, enabling him to teach and tutor French from beginners to advanced learners.

Lesson Structure
The structure of each lesson depends on the type of student or learner. Whether the student learns introductory, intermediate, or advanced financial and management accounting, finance, and strategic management courses, the structure varies. All chapters of most textbooks have course objectives or outcomes that enable the student to understand, explain, prepare, and discuss the concepts and practices at hand. Some textbooks have challenges and related solutions that the student must review. Whether the student prefers help on all a textbook’s chapters and every associated topic, or only certain chapters or certain topics, that depends on the student's learning curve. The student must provide the textbook name, publisher’s name, and ISBN. The tutor and student develop the learning plan in the first session based on the student’s needs.

The French tutoring includes grammar and style, speaking at an appropriate level with proper pronunciation, speaking letters and numbers, and street lingo if desired, reading, writing including sentence structure, clichés, common expressions, dialogue, speaking style, etc.

Teaching Philosophy
My teaching philosophy or approach is one of passion, which is to share personal knowledge and experience. It is to engage students—teaching approach (content) and learning—and thus focus on both covering content and individual learning or focusing on what the professor does and what the student must do to enhance learning.

The first philosophy is content-centric for the learner from a professor who is a seller, demonstrator, and information-oriented individual through independent learning activities; and in the role of a teacher who is a professor and instructor-guided authority through traditional lectures with infused knowledge, but without treating all subject matters of the discipline as utter science.

The second philosophy is also learning-centric with the professor’s role as a coach and facilitator guiding students to develop and apply skills and knowledge, and as an entertainer and delegator with a relations-oriented focus to enable collaborative learning. From those two perspectives, emanates technology as an enabler of teaching philosophy. Thus, (1) technology enhances lesson content because today’s students are highly visual, preferring pictures and videos to words and speech. (2) technology enables collaboration. Students are also social; they love being part of a community, collaborating, and sharing and exchanging ideas. Interaction is therefore vital; hence, the faculty can integrate tools such as Google apps and wikis to involve students in collaborative environments with one another. (3) Technology enables to exchange views and feedback. Technology helps with the three aspects, making data instantly accessible.

The third philosophy is the faculty teaching self-awareness about knowledge or aid with managing emotional intelligence (EQ). This appears to be a bigger agenda than is. Effective learning requires that processes and skills be obtainable for quick recall from the sub-conscious mind where EQ resides. I use brain research (Dr Zanida model-neuroscientist) in teaching and tutoring. This is where the frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex controls cognitive skills, enhances learning, and enables the ability to learn. The neuro-connection takes place between the dendrites and synapses through intervening axons. Using brain research through specific CATs, create alternative expanded pathways that fire the brain, hence firing thinking and learning.

As an academic/practitioner (AP), teaching several audiences requires different strategies and behaviors. Teaching and tutoring require a level of pedagogical flexibility to match the students’ learning capabilities and years of, or lack of experience, and to engage continuously, inspire, and enable learners to reach beyond traditional boundaries. For example, asking a key question as a lesson ends or when the week concludes is a proven way to gather feedback and assess students’ learning. It is how a faculty can judge whether to reinforce something, carry on, or even accelerate learning.


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About Dr Ron

For college and university accounting, finance, and management students, I am a PhD in Accounting and a PhD in Finance, both with summa cum laude and both with a 4.0 GPA. I am an Executive MBA in Strategic Management and a multi-designated professional accountant, for example, CPA, CA, CMA, CGMA—nine designations in all—and have earned meritorious fellowship awards, for example, FCPA (CA, AU), FCMA (CA, UK) with significant experience in business, the public sector, and in academia, as a CFO, CSO (Chief Strategy Officer), auditor, consultant, and as a university professor, PhD program director, and researcher. I have been a CPA, CA, and CMA mentor for several years.

Over three decades, I have taught virtually all university financial and management accounting courses, financial information system courses, and many finance and strategic management courses.

Thousands of students have benefited from my knowledge and insights and got the degree and professional accounting designation of their choice.

My experience extends to government and NFP accounting, FASB GAAP, IFRS, ISA, GAAS, public-sector accounting standards, CPA Canada, FASAB, and GASB. I have extensive experience in teaching and implementing internal and management controls, and governance and accountability frameworks and policies.

I have native fluency in French, enabling me to tutor beginners to advanced learners. Dr Ron.



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