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Affordable English Language Arts/ELL tutoring from a retired teacher in north Austin TX


I believe that every child learns at a different rate. What works for one child may not be a good approach for another. Any effective classroom teaching and learning is based on previous mastery of concepts-scaffolding techniques & learning. As teachers, we need to follow culturally responsive guidelines in lesson planning.
With actual teaching in person or online, it is important to develop prior knowledge, content vocabulary in the context before getting into the content. Reading needs a lot of practice from guided reading, to a small group conversations, and then to an independent practice stage. I believe reading and writing go hand in
hand. What students read, they should be able to apply/transfer learning to the written concepts during the writing process.
Providing engaged activities and instruction, motivates student learning. With assessments after every nine weeks, I could see their vocabulary and reading comprehension improve. The diverse topics empowered students’ conversations, which in return contributed to better speaking and listening skills.


I have retired after a successful teaching career of 22 years. I have taught 4th/5th-grades all subjects; and language arts-middle school. My favorite areas to teach are reading and writing using different strategies for effective teaching/learning practices. I have been fortunate enough to have different cultural experiences through my travels abroad, and learning about other communities of the world.


Rate for online lessons : $20/h
Lessons offered by Lalita
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Vocabulary - English
  • ESL
  • Writing comprehension - English
  • Writing expression - English
  • All Levels

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Lalita Kahol
2440 Etta May Lane
Leader TX 78641
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Website: (concealed information)


Content and Copywriting Jobs Online

AWAI (American Writer & Artist Inc)

Member of AWAI
Took courses online


Master’s in Guidance and Counseling
Wichita State University
Wichita, Kansas
Degree received December 2003
GPA: 3.7

ESOL Endorsement
Wichita State University
Wichita, Kansas
Endorsement received August 1998

Bachelor’s in Elementary Education
Wichita State University
Wichita, Kansas
Degree received December 1995
GPA: 3.7


June: 2018-current member of AWAI (American Writers and Artist Inc) training and B2B courses online:

• Write a persuasive Email Copy for B2B Companies
• Create email newsletter for professional for Professional Service Firms
• Write a sales copy on the web for B2B companies
• Work on short content and projects
• Do research for B2B marketing on a product
• Write landing pages
• Write product description with features and benefits
• Write a copy for a restaurant promotion

August:2012-2018: ESL teacher East Middle School and Elementary Joplin, MO

• Facilitated a caseload of 24-30 students at different grade levels
• Taught communication Arts at the middle schools level using ESL strategies
• Taught writers workshop at 6th, 7th, and 8th grade level; taught reading and writing at the elementary level
• Tested students at the beginning of the school years for placement into the ESL program
• Applied a pull-out and push-in ESOL models
• Differentiated lesson plans within the classroom
• Planned lessons keeping in mind the district/state as well as DESE/WIDA standards
• Used the Vision series ESL curriculum as a resource as well as SFA reading curriculum
• Worked with teacher to provide strategies/resources as needed to provide support
• Met with each grade level teachers to familiarize for the students’ accommodations/modifications as a part of their professional development at the beginning of the school year
• Administered DESE/WIDA- Yearly ACCESS assessment to ESOL at different levels
• Kept track of students’ formal and summative assessments to adjust instruction
• Administered the State MAP assessment and Quarterly Performance series to students at the district level
• Analyzed the assessment data to differentiate instruction to help students make progress
• Applied cooperative learning techniques within the classroom
• Used technology Infinite campus to keep track of their grades and used for administrative purpose
• Used internet resources such as Readworks, Newsela etc. to enhance students’ reading skills
• Used the internet for research purposes and ELMO-Image reflector to teach and actively involve students in their learning
• Helped students use google.docs for writers’ workshop and to help them prepare their portfolio online
• Attended Cognitive coaching, Adaptive Schools, and BIST Training offered by the district
• Attended WIDA conferences when ESL funds available with the team
• Built a rapport with parents through school conferences, phone calls, and school activities outside school

A longer full version available on request.

August 2008- Present: ESOL/ESL teacher at Central High School and Hickory Hills Middle School in Springfield, MO
A longer full version available on request.

August 2006-2008: Teaching Position at Dodge Literacy Magnet in Wichita, KS
A longer full version available on request.

August 2002-2006: Teaching Position at Seltzer Elementary in Wichita, KS
A longer full version available on request.


• Graduated receiving Cum Laude honors with both degrees
• Recognized as a “Highly Qualified Teacher” in Kansas
• Recipient of certificates from various professional growth workshops, spanning my entire career, 1997-2017

Overall Skill Areas

• Assessed and recorded students’ work
• Prepared weekly progress reports to send home to parents
• Recorded nine week progress reports to send home
• Used the assessment data to adjust instruction

Parent Involvement:
• Wrote and sent bi-weekly newsletters to parents
• Held parent-teacher-student twice/quarterly conferences
• Arranged special conferences on parent request
• Contacted parents through notes or phone calls
• Had parent volunteers in the classroom

Campus Improvement Plan:
• Participated in Campus Improvement Plan: The goal that all students will demonstrate growth in math, reading, writing, and problem solving
• Served on the reading committee for campus improvement


• Used technology in the classroom for administrative purposes
• Integrated technology in different subjects
• Prepared assignments for students to work on the computer
• Used technology for research purposes
• Applied technology in the writing process
• Prepared student performance reports on the computer
• Used e-sis every morning to record student attendance
• Used United Streaming videos to enhance learning in the class

Arts Partners:
• Involved in Arts Partners committee which uses the arts and committee arts resources to impact the campus improvement plan
• Prepared a script based on a fairy tale Lon Po Po from China, a version of Red Riding Hood, for a performance at a cultural night
• Did a comparative study in the class comparing the two above fairy tales, highlighting the four main elements of the story: characters, setting, problem, and resolution

Volunteer Work:
• Held study-skill groups to help students with study skills after school and applied some of the counseling techniques
• Encourage volunteerism by inviting students to accompany my family, to homeless shelter food serving days

Professional Growth:
• Attended constitution workshop 2005-2006, shared the materials with my team members, and used the curriculum in the classroom for social-studies
• Attended “East Asia Cultural Studies” Workshop in summer 2005, did research and implemented the lessons in the classroom, and represented the school at the University of Kansas
• Attended “We the People” conference in 2003-2004
• Attended district in-services & workshops for professional growth through “My Learning Plan”
• Attended “Behavior Intervention support Training” –BIST in 2007-2008
• Attended the Mid-TESOL and WIDA-Consortium Access workshops
• Training in Atomic Learning and training for usage of SMART Board technology in the classroom

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