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Agricultural Education major looking to gain experience in one on one lessons for students interested in agriculture

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I love to teach people by building their hands-on experience. I believe, especially for agricultural sciences, that the best way we can learn is to actively participate in the lesson. This can be creating floral arrangements, planting seeds or caring for a garden.


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About Jamie

I grew up on a farm and I have been enrolled in agriculture classes for 9 years now. I am an agricultural education major, seeking to teach horticulture, plant science and floral design courses to middle or high school students.



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  • Graduate of Agriculture education and a passionate teacher in Ondo state, Nigeria.


    Oba Ile, Nigeria

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  • Research Higher Degree Student and Researcher at CQ University, Rockhampton with experience of almost a decade in Agriculture Field. Technical nous in Agriculture, Applied Sciences and Organic Agricul


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  • Empowering students to reach their potential; Confident; Sharing knowledge; Soaring upwards; Success.


    Subang Jaya, Malaysia

    My teaching methods consists of visualization (photo and video clips), cooperative learning (work together in small groups),...

    • $15/h
    • 45mins free