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Approach the challenges of life in a positive manner leading to personal growth. With the everyday stress of life, work, and relationships support can provide the positive outcomes you desire. I am

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My education resulted in a Master of Science in Counseling,, Marriage, Family, and Child therapy. My undergraduate work was in human services and psychology. My counseling internship was spent working minimum of 3000 hours with clients of all ages either individually or in a group setting.


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About Roberta

I have worked in the health education field and counseling role for twenty five years. My work focused on guiding and supporting my clients toward successful living with a chronic health condition. My focus was on individuals living with depression, family conflict, domestic violence, and anger management.



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  • Crystals therapy with chakra balancing: body, mind and soul are healed.


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  • Have been motivating and inspiring many for years to let go of unnecessary baggage and be free of pain and to be at peace. “Your current situation isn’t your final destination.”



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  • I am a woman-healer of a lineage of Healers from Portugal. I can help you. Just take the first step and book now! You will be happy you did.


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  • Personalized coaching for each individual or group. Each client leaves with a wealth of information. We determine values and create a plan of action to accomplish health and life goals.



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  • Seasoned crisis counselor offers evidence-based strategies for overall wellness inspired by positive psychology



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  • Horse-assisted Life Coach combining animal therapies, holistic wellness, and journey-based sessions in Colorado and online !



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  • Life Coach and Anger Management Specialist, with over 11 years experience, assisting and helping countless individuals cope, maintain and enjoy life.



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  • Life Coaching for those who are working towards becoming Masters in life.


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  • Are you looking to just simply be happy with your life? Do you need someone to just listen? Let’s talk about it!



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  • Teen with 2 years of experience gives life coaching, psychological, relationship management, and conflict management lessons at home in Apple Valley, Minnesota


    Apple Valley

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    My teaching method is I like to really understand my students and get to know them better so that I can understand the...

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  • Certified life coach with over twenty years of teaching and spiritual practice using A Course in Miracles.  Alternative Lifestyles Friendly

    Pablo (Coach)


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    As a coach, I create relevant experiences for my clients using proven coaching tools and methods that will lead you to...

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  • Sport Management that offers coaching life experiences in Denton, Tx with 6 years experience.



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    No matter who the person is I go in as a patient person when I am talking or teaching a student. Students require patience...

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  • Life Coaching. Successfully learn how to set and reach your Personal, Professional and Relationship Goals



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  • Over 25 years of experience as a Community Mental Health Counselor, Mentor, Life Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Podcaster, International Author & Freelance Writer



    My teaching approach is hands-on and I am very down to earth and I believe that humor is a great teaching tool. I use every...

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  • Cert. Transformational, life and spirituality coach working to help you with 15 years experience



    Together we will work on the deepest parts of you. I have a programmed designed to find out what you want most out of life...

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  • Certified Professional Life/Recovery Coach in Lake City, Colorado I’m here for YOU!


    Lake City

    I believe you are the expert on you. You have what it takes to accomplish your dreams and become the person you were created...

    • $30/h
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  • Life Coach - Body, Mind, and Spirit Balancing.  Certified Through A.R.E. Practicing in Virginia Beach.


    Virginia Beach

    5 (4 reviews)

    I've been successfully self-employed since 2001 and I want to share the methods that I found useful. My life coaching...

    • $40/h
    • 1hr free
  • Certified life coach in applied modern psychology located in Kansas City, MO


    Kansas City

    My approach as a life coach is to establish connection, trust, and to be as authentic as possible. I guide my students...

    • $23/h
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