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ART: Drawing, Painting, Cartooning, San Luis AZ. AP painting and AP drawing

    • San Luis
    • at her home
    • at your home
    • webcam

About the lesson

I am very patient, caring, understanding and helpful, I also try to teach different techniques for different learners.
I have given lessons to kids, disabled people and middle aged people as well.
I will expect good behavior and attentive listening skills.


  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Cartooning


  • English
  • Spanish


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

About Adriana

I have been giving lessons for 3 years at home and at a community center for 5 months.
I have taught around 25-30 students.
The results of students are great they come in to my class without knowing how to draw or paint and get out being almost experts.



  • 5h: $75
  • 10h: $125


  • + $$2


  • $-11/h

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  • Artist from Argentina. Art is life. Shared with me this passion. Let's play!


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  • Hello, My name is Madeline I am a Psychology major from Umass Amherst, and I am currently working as a teacher fellow. during my current job I run art workshops and on the side I sell my own art. I ha



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