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Artist Development with a focus on vocals. We have fun building a foundation of singing/expressing from a place of comfort and ease. Techniques are then used to build on top of this foundation.

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I teach beginner to intermediate-level vocalists. I see my lessons as "Artist Development" with a focus on vocal expression ("singing").

An artist is simply someone who creates and expresses. So whether you see it or not, you are an artist.

Focusing on vocal techniques before the student has established a proper relationship with their desire to sing is in my eyes, a mistake. In our lessons, I like to focus on techniques to help you clear your mind so that you can feel the music and express with emotion. Developing a proper mindset and mental state to allow you to express beautifully and with ease is crucial in developing yourself as an artist. The vocal and performance techniques will be built on top of this foundation.

To give you an idea of what I mean by developing a proper mindset for expressing. We'll start with clearly defining your desire to sing.
Do you wish to sing to impress people?
Do you wish to sing because you wish to express yourself in a way that only singing can convey?
Do you wish to simply be the best singer you can be because you are a living and breathing instrument like no other and your voice deserves to be expressed?

You see, depending on which one is you, your journey in becoming a better vocalist can be drastically different. I respect any reason why you wish to sing, I simply like to help the student clearly define their desires so singing never becomes a chore and the student can joyfully improve their craft.
We'll develop at a pace that best suits you and most importantly we're going to have fun and enjoy the process. I look forward to connecting with you and developing your artistry together ️


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About Zhi wei

I've been through the grind of college to get a Bachelors in Computer Science.

I've climbed the corporate ladder at multiple top companies of their respective fields but always felt something missing.

I've battled with depression and came out the other side with a reinvigorated appreciation and love for life.

Throughout all of this. I sang. I danced. I lived.
Without these gifts of expression, I would have a much tougher time navigating life. It's my desire and pleasure to help people foster their gifts so they can see life as a dance and a song instead of a grind.



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