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Aspiring chemists! Learn from an industry professional! Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Cancer Research Experience! Shoreline, WA area

About the lesson

I have a BS degree in Biology (with a chemistry emphasis)

I have 25 years of experience as a chemist and teacher in various industrial settings including environmental chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, and cancer research chemistry

I have advanced education and training in hazardous materials chemistry


  • Chemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Biochemistry
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    Food chemistry

    Industrial chemistry


  • English


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About Wendy K

I have taught basic chemistry at the college level in a practical lab environment for 15 years

I enjoy teaching, educating and advising students of all levels that want to explore science careers

Basic chemistry and science skills taught in an easy, practical, friendly interactive way

I am a science career coach who can assist you in resume writing, technical manuscript editing, analytical method ideas/set up, and networking ideas

I am a sounding board for science related questions, experimental design ideas

I can help you explore your future career in science by answering questions and guiding you to opportunity pathways re: internships, educational seminars, ideas about job searches

I can help you craft a LinkedIn account, give you practical information about the current scientific job market, and give you job finding strategies

If you are in middle school or high school, I can help you with building up your science core knowledge and I can assist you with science fair presentations and basic chemistry fundamentals

I can help you develop and customize your science career related goals and help you with practical and academic strategies for reaching these goals.

If you are a recent college grad or mid career professional in search of science opportunities, I can help you brain storm new personalized ideas for appropriate science career choices

Need help with analytical chemistry method design involving chromatographic instrumentation? Lean on me here. I can assist with scientific literature searches, quantitative analysis design ideas, and picking the appropriate technology to get the results you need.



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  • 10h: $280


  • $28/h


If travel is beyond 10 miles of my home base, I charge $ 0.40 per mile.

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