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As the great philosopher Socrates said, "An unexamined life is not worth living" and so I believe if our lives are not examined philosophically and spiritually, it is not worth living. Therefore, I teach to educate, challenge, bring the joy of learning to youth, young adults, and adults. I believe just as I had the privilege to received education and enjoy what I have been taught and learn, so to, I must give.
In my classroom - learning is conversational, it is dialectical and happy.


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About Catherine N.

I have been giving lessons for most of my life. I have been teaching in the religious arena (the Church) since I am a youth. Professionally, I have been teaching for the past eight years at the college level.
I am continuing my teaching in the church teaching adults - How to Study the Bible, and Book Studies.
I love teaching the students, and enjoy the look of understanding of the learning material on their faces and from their voices telling me how much they appreciate my teaching and help.

At the college level - I have taught up to forty (40) students in the classroom,

Many of my students have achieved the grades of A's through working hard, completing all of their required assignments, and through understanding the learning material from my lectures and notes. Some of the students were able to obtain their diplomas part - due to their success in my classes. Some students have gone one to become teachers due to my inspiration in their lives.



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