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Beginner to Advanced level guitar lessons, tips, and techniques for electric, acoustic, and bass guitar playing.

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My name is Travis McInerney and I give guitar and bass lessons ranging from basic chords and progressions to intermediate-advanced solo and lead technique, songwriting tips/lessons, and cover song tutorials for anyone who wants to work on their guitar playing! Focused on the rock, metal, and blues genres but all genres welcome! Just tell me what you would like to work on and lessons will occur over skype.

Extras include:
how to read guitar tabs
how to tune your guitar by ear
how to change your strings
and more!


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  • Electric guitar
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    Bass guitar


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About Travis

Studied audio recording at Recording Workshop and received my CORE program certification.
12 years of self taught guitar and bass playing.
12 years of songwriting experience with a personal catalog of over 50 self-written songs.
12 years playing cover songs.
6 years of live music and show experience.



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  • $15/h


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