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  • Individual
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Taught subjects
  • Spanish
  • Oral expression - Spanish
  • Vocabulary - Spanish
  • Oral comprehension - Spanish
  • Writing expression - Spanish
  • Accent reduction-Spanish
  • All Levels

Bilingual Spanish/English Native Teacher; cover advanced grammar, vocabulary, slang, idioms, and culture


I base my classes on practical and natural forms of communication; my motto is "think of yourself as a child learning how to speak". Ask yourself, "How you learned your native language". At first, it's not easy but this is the natural way to learn a language. It's obvious that we will use our developed knowledge in this approach but we will be conscious of the fact that our native language can become an obstacle in our task since we will have to try to avoid using translation, which is normally and naturally very tempting.


I am an I.T. Engineer and a bilingual Spanish/English language teacher; I have lived in both the U.S. and Mexico very extensively being totally familiar with both cultures which is essential for applying the languages in a practical and natural form. I have a degree in Computer Science from ITESM in Monterrey, Mex. and diverse certifications as a foundation for teaching both Spanish and English. My experience involves having working as an I.T. specialist in renowned Mexican companies like Alpha Group, Protexa Industries and Vitro Corp... As an Engineer, I have retired but continue to work as a Language instructor conserving a great passion for providing Language acquisition to all who are interested in developing the skills.


Rate for online lessons : $18/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $90
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $160
Lessons offered by Manuel
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Spanish
  • Oral expression - Spanish
  • Vocabulary - Spanish
  • Oral comprehension - Spanish
  • Writing expression - Spanish
  • Accent reduction-Spanish
  • All Levels

Manuel's resume

Curriculum Vitae
Manuel F. de la Garza Flores
Professional Experience

Private Teaching: English Instructor on a Personal Basis, 1985 – Present
• Competencies taught: English Conversation in general for developing speaking skills; Business English Coaching for skills development; English Job Interview preparation and practice

ITESM(1)University - Adjunct Professor – ESL (English as Second Language), 2009 - 2012
• Teaching Advanced English & Conversation for Teachers and Personnel
• Teaching all Levels of English in the Extension Division

Universidad Regiomontana - Adjunct Professor – ESL, 2007 - Present
• All Levels of English including Toefl Preparation for High School Students
• All Levels of English; Toefl Preparation; Business and Psychology English for University

Tecmilenio University - Adjunct Professor – University Level ESL, 2004 - 2013
• All Levels of English, Toeic Preparation in the Extension Division
• All Levels of English, Toeic Preparation at College Level
• Other Courses/Topics taught: IT Administration; Business Administration; Marketing & Sales; Human Resources; Procurement; Ethics; Total Quality Management

IMNRC English School - Adjunct Professor – ESL, 2007 - 2013
• All Levels of English, Toefl for Adults & Teens
• Business English for Adults
• Course developed and taught: Business English for Teachers

Diverse Companies and Enterprises - Diverse Positions – until 2004
• Multiaplicaciones Portátiles – Sales Manager & Logistics Systems Integrator
• Freelance Operation – Networking Integrator; “Train the Trainers” Instructor for Data Network Integration
• Grupo Cibernet – Software Developer; Systems Integrator; Networking Division Manager
• Grupo Maseca – Strategic Company Systems Coordinator
• Grupo Protexa – Systems Operations Manager
• Grupo Alfa – Trainer for Systems Integrators; Systems Operations Manager
• Grupo Vitro – Software Developer; Systems Operations Manager

Academic Background
Master’s in Education, Tecmilenio University, Monterrey, N.L.
• Program Area: Modern Education
• Research Paper: Project Based Learning (PBL) – Survey on the use, acceptance, and effectiveness of PBL at High School and University Levels in Monterrey, Mx.

Academic Background…… cont

Bachelor of Science, ITESM, Monterrey, N.L.
• Primary Program Area: Major in Computer Science
• Secondary Program Area: Minor in Marketing

Diplomate in High Administration, ITESM, Monterrey, N.L.(700 hours)
• Program Area: Business, Marketing, Finance, Procurement, Human Resources

Certified English Teacher, IMNRC (Instituto Mexicano Norteamericano de Relaciones Culturales), Monterrey, N.L. (300 hours)
• Program Area: Diplomate in Modern English Teaching

Primary and High School Education - San Antonio, Texas

Other Certifications

• TKT Certification (Honored as ESL Credits and Certification Worldwide) – Cambridge, Mty. Office
• Toeic Certification (990 points – Perfect Score) – ETS, Mexico DF Office
• “Aula Invertida” (Collaborative & Cooperative Based Teaching) Tecmilenio University (60 hours)
• Toefl Certification – PBT/ITP (Recent - 630 points; Previous – 660 points) – ETS / UTM
• Collaborative Learning – Tecmilenio University (80 hours)
• IBM Advanced Career Education Plan/Linux Certification - IBM (700 hours)
• Microsoft Office Master Certified – Microsoft (40 hours)
• Theology, Philosophy, and Sociology – Archdiocese of Monterrey (120 hours)
• Logistics Middleware & Warehouse Management – Highjump Software (60 hours)

Career Highlights

• “Best English Teacher” Award in Extension Division – Tecmilenio University (May 2010)
• “Best Teacher Award” in Humanities Division – Tecmilenio University (Dec. 2008)
• Recognition for creation and application of “Business English Course for Teachers“ – IMNRC (April 2009)
• Foreclosure of first major Corporate Sales Project ($3M) with HH/RF equipment in the Mexican Retail Market - Multiaplicaciones/Intermec (2001- 2002)
• Integration of first wireless Client-Server Network (with Netware OS) for a major furniture company in Monterrey - Freelance (1995)
• Approval, Certification, and Installation of first Official “External” Hewlett Packard Service and Support Center in Mexico – Grupo Cibernet (1990)
• Foreclosure of the first two major Technology Sales Projects ($1M) for AHMSA (Altos Hornos de Mexico) with Hewlett Packard equipment – Grupo Cibernet (1988)
• Optimization of the Corporate Financial System and thereby improving the Corporate-Decision-Making-Process by 250%, and consequently generating overall monthly interest savings of 5% - Grupo Maseca (1985)
• Install, manage, and maintain major Business Systems Apps on a Minicomputer installed in the middle of the Columbian Jungle (South America) – Grupo Protexa (1983)

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