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Biology major with two years of tutoring experience in the Hartford area

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Everybody has their own individual learning style, therefore I like to focus on personalized learning. I like to incorporate multiple modalities in my teaching including; visual and aural.

My method of teaching is teacher centered. I like to incorporate videos and animations in my lessons.


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  • Cell biology
  • Genetics
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About Revekka

I am a biology major with an interest in the medical field and looking to tutor others in the biological sciences! I have tutored for 2 years and loved every moment of it. My students have excelled in their courses and some have even gone on to become tutors themselves.



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  • Current High School Biology Teacher Offering Science Tutoring To Students of All Ages


    West Hartford

    I take a personalized learning approach to teach all of my students. Whether I am teaching one on one or in groups, I ensure...

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  • First year nursing student at Sacred Heart University with a 4.0 GPA


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    I can adapt to the individual student’s needs on a case by case basis and provide whatever I can to ensure the student’s...

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  • Highly motivated Environmental Scientist with a Ph.D. in Wildlife Ecology and skilled in Biology, Ecology, Statistics, and Geography



    My teaching goals are to inspire students to engage in the self-learning process, to enable analytical and problem-solving...

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  • I centralize my topics on cell biology. I have awesome learning skills.

    Sebastian (Ohene)

    South Windsor

    Memorization is key in biology!! However, training your right hemisphere to familiarize yourself with visual learning is key...

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  • Get an A in your Biology Class with my help easily now



    5 (4 reviews)

    At first, I will try to gain some perspective at what level my student is. According to this level, I will build a study...

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  • New college graduate with 6+ years of biology and medical knowledge from experience.



    I believe in writing everything down, highlighting the key points, and repeated study of those key points. This is a method...

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  • WVU Medical School student offering biological sciences tutoring (ex. Microbiology, Anatomy, Immunology, Physiology, etc.)



    My knowledge of biological sciences ranges from middle school to college-level courses. I have recently taken the MCAT and...

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  • Biology graduate with 5 years of experience in the subject, teaching in Chicagoland area


    Villa Park

    I usually like practicing what I teach as it keeps the information flowing. As a student I used to heavily rely on YouTube...

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  • Biology Tutor in Anchorage with 6 years biology tutoring experience for all ages



    I use a student-centered approach to teach K-12 biology-based subjects. I take what each student is working on and go from...

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  • Nursing student, I’ve taken all the sciences that you can think of.



    My teaching approach is breaking things down piece by piece to ensure you understand every working mechanism of what it is...

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  • Pre-med student with 1 yr of college-level tutoring experience in math & science



    My tutoring method is to evaluate the student's level of understanding in order to then see where they're at and give...

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  • Medical student with a BS and MS teaching all Biology and related disciplines



    My teaching approach has always been to build from basics to more complex concepts, integrating real life examples and...

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  • Medical Doctor with 35 years experience across a range of related topics.

    Clinton D

    Mountain Home

    My teaching method is individualized according to the students abilities and interest utilizing an interactive approach...

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  • Pharmacy student with a degree in genetics and molecular genomics offering biology lessons



    I understand that biology is not always fun for everyone but I want to approach this subject in a way that can help make...

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  • Current PhD student with a Bachelors degree and Masters Degree in biology


    College Station

    My approach to teaching is to individualize my lessons based on the needs of each particular student. I use a very active...

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  • Recent graduate with a B.A. in Biology offering lessons in Beaverton or Portland



    My teaching method is using practical examples to explain a concept and having students work through problems related to the...

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  • Extensive Teaching & Tutoring Experience Since 2010, Earn stronger grade in biology class



    I believe that effective teaching is comprised of two necessary and related elements: knowledge of the content and ability...

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  • High School Biology teacher with 12 years of experience looking to tutor in Berks county PA


    Sinking Spring

    My classes are basses around finding ways to make complex topics approachable and relavent to everyday life. I do this...

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  • Physician Assistant student with 3 years of undergraduate tutoring experience that would love to help you succeed!



    My teaching approach is tailored to the individual student to maximize their efforts in and out of the classroom. I...

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  • College adjunct instructor offering biology and chemistry lessons in the local area with 5 years experience



    My teaching methods consist of doing one-on-one sessions with individuals, getting to know their strengths and weakness in a...

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  • Proficient Professor ready to Teach the Covid World. So please hire me.



    I have mainly I have been a classroom teacher. I teach mainly over PowerPoint and in person with labs. As a tutor, I listen...

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