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Biology tutoring including ecology,physiology, general biology, also, pre-algebra, algebra, chemistry, and physics

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BS in biology, MA in ecology, PhD in plant physiology. Other details of my educational background can and will. E provided if you contact me. I can supply transcripts, diplomas and any other type of validation that you might like


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About George

Have taught at Wake Forest University, Clemson University, and have tutored and been academic coach for middle school, high school and college students. I can give more details if you contact me. My educational experiences are really quite extensive.



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  • Former math-major, current nursing student (4.0 GPA). Knowledgeable about math through multivariable calculus as well as chemistry, biology, anatomy and physiology, microbiology, among other things.



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  • Science teacher with 3 years of teaching experience. I have taught high school chemistry and 7th grade general science.



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  • Clemson automotive graduate student teaches math with real time examples at greenvile south carolina



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  • Chemistry and Math Tutor with 8 years experience in South Carolina or Georgia



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  • High school math teacher in Greenville, SC with five years experience in the classroom



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  • 10 plus years of experience as Chemist, Chemical Laboratory Technician, and Toxicity Testing Analyst. Managed lab operations, supervised personnel, performed chemical and physical analysis of samples,



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  • Creative teacher who left the classroom and trying to make an impact!



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  • Mechanical Engineer (Doctorate) Tutoring in Math and Thermal Sciences (heat transfer, fluids and thermo.)



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  • Chemical Engineer with 5 years of tutoring experience. Available to teach Math, Physics, Chemistry, and standardized tests (ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT). B.S. in Biology and M.S. in Chemical Engineering.



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  • Mathematics teacher with experience tutoring grades K-12. Low rates, Christian woman gifted to teach math to people who struggle or even hate math.



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  • Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Ph.D. Biochemistry and Triple Major as a B.S. zoology, molecular biology and music; MCAT preparation


    Fort Mill

    I am an adjunct professor at Winthrop University. I teach Biology 150, Microbiology 310, and Biochemistry 519. Lessons...

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  • Elementary science and math, high school algebra, physical science and chemistry tutor.



    My teaching method is to make learning a pleasant experience with patient and comfortable interaction with the student. I...

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  • Graduating in December from the University of Arkansas with degrees political science and chemistry! From essay writing to organic chem, I have taken it. I would love to help you figure out what works



    I believer every person is unique. Their goals, passions, and struggles are all different. Before I ever even start a...

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  • Regents scholar at UC Santa Barbara majoring in molecular biology and biochemistry. I teach math and science and, with a score of 1560 on my SAT, I also do SAT prep.


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    When in high school, I took several AP classes and studied hard to earn my 4.6 GPA while retaining most of the information....

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  • Successful business owner with a bachelor's degree in Accounting offers tutoring in NH



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  • Ivy League graduate with 99%ile standardized test scores tutoring all subjects and topics



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  • Quality Educator with 16 Years Experience in Mathematics in the Greater Sacramento Area!



    In my experience, Math is hard. Most other people think Math is hard too. But, if you have a desire to get through some of...

    • $20/h
    • 1hr free
  • Passionate and Experienced Instructor of Math and Chemistry.  Earned Bachelors of Chemistry.



    Encouraging students to do their best! First, I assess my student’s knowledge and performance. Next, we make a plan for...

    • $2/h
    • 1hr free