"My homeland is the Portuguese language." -Fernando Pessoa

The Portuguese language is so beautiful that it has rightfully earned the right to be categorised along with French, Italian, Spanish, and Romanian as one of the few Romance languages.

Eu gosto de ti. Tens um sorriso lindo. Tu és o meu amor. Amo-te. 

Portuguese captures the hearts of foreigners when travelling to some of the world's most beautiful places including Portugal and Brazil. Therefore, to aid hardworking individuals balance work, home life, and further learning experiences, Superprof has found the best Portuguese language exchange apps and websites.

The Best Portuguese Exchange Applications

Learning Portuguese
Learning exchange applications aid Portuguese learners to recognize signs on trips to Lisbon or Rio. (Source: Unsplash)
With an estimated number of more than 223 million native Portuguese speakers and over 20 million L2 talkers, Portuguese is an extremely important language on the world scene.

Portuguese has over 250 million speakers making it the sixth most spoken language in the world. 

Spoken in all continents with large amounts of native speakers in Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia, Portuguese should be on the top of anyone's list when learning a new tongue.

But how do I learn Portuguese when I don't live in a Portuguese speaking country? 

While it is true that the best manner in which to learn a foreign tongue is complete immersion, there are various online resources available to all types of learners. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, learning a foreign language has never been so easy thanks to modern technology in our current age. Without further delay, the following are the best Portuguese language exchange applications:

  • Tandem: a list of language exchange applications is never complete without mentioning Tandem. Probably the most widely used and highly recommended language exchange application, Tandem is an application available to download off the Google Play and App Store. Tandem recognises that the fastest way to fluency is by speaking with native individuals. The Tandem app lets English-speaking natives wanting to learn Portuguese connect with nationals who are experts in their mother exchange lessons; it is a great advantage being an English speaker on Tandem since so many want to switch languages with you. Since there are millions of members, it is relatively easy finding a partner who is offering Brazilian or mainland Portuguese lessons. For example, according to the Tandem app, there are native Portuguese speakers participating in language sharing who are available at all times of the time. Download the Tandem app today!
  • Speaky: since the world has become a global village and there are so many affordable ways to travel, people are going the extra mile to learn a foreign tongue and communicate with other individuals. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that fantastic apps such as Speaky have been developed. Speaky is a language exchange application that can be downloaded off the Google Play and App Store for those who want to practise tongues such as French, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, and Portuguese. Individuals can sign up via Facebook or Google to connect and exchange language classes with people from over 180 countries who are fully dedicated to the learning environment.

Language exchange applications are a practical and affordable way of learning a foreign tongue while living outside the countries where the language in question is spoken. Reputable Portuguese schools in Lisbon, Porto and Faro feature wonderful Portuguese language classes.

learning Portuguese
Through language exchange sites, Portuguese words and sentences are slowly acquired. (Source: Unsplash)
Since the developments of modern technology, we always have an excuse to appear busy. From scrolling through our feed on Facebook or Instagram to checking news stories, there are so many useful things that can be done by using your phone, computer, or another smart device.

What about learning a foreign language?

Instead of checking Twitter for the tenth time today, consider doing something more challenging and practical such as learning a foreign language. While it is true that acquiring the basics of a foreign tongue is no easy task, it is well worth all the efforts. To make learning a popular foreign language such as Portuguese more attainable, there are many websites that offer exchange programmes for busy individuals who want to learn on the go in an interactive manner.

Such as? 

The following are the best language exchange programmes websites currently available on the worldwide web:

  • Italki: having created a profile on Italki back in 2015, I am quite familiar with their platform and services offered. The verdict? Italki is a highly recommended website for language learning who are wishing to exchange classes with a partner or tutor. Without a doubt, there are popular foreign languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Thai. Having English as a native language is a major advantage since various members on Italki who are from Angola, Mozambique, Brazil, Macau, and Portugal, who speak Portuguese, are frequently looking to practise their English skills. Users of Italki can connect with other members via the mobile app, online via Skype, or by using the in-site messaging system for easy communication. By using the Italki filtering options to find an exchange partner, you'll learn the basics of Portuguese in no time!
  • ConversationExchange.com: a very straightforward website that may not have all the bells and whistles of other more popular online resources but is highly recommended since it is free of charge and offers the user a face-to-face learning experience with experienced and native Portuguese speakers. It is estimated that on the conversationexchange.com website there are over 1000 Portuguese speakers looking to exchange lessons with native English members. Therefore, there is no trouble finding someone to exchange language courses at a time most convenient for you. Users can even use the filter to learn from Portuguese natives from a specific town in Brazil or Portugal.

After or before working hours is a brilliant time to learn Portuguese via online exchange lessons; even during lunch breaks, a language can be acquired! We advise searching through the internet to find other recommended language exchange sites that offer classes free of charge. Since Brazil has the largest concentration of Portuguese speakers in the world, it comes as no surprise that there are many Brazilian Portuguese lessons available at various schools.

Useful Tips to Learn Portuguese Quickly Via Language Exchange

make time to learn Portuguese
Finding a stable time slot in your schedule is necessary to complete regular Portuguese lessons. (Source: Unsplash)

"To learn a language is to have one more windown from which to look at the world." -Chinese Proverb

Monolinguals spend years of their life focused on speaking the same tongue. They understand their culture and their language perfectly but lack an understanding of the efforts required to become familiar with a foreign tongue. Whereas on the other hand, those who force themselves to become fluent in one, two, or three tongues more than their native language are consistently learning and share a different worldview.  At Superprof we will always recommend learning a new language; whether it's as complex as Chinese Mandarin and Japanese or manageable as Indonesian and Spanish a foreign tongue opens your eyes to a new world and how other people live. Therefore, without further ado, the following considers some of the most helpful tips to learn Portuguese in a rapid manner via a language exchange application or website:

  • Have Goals: if you embark on language learning without any specific goals, you will get discouraged and most likely quit after a few weeks or months. Especially when participating in language sharing it is wise to understand your goals. For instance, do you want to participate in a long-term or short-term language exchange to learn Portuguese? Also, knowing whether you prefer Skype conversations or SMS will make a big difference in your goals.
  • Focus on a Dialect: when learning Portuguese it is of the utmost importance that learners focus on a specific dialect of Portuguese. Asking yourselves questions that help to analyse your goals such as: are you planning to learn Brazilian or mainland Portuguese? Where do I plan to travel or live with my Portuguese? For example, many Europeans might find it more practical to focus on learning a dialect of Portuguese from Portugal since it is much closer than South American or African countries where Portuguese is spoken.
  • Find the Time: instead of binge-watching a television series on your favourite streaming service, consider doing something productive such as learning Portuguese. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to find a time that is consistently convenient for you as a learner. Frequently changing the date and time with a language exchange partner can become frustrating. Analyse your schedule to discover a moment in the day when you aren't too tired to study Portuguese.

We greatly recommend using a useful application or website to exchange English-Portuguese lessons with native speakers in order to start speaking with the locals on a future trip to Portugal, Brazil, Macau, or Angola.

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