We hear about these stories of people getting discovered at the grocery store or at a strip mall, but this is not the case for every single actor out there.

Becoming a successful actor takes years of hard work and training.

You may have decided to sign up at an acting institution or sign up for some acting classes near you, but another option that other actors may go with is by hiring an acting coach.

Acting involves a broad set of skills such as a well-developed imagination, vocal skills and the ability to project the voice properly, speech skills such as clarity, emotional facility, physically capable and the ability to express with body and movements.

These are just a few of the many skills the actors must master.

Some other things to consider are specific skills for roles, such as being able to mimic accents, learning new languages, improvisation, dancing skills or even combat skills, to name a few.

It can all depend on what type of roles you are auditioning for and also what type of acting you wish to pursue.

Successful actors may even have multiple different acting coaches for specific skills.

In the beginning, you may only have one, but as your acting career grows, so may the number of members in your team.

Let us take a closer look as to what an acting coach really is, things to consider when looking for the perfect acting coach and questions that are important to ask.

What is an Acting Coach?

Guy holding a clapper board while filming
Acting coaches are sometimes hired by some actors to help them before the auditions to help land the role, while others decide to hire acting coaches after they get the job to help improve their acting on set. Source: RNIB on VisualHunt

An acting coach, simply put, is a teacher that trains performers.

This could be any type of acting such as television, commercials, films, theatre, musical theatre, and our list can go on.

Actors in different scenarios can hire acting coaches; it all depends on what the actor needs help with. Some actors prefer to hire acting coaches right before a big audition.

This can help the actor ease those nerves of being in front of a camera or multiple directors or producers.

It could also be to run lines before the audition, make sure nothing is forgotten and that the correct emotions are being mastered for each scene.

While other actors hire acting coaches after they have landed the audition and they need assistance for their big day.

Not every single actor will hire an acting coach but again, it truly depends on what type of role it is and the needs of the actor.

With any big project, including an acting job, it is always best to get a second opinion, the view of an outsider.

There may be certain roles that will require more out of an actor, such as an emotional scene.

By having an acting coach to help you train, he or she will be able to make sure you are expressing the appropriate emotions that are specified in the script.

An acting coach will offer tips and maybe methods to make it seem easier and more natural when the actor is on set.

With the help of an acting coach, you will receive valuable feedback that can help you become a better actor and improve your skills.

Now that you’ve been made aware of the benefits of hiring an acting coach, now it is time to look for one. But before you do, you may want to continue reading to make sure you find the perfect acting coach for you.

Things to Consider

Woman researching on laptop while taking notes
Four things to highly consider when looking for an acting coach are to research, audit, ask questions and consider the chemistry. Source: Visual Hunt

Now that you’ve realized that an acting coach can benefit your acting career, it’s time to start researching to find the perfect acting coach.

But before you book the first one you see that is near you, you may want to consider a few things that can help you hire the best acting coach for you.

Whenever you are looking for something specific around your area or in your city, our go-to is the Internet of course.

We have even come up with the phrase just Google it since Google is our go-to site to look up just about anything.

Usually, when looking for things online, we usually go for the top choices listed on the results page.

It could be because we think they are more credible or maybe because we simply don’t have the time to scroll through all the results shown.

When it comes to searching for an acting coach though, it is a very important decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Which is why we recommend doing plenty of research on acting coaches.

Making a list can help keep things simpler and easier for you. If you have any actor friends, acquaintances or people in the industry, ask them first. It is always best to go with referrals.

Check out any acting coach’s website and check them out online and any information possible. This can help you learn what their areas of strength are and how that can benefit you.

You want to find an acting coach that will work for the type of auditions and jobs you wish to land in the acting industry.

Make sure you are also asking any potential acting coaches you may be looking at if they can refer you to any past or current clients that you can get feedback on.

You may not get detailed information on what jobs they are working on but you can ask general questions such as availability of the acting coach, their time management skills, knowledge and experience in the field.

One important thing to also consider is to ask questions. Get informed on who you are potentially hiring to be your acting coach.

You will be paying this person to help you grow in the acting industry so you want to make sure you have all of your questions answered before you hire them.

Do not be embarrassed about bringing a list to your first meet and greet, whether it’s over the phone or in person. It will look good on your end as well because it will show you are taking things seriously and you are doing your research.

If they are a qualified acting coach, they will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. One last thing to consider when hiring an acting coach is to make sure there is chemistry between you two.

We don’t mean romantic chemistry but more as if you two connect and click in order to make working together easy.

There are times when we meet people that we simply don’t have anything in common or there isn’t any sort of connection there, the same goes with colleagues, and in this case, your acting coach.

You will most likely be spending a significant amount of time with your acting coach preparing for auditions and roles; you want to make sure you both will get along.

Do not hire an acting coach just because they fit into your budget or because you know he or she knows your friend.

Hire an acting coach that you will benefit and learn the most from, someone who will cheer you on and help you become a better actor and will help you land great acting jobs.

Top Questions to Ask

You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the research you now have to do in order to hire the perfect acting coach.

This shouldn’t be a matter of stress, it should get you excited knowing you will be working with someone that will be skilled and make you a better actor.

We have created a shortlist of common questions that should be considered when meeting with a potential acting coach.

These questions can help give you an idea as to an acting coach’s method of teaching and how you will succeed from it.

  • Have you worked with any Academy Award-winning actors, producers, directors or writers?
  • How are acting critiques done? Is it in an authoritarian atmosphere or a casual coach to student dialogue?
  • How often will we meet? How long will acting lessons be?
  • Will you always be my acting coach or will there be times that there will be someone else from your team to give me acting lessons?
  • Is the lesson atmosphere serious? Casual? Creative? Interactive?
  • What percentage of your graduates get acting jobs or are currently still acting?
  • Do prominent industry people such as current actors, producers, directors or writers ever sit in your lessons to offer guidance or feedback?

When meeting with acting coaches, you want to make sure you prepare a list of questions you need answering in order to help you make your choice.

These can be questions that you personally have from previous experiences or related to the acting jobs you wish to obtain. These are just a few guiding questions that we have found are common when looking for an acting coach.

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