Acting is more than just repeating lines in front of a camera or an audience.

There are plenty of factors that need an actor’s utmost attention, such as controlling their voice tone, appropriate body movements that go with the script, confidence, understanding the material and being able to express the emotions required with each scene.

Acting maybe some people’s calling and can come a bit more natural, but in order to become a reputable actor, people in the industry go through numerous acting lessons, either in acting institutions or work one on one with an acting coach.

Any sort of educational program at an institution, including acting, can involve spending a large amount of money, but if this is a career path you wish to pursue, the investment will be worth it.

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of acting institutions all over the nation, the amount of places where you can study acting is endless.

What you should focus on instead is finding an acting school or coach that is perfect for you and the acting you wish to follow.

We understand that this is easier said than done, which is why we have come up with the information below to help you find the perfect acting lessons.

Steps To Follow To Find The Perfect Acting Course

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When looking for your perfect acting class, there may be a couple of things you should consider besides pricing.

We agree that pricing may be a factor in your decision-making, but there are other significant points you should consider that could have an effect on your learning process and possibly your success.

  • LOCATION: The first thing you should take into account when looking for acting lessons is location. If you want to make it as an actor, you most likely will pick a school or program in a bigger city, such as Los Angeles, New York or Chicago.

These are bigger cities within the country where you can most likely find amazing acting institutions. Within these big cities though, come lots of people, traffic and chaos. This is why you should consider the location of your acting institution before you sign up. Making it to your acting lessons on time is crucial if you want to show your acting coaches that you are serious, you also do not want to miss any second of education. You want to be sure you are working on scenes any chance you get with your peers and coaches. A good thing about these big cities that will work in your advantage is public transportation, so make sure you take advantage of that as well.

  • SPECIALIZATION: In one of our related acting articles, we talked about the different types of acting classes out there and what to expect from each one.
    Some of the classes mentioned were improv, vocal and commercial acting classes, to name a few.
    It is true that every single acting class you take will benefit your acting career in one way or another. But you also do not want to take classes randomly without having a focus on what type of acting you wish to specialize in.
    Make sure that before you start getting serious with your acting career that you are getting serious training for that specific type of acting career you seek.

If you are interested in musical theatre then you may want to take more body movement and vocal acting classes.
If you wish to go into comedy then maybe improv is what you should be getting more practice on.
Of course, there are classes that you can benefit no matter what type of acting you wish to follow, such as auditioning, cold reading and even on camera screen acting classes. On that same note, some institutions are better for specific types of acting as well. Make sure you are doing your job in researching acting schools, lessons, and coaches that are skilled at the type of acting you wish to pursue.

You will be getting more specialized training and you will also be working with people that can connect you to the industry you wish to be a part of in the future.

  • CLASS SIZE: When signing up at an acting institution, a good question to ask when visiting or having a phone meeting with them is the number of students per class.
    It is true that you wish to work with other individuals within your same situation, to grow and learn from each other. Especially when you think about networking opportunities, the more students you are working with, the more ideas, experiences or future connections you may have.

But you do not want to be crammed in a room with hundreds of students where you will have minimal to zero one on one interaction with the acting coaches. On the other hand, being in a small class can also be a downside because you won’t have enough people to work with, run lines with or learn from. You want a class size to be just right, not too large but not too small either.

Acting Classes Near You

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It is perfectly normal to automatically link actors and actresses to Hollywood.

Whether you are an American or just about anyone else in the world, Hollywood is always associated with actors, films and fame.

But it is not the only place in the United States where you can become a successful and famed actor.

Cities such as New York, Chicago, Boston, and Seattle also have great acting institutions that you can attend and eventually jumpstart your acting career.

It is no surprise that Los Angeles is filled with acting institutions, and where some of the major studios are based.

Los Angeles

Starting with 3-2-1 Acting Studios, the founder and owner Mae Ross has 25 years of experience with teaching and was a child star herself.

Her mission is not only to get students’ faces on the screen but to also instill life skills to anyone that walks through her doors, such as confidence, public speaking skills, and self-discipline.

Another big name in Los Angeles is Speiser/Sturges Acting Studio. The two owners have been in the business for 30 plus years and have had a large list of reputable actors such as Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, The Rock, Brooke Shields and many more.

The studio’s focus is training actors within the film and television industry. They strive to create a supportive community for their clients to thrive as actors and artists.


Whether you are a beginner to improv or a veteran, if you're trying to get new skills under your belt, The Jet City Improv Academy offers an array of improv classes for all levels.

You can choose from their eight-week programs to their drop-in classes, it all depends on your needs and level.


Being the longest-serving professional acting center in Chicago, Acting Studio Chicago has been training actors in Chicago for over three decades.

Their studio specializes in teaching the 12 Guideposts based on Michael Shurtleff, helping their actors strengthening their creative approach to scripts.

New York City

The Barrow Group in New York City reaches over 4,000 students every year. Anywhere from beginners to professionals starting as early as age 5.

Oscar-winner Anne Hathaway is a former student from TBG among other famed actors.

Offering the highest professional quality of education in a supportive working environment.

With locations in New York City, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, it is no surprise why Actors Connection has made a name for itself by connecting artists to agents, producers and casting directors.

They hold around 200 acting and networking seminars, classes, and special events each month all around the nation.

They not only work on improving your auditioning and acting skills but also your networking skills.

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