Boston is not totally lacking in the Arabic learnining department, and you can still find a wide range of Arabic lessons.

There are cultural centers, the Boston Mosque, middle schools, high schools, institutes, and some of the country's most prestigious universities. With these to choose from, you will definitely find the right place to hone your Arabic learning!

Discover Arabic courses with Boston's Cultural Institutes

Al Madrasah

Taking an Arabic language courses is sure to be enriching. Of course, the child will not always agree if the Arabic course is imposed on them, especially if they are a beginner who struggles from the beginning with Arabic grammar.

But discovering this foreign language, along with its rules and culture is like opening the door to the Arab world.

Arabic is an official language in 26 countries across North Africa and the Middle East. It also holds huge significance in the Muslim world due its use in the Holy Quran.

You are probably asking yourself: where can I learn Arabic in the United States?

Or better yet: what teaching methods are available in Boston?

And most of all, what establishment would be best? A private school with a very strict approach?

Or a more relaxed conversational approach with a native speaker?

If you are looking for a laid back approach then head over to Al Madrasah, an Arabic cultural and language center. Situated just outside of Boston in prestigious Cambridge, the place is 100% dedicated to learning the Arabic language. If you get started now, in no time you will be able to partake in Arabic reading and Arabic writing!

Studying Arabic requires hard work and determination
Hit the books in the perfect environment to learn Arabic, its grammar, and vocabulary!

This Arabic language learning center outshines the rest because of its utter dedication to the language. The owner's comprehensive knowledge of the Arabic language and grammar along with his love of teaching make studying with him an exciting and rewarding experience for language learning.

One can choose to take a group course or even a summer course. But one thing remains the same: at Al-Madrasah, commitment is everything! There, you will discover Modern Standard Arabic (Msa), different Arabic dialects, the letters of the Arabic alphabet, and Classical Arabic, which will enable you to read Arabic books. You will of course also focus on Arabic pronunciation and Arabic verbs.

The teachers at Al-Madrasah are very well educated in the Arabic language and reinforce Arabic language textbook material with practical examples which the student can easily relate to and understand. This makes learning to speak Arabic fun and functional!

Their methods can be found in other parts of the United States. If you are based on the West coast then check out our guide to learning Arabic in San Francisco.

The Boston Language Institute

This institute offers language courses in French, Spanish, Italian, and German. However, its Arabic course is one of its most popular. Located on Boston's busy Beacon Street, it will meet all of your needs as a new learner in Arabic.

This institute is dedicated to its second or third language students, and has been an important part of the Beacon Street neighborhood for the last 30 years. It offers both private lessons and small classes of 4 to 12 students, and is dedicated to language learning through textbooks, audio tapes, presentations, exercises, and group projects.

We know you won't tire of this dynamic language institute. If you're looking to learn the Arabic language surrounded by other motivated second language students, then this is the place for you!

The place is always buzzing with students and teachers alike, and with a number of 40 to 50 language courses going on every evening, you won't be bored here! You can delve into literary Arabic, and get to know the language through its vocabulary, grammar, syntax, verbs, and alphabet...

Additionally, The Boston Language Institute is absolutely committed to giving back to the local community by supporting, for example, about 30 different Boston non-profit organizations per year.

If you're a university student why not come and take an Arabic language night class here? Give it a go!

Learning Arabic in Watertown, Massachusetts

Here we will list schools that fit a younger public.

Maybe you are an American Arab parent in Boston and you'd like to share your Arabic knowledge with your children. Unfortunately, because of work, you didn't have time to teach the language to your children when they were little.

Don't fret! It's not too late for them to learn Arabic!

Especially because Boston's neighboring city of Watertown has introduced Arabic into its middle schools and high schools. Here is a list of the schools:

  • Beacon High School, 917 Belmont St, Watertown, MA 02472
  • Atrium School, 69 Grove St, Watertown, MA 02472
  • Watertown Middle School, 68 Waverley Ave, Watertown, MA 02472
  • Watertown High School, 68 Waverley Ave, Watertown, MA 02472
  • Marin Preparatory School, 200 Talcott Ave, Watertown, MA 02472

This should leave you with enough options to enrol your child into an Arabic language course in order for him to quickly learn how to speak basic Arabic.

Even if the schools are not geographically in Boston, they are close enough for the daily commute. These types of programs are meant for beginners wanting an introduction to the standard Arabic. Your child may not speak Arabic now, but they could sound fluent in no time!

Although immersion is always best for learning, being in class at the local middle school and high school is always second best. Let's face it, no one wants to send their child to Morocco or Egypt for 6 months or even a year, so why not use the local school system to start your child on their linguistic journey.

You will find similar Arabic courses in Chicago. The middle schools and high schools there aim to have teenagers improve their Arabic vocabulary in the Windy City.

The introduction to the Arabic language consists of discovering the alphabet, dealing with pronunciation, and diving into grammar and verbs. These programs are amazing for students who will go on to study the Arabic language in college.

There are many ways to make Arabic learning fun, and this is definitely the case at all of these K-12 establishments.

College Degrees

An Arabic language course at university is a great way to learn
Boston has some of the most prestigious universities, and it is not short on ones that offer Arabic!

Different degrees are available to students from America and Arab countries alike. Would you like to be an Arabophone bilingual? There are quite a few Arabic language programs in the United States, and quite a few amazing Arabic college professors in Boston.

Islamic Civilization and Societies

This language and culture degree is available at Boston College. It is an interdisciplinary program for undergraduates interested in the breadth and depth of the Islamic World. Students will discover the surprising diversity of culture and interpretation in these countries, a diversity that will challenge their assumptions and enlarge their understanding.

Are you a fan of linguistics? Here are the classes that will get you closer to your goal of learning the Arabic language and speaking like a native:

  • Elementary Arabic I,
  • Language Memory and Identity in the Middle East,
  • Arabic Scholars,
  • Grammar,
  • Middle Eastern Civilizations,
  • Business Arabic,
  • Translation,
  • States and Minorities in the Middle East.

Are you tempted by a degree in Islamic Civilization and Societies? You could find something similar if you'd like to learn the Arabic language in Los Angeles.

How to Learn Arabic: Language, Literature, Culture

This degree is from Boston University and deals with slightly different topics while still focusing on the Arabic language and its culture. This degree is ideal if you'd like to obtain a degree that is at once historical, sociological, cultural, and linguistic.

This will also be a four-year course, with classes all throughout the day and into the evening at Boston University. However, please be aware that you will need to have some knowledge of Arabic before joining this program.

If you have little to no proficiency in the Arabic language, maybe you should start with a different program and transfer later. Knowledge of Arabic letters and sentence structure will be highly useful here.

Arabic Courses Without a Degree

There are many language schools in Boston, but here is one where you don't have to exclusively focus on a degree. You can take Arabic lessons at Emmanuel College in Boston. This option is ideal for those who only want to become speakers of Arabic.

Because a degree is not mandatory, you can enter this class whatever your educational background. All you need is a strong will to learn the language and a love for grammar.

The Arabic classes will show on your transcript, and, of course, you will have knowledge of the Arabic language!

This is very similar training to what you can find if you want to learn Arabic in New York City.

Arabic Classes at Boston Mosque

One great way to learn the language of the Quran is by taking classes at the Boston mosque. Arabic holds special significance for every Muslim around the world as it is the language of the Islamic faith.

Therefore mosques around the world offer classes to teach students Quranic Arabic so that they can learn the teachings of God as relayed through the Prophet Muhammad.

The Boston mosque is no exception. Every year around the beginning of Fall people with an interest in Arabic language lessons can sign up to these classes--whether they be children, women, or men.

Arabic is the language of the Quran
If you don't shy away from religion, then why not take an Arabic language course at the Boston Mosque?

It is a wonderful setting where you can swiftly learn the Arabic language--soon you will know a flurry of Arabic expressions and new words! Who knows? One day you might even learn a Moroccan dialect and speak like a fluent North African.

The teachers are extremely dedicated and want nothing more than to share their knowledge of the Arabic language, Arabic script and the Quran. These official language classes occur on Saturdays and Sundays.

If you live in Boston or its surroundings, you will have no problem finding Arabic language instruction which fits your needs. Classes in a mosque are quite effective in their language learning methods.

Similar stories to Boston can be found across the United States. Don't hesitate to visit our guide for learning Arabic in Miami if you are based in Florida, for example.

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