Science and math courses are the bane of many people’s existence the world over – from elementary school math and science to the advanced math taught in college algebra or calculus. The hard sciences, however, have always been a subject of intense scrutiny on the national and global scale for reasons unrelated to the world of academia.

Organizations such as the UN have begun to rank countries based on their education profiles. The OECD, in fact, comes out with one such scale every three years known as the PISA, or Programme for International Student Assessment. One of the subjects that cause many countries, including the UK, to fall below the expected level? Maths.

While the conversation about national curriculum in the UK has shifted to investigate whether or not standardized tests are an accurate measure for academic success, there is no denying that basic math concepts are essential to many daily tasks.

On top of that, developing adequate math skills in arithmetic can be especially important in communities that historically score lower than the rest of the nation. Disadvantaged pupils in England alone, in fact, score about one third of a grade lower than countries like Canada and a half a grade lower when compared with countries like Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan in maths.

Regardless of what you think about nationwide curricula, test scores and grades seem to be becoming ever more important in combating the gaps within the education system. Whether you’re looking for a full-time math tutor or simply need the occasional help with your math homework, here’s all you need to know about finding arithmetic help online.

Find out some of the best maths tutors in the UK.

get inspired for math instruction through maths history
Struggling in science and math can often be helped by learning more about the subjects' history!

The Origin of Arithmetic

Whether your child is taking elementary math classes or it’s you whose slogging through college level or high school math, arithmetic is a skill that is necessary at every grade math level. Throughout the course of the years, however, many people forget what exactly this integral skill entails. This is why it might be helpful to begin your search for math help by understanding what arithmetic actually is.

Arithmetic is a branch of mathematics that has been recorded as early as 18,000 BCE in Africa. Since its inception, arithmetic has played a key role in facilitating the real world math concepts involved in commerce and industry. While the impact of arithmetic on solving many of the world’s most complex problems should not be underestimated, the subject’s definition is quite simple.

Arithmetic is also the branch of mathematics that allows for the recording of numbers through four main operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These operations are involved in everything from basic counting, solving inequalities and quadratic equations to more complex mathematics courses involving algebraic expressions, rational expressions, conic sections, math logarithms and more.

While there are many more examples of the basic math problems that involve arithmetic, some of the ones you can find at the elementary math level are equations or word problems involving the three laws of arithmetic. These laws are:

  • Commutative Law
  • Associative Law
  • Distributive Law

The general rule for these laws is that they generally apply to addition and multiplication and not subtraction and division, although there are some exceptions. These laws, while basic, are similar to the ones found for exponents and useful in solving quadratic equations and systems of equations.

improve arithmetic skills with supplemental instruction
Sometimes, summer math camps can help bridge the gaps in basic skills

Finding an Arithmetic Tutor

Finding a tutor online is generally the same, whether you’re searching for a math tutor for help in arithmetic or any other subject. The first step in finding a private tutor is determining the level of maths your in; often, tutors are organized by fitting into a grade level tutor category. This generally takes on four different forms:

  • Elementary math
  • Middle school math
  • High school or college level math
  • Test prep

If you need help for math class in any of the first three categories, you’ll generally have to decide between one-off supplemental instruction or tutoring at established, regular intervals. For example, one of the most popular math class tutoring platforms in the UK is UK Tutors, offers tutors who give lessons weekly or who can give the occasional homework help.

The tutors on UK Tutors will vary in price depending on what category you’re looking for and how often you’d like to see them – however, prices tend to go from 20 to 70 pounds an hour.

Test prep is often grouped in its own category as the content of this kind of tutoring will depend on what you’re studying for. For example, TutorHunt in the UK offers tutors that offer aid in mathematics for A-Levels throughout the UK. The price for A-Level practice typically goes for a different rate if the tutor offers help in multiple categories but can be expected to cost anywhere between 20 to 60 pounds per hour.

With over 122,700 tutors available for tutoring maths alone, Superprof is also a great online platform to find arithmetic tutors online. Not only do you have the option of picking a tutor for face-to-face or online meetings, but also in a group or individual setting. Prices for maths tutoring average at 12 pounds per hour and can be tried throughout the UK.

Learn Math Online

Whether you’re struggling with the arithmetic involved with polynomial or linear equations, trigonometric concepts and rational functions, getting help online for maths is easy. After you're done understanding all there is to know about arithmetic, start practicing at home! Here are some of the different resources you can take advantage on depending on what your budget looks like.

Free Math Learning

If you’d like to learn math online or need extra help on a word problem or two, finding lessons or practice problems online shouldn’t be a frustrating experience. Here are some of the most useful tools at your disposal.

AAA Math

This website boasts a wide selection of arithmetic lessons, thousands of which are available online and free. The site is organized both by grade level and concept, where the grade levels go from preschool to 7th and 8th grade.

The concepts they offer, on the other hand, run from basic operations such as addition and subtraction to geometry and mental maths. This is a great option for those looking for definitions, lessons and example problems all in one place.

Math Tutor UK

Math Tutor is a UK website that has been created from teachers and mathematicians in collaboration with the Universities of Leeds, Loughborough and Coventry and funded by the HEFCE Fund for Development of Teaching and Learning.

This site is organized into seven main subjects from which you can choose from, each having their own selection of concepts, definitions and rules to learn from. On this page, you can find a specific section dedicated to all things arithmetic, from the basics to how they apply to percentages and ratios.

You will also be able to find lessons on algebraic arithmetic, square roots, equations and inequalities in the form of subjects like differentiation, trigonometry, algebra and more.

Student Guide

One of the best online math resources by far, this website offers lists of websites, podcasts and more for subjects ranging from ancient history to philosophy. Including the two websites already mentioned, this site lists dozens more related to mathematics and arithmetic organized by the type of level you’re searching for help in.

Math Learning Courses

If you have some room in your budget, check out some paid online webinars and tutorials at your disposable for arithmetic help. While some of these webinars can be free, including some that are produced from major universities around the world, some can involve subscription fees.

find a math game or maths course online
Finding a maths program online can help improve your study skills and scores

Practice Arithmetic Online

While many of the resources already mentioned should be enough to provide you with extensive and unlimited practice for arithmetic, there are many other ways you can practice and review your skills in the subject.

Whether you’re in pre-calculus math lessons, studying with an online tutor for maths standardized tests, or are simply working on the homework from your math program – grasping even the basics of arithmetic can be fun!

Online maths games are a great way to improve your memory. Fun for both children and adults, you can refine many different elements of your math capabilities with math games.

From working on the speed at which you solve equations to your mental math skills, playing arithmetic games online through websites like Arithmetic Game or Math Playground can give your capabilities a boost.

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