Taking an art class can provide you with a well-rounded education, which is the reason why most high schools require students to have at least a single art credit to graduate. Not only do art classes help you exercise your creative thinking skills, but it can also create a hobby that you could potentially take onto a career.

For children, taking art lessons can be a fun way to fill up their spare time. In this age of endless on-screen entertainment, making art is a great way to keep children away from screens and to use their imagination.

One benefit of enrolling children in art lessons is improved academic performance, as they get to activate another part of their brain to create art. Another benefit of creating art for children is improved motor skills. Tasks as simple as tracing a drawing can help kids refine their fine motor skills and increase their confidence levels in themselves and their creative abilities.

For adults, making art can be a relaxing activity that lets you take a break from the stresses of ordinary life. Additionally, the great artist Leonardo da Vinci once said: “Painting embraces all ten functions of the eye.” By that, he is referring to the darkness, light, body, color, shape, location and more, which are some important functions that can be embraced through art.

In fact, drawing art as an adult can help you train your concentration as well as your ability to focus on details and pay more attention to your surroundings. Below are some of the different types of art courses you can take.

Painting watercolor trees on a wooden table.
Painting and drawing make up the foundations of art. (Source: Unsplash)

Types of Art Lessons

Art courses can be scheduled or walk-in types. Scheduled courses are a great way to fit weekly sessions into your schedule so you can give yourself your regular dose of creativity. Walk-in art courses are great for fun nights out with friends, or for when your schedule isn't fixed.

But regardless of whether you prefer walk-in or scheduled art lessons, there are many mediums you can choose to learn. These include drawing lessons, painting classes, photography classes, pottery courses, and more.

Painting and drawing classes help you learn the basics of artistic creations. This is because they are the building blocks of every great masterpiece. So whether you are just starting out or if you have been drawing and painting for many years, begin your artistic journey by signing up for a drawing or painting course.

Working with clay is fun and relaxing, requiring you to hone your eye for shapes and details. Consider taking a clay and ceramics course to learn your ways around a pottery wheel. You can also walk away with cool gifts for all your family and friends! Photography is the art of capturing images with a camera to ensure their compositions, colors, as well as light all coming together harmoniously. This is the perfect artistic hobby for those interested in exploring the outside world through the lens of their camera.

Now that you have learned about all the different types and options of art courses that are available, check out our list of art courses near you so you can participate in your next artistic adventure!

Man doodling on a colorful wall.
Find art lessons near you in New York to try out your drawing skills. (Source: Unsplash)

Art Courses for All Ages in New York

The city of New York is known for its numerous art museums, which attracts artists from around the world each year. This makes art courses very accessible as there are numerous great instructors and art academies to choose from.

If you are a parent with young children, there are also numerous art schools in New York that specialize in educating children. One such place is the Barking Cat Studio Arts & Crafts for Kids. The fun name of the studio reflects the nature of this art school, which is designed to promote children’s creativity and artistic expressions within its classrooms.

For adults living in New York City, a studio with an equally unique name is the Creatively WILD Art Studio. Here, classes are held all seven days of the week, with a popular one being the Intro to Landscape Painting, which teaches students the basics of composition for landscape paintings.

For those interested in pottery, the Mugi Pottery Studio is the place to be. This pottery school has been in the Upper West Side of Manhattan for over thirty years. It offers a relaxed and comfortable environment for you to spend a few relaxing hours to work on your pottery pursuits.

Fun Art Programs in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, being the heart of the United States’ film industry, is home to the iconic Hollywood sign along with numerous art museums such as the Getty Art Museum. If you are living and working in Los Angeles, consider taking part in the city’s art culture by signing up for art lessons.

One Studio you can take art lessons at is the Raminfard School of Arts, which aims to share the joys of artistic creation with as many people as possible. For those interested in other forms of art, consider taking part in jewelry making by trying one of the city’s many jewelry studios, such as The Bead Boutique.

For parents living in Los Angeles, try the Purple Twig for all your art education needs. Classes here are just under 1 and a half hours long and their family courses are a fun way to spend some family time together. All classes begin with a warm-up activity such as the reading of a story, followed by the main project which will take up the rest of the class time.

Person painting blue paint on a pink wooden wall.
Enroll in an art class in Houston (Source: Unsplash)

Local Art Classes in Houston

Houston is a large city with over two million people, and numerous opportunities to connect with artistic opportunities throughout the city. If you are living and working in Houston, you can easily sign up for art lessons to help bring out your creative side. These courses can be anything from drawing and sketching to watercolor painting and photography.

One fun art school for adults is the Art Class Wine Glass, which offers drop-in drawing sessions. During these classes, experienced instructors will teach you how to make a painting step by step. And the best part is that students can bring your own wine to sip on to jazz up your night!

For those interested in jewelry making, try The Houston School of Jewelry, which teaches students the core technical skills required for jewelry making. Classes cost around $425, including materials. You will walk away from this two-day course with two pieces of jewelry all your design own design.

Philadelphia Art Lessons

The city of Philadelphia has a rich history and culture. If you feel inspired after attending one of Philadelphia’s many art exhibitions, you can enroll yourself in art classes to enhance your creativity and have some fun.

To start off, check out the classes at the Fairmount Art Centre - which is part of the Philly Art Centre Network. Numerous options are offered here for under $300. One fun class you can consider taking is the Painting Foundations course which covers color theory and color mixing, as well as basic still-life drawings skills.

For those interested in trying the art of glass blowing, check out East Falls Glassworks. One-time courses are offered here so it’s a great way to spend a fun night out with friends. Regular, scheduled courses are also available for those looking to spend more time practicing this craft.

If your interests lie in pottery, The Clay Studio is your place to be. This studio even offers an  Introduction to Wheel Throwing which is a course designed for beginners. Skills such as throwing cylinders, cups, and bowls, are taught in this introductory course.

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