Filling a drawing with water color

Painting Classes In The States

Among ancient artistic fields, painting is the oldest. Many past civilizations have used drawings on cave walls to leave behind records of their history by means of painting. You’d be surprised to know that recently discovered prehistoric paintings date back to as far as 31,000 plus years. Painting has stayed with us for our entire […]

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An Introduction to Acrylic Painting

It’s always great to have a creative outlet, a way to express your personality through different mediums. Acrylic painting is a perfect way to express yourself visually, and a great hobby to keep you entertained when you need a break from the constant stimulation of technology. Before we dive into the pros and cons, the […]

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oil paint in a tube

An Introduction to Oil Painting

We’re guessing you’re here because you want to stand alongside some of history’s geniuses of oil painting. You want to be rubbing shoulders with Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Da Vinci, in the pantheon of the greatest oil painters of all time. Or maybe not; maybe your oil painting ambitions are a little more modest. […]

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How to Paint with Watercolours

Some people think that, in the art world, watercolour paints are the equivalent of swimming in the kiddie pool. How many of you can recall sitting at a table, early in your primary education, gleefully smearing cerulean blue and cadmium yellow on a piece of craft paper, ostensibly depicting a sunny sky? There might have […]

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Want to Learn How to Paint?

women are allowed to paint

Who Are The Famous Female Painters?

When one thinks of famous artworks, it is generally those from – or inspired by the Italian Renaissance that come to mind. To wit, two of the most famous paintings in the world, The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa, which were both painted by the same artist: Leonardo da Vinci. Going through the art […]

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Cans of painting brushes sitting on a wooden table.

Where Can I Learn How to Paint?

Have you always wanted to enroll yourself in painting class but never took any action? Now is your chance! More people than ever are choosing to take art lessons in their free time. From a basic drawing course to a fun paint-night out, there’s always a good painting course for you no matter how much […]

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the Louvre has some of the most famous works of art...

Famous Painters and Paintings

Think back to your days of studying art history: which artists and art movements featured in your curriculum? Surely you learned about the big names but what about Artemisia Gentileschi – unusual for being female in the male-dominated world of Italian Renaissance art? What about Paul Cezanne who was so prolific that he painted more […]

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How long have humans been painting?

The Greatest Paintings of All Time

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” - Pablo Picasso A good number of us have art in our homes. While contemporary art may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are a lot of people who enjoy the classic art that you can see in the many art galleries around […]

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Which are the best art galleries in the world?

The World’s Greatest Art Galleries

If you love art, you’ll have probably already visited an art gallery to see decorative arts, contemporary art, modern art, sculpture, or even the masters. Famous paintings are all over the world, but there are a number of museums that are home to incredible masterpieces as part of their permanent and temporary collections. In this […]

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Mastering the skill of learning to paint through taking lessons.

Where Can I Learn How to Paint?

'Begin by learning to draw and paint like the old masters. After that, you can do as you like; everyone will respect you.' ― Salvador Dalí In the UK, you have the luxury of being able to take a stroll through the city and discovering some of the country's most beautiful watercolour paintings, impressionist oil paintings, […]

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Which are the best painting techniques for beginners?

What Are the Different Ways to Paint?

“Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter's soul.” - Vincent Van Gogh There are very few people in this world who don’t like music. What about painting? Painting is a great way to unwind during your free time. You can either paint in silence or listen to music while you […]

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Learning to paint takes practice.

Learning to Paint

 “Have no fear of perfection - you’ll never reach it. - Salvador Dali In the UK, approximately two million people (three million including the wider creative economy) work in the creative arts sector. According to government statistics from the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS), the creative industries could be worth £128.4billion to the […]

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