So, you’ve decided to take the next step and learn the IT skills that you’ve had in your sights for months (or maybe years). Congratulations on making this commitment!

IT skills are in high demand right now, especially as computer systems used by businesses large and small continue to grow in complexity. Your newly attained IT skills will help position you for a successful career in the USA, in all likelihood.

But before you can revel in your new professional success, you’ll first need to lock down the requisite IT skills. Often, the best way to do this in an efficient manner is by taking courses or lessons in key IT skills.

These types of lessons and courses are available through a variety of channels today as well, making IT skill acquisition more accessible to Los Angeles residents than ever before.

If you’re planning on pursuing IT skills while living in the LA area, then this guide is for you. Herein, you’ll learn all about the course and lesson options available to you at this moment (You may be surprised how many options are available at a minimal cost!).

This guide will also help you understand which skills you’ll need to pursue in order to make the most of your burgeoning IT career. Here is a similar guide if you live in Chicago.

Determine Which Skills You Need to Learn

If you’ve ever worked with an IT professional, then you might have walked away from the experience feeling as if they were a computer wizard.

In reality, IT professionals don’t need magic to accomplish the demands of their job; instead, they use a flexible skillset based upon understanding computers and IT systems both inside and out.

You’ll need to reach this basic level of proficiency before you can ever hope of holding down an IT position. To do this, you should consider seeking out lessons or full courses to teach you one or more of the following skills:


Coding is an absolute must-have for all IT professionals. In your new job, you’ll certainly be asked to partake in software and/web development. Both require a working knowledge of the associated programming languages, which may include HTML, C++, Python, JavaScript, and Ruby.

Coding is best learned through practice, so be sure that any class you take on the topic focuses on applying theory into live coding scenarios.

computer screen with code
Coding is the most important part of IT. Source: Unsplash


IT professionals are also often asked to engage with and manipulate networks to meet their client’s needs. When it comes to computer networks, IT professionals must be able to understand a variety of networking principles and systems, including those relating to cloud computing and cybersecurity.

Any class taken on these subjects should be taught by a professional who has been certified by a known networking authority.

Domain-Specific Communication

Many IT professionals interact with the general public on a daily basis. As such, they must be skilled when it comes to communicating complex IT concepts in relatable terms that their client can interpret.

This skill may not be learned in any single course, but it can be obtained by practicing your skills with other prospective IT professionals. As such, in-person tutoring, or classes are highly recommended on this front.

Learn About Options Already Available to You

Your first intuition while committing to learning new IT skills might have called for classes at a local community college. However, there are other options available to you in the Los Angeles area that won’t require you to commit nearly as much money or resources to their completion.

So, before moving on to more formalized options, take some time to learn about IT learning options already available to you.

One prime option available to most LA residents comes through the LA Public Library system. Currently, the LA Public Library offers members an opportunity to use some of the internet’s leading professional learning platforms at little to no charge.

With just your library card, you’ll be able to access websites like LyndA that contain hundreds of thousands of tutorials and courses on topics including information technology.

Along the same lines, Kahn Academy is an increasingly popular platform for new and seasoned learners alike to pick up critical skills in math, science, technology, and more.

While they do have some membership fees to access their top tier content, this online platform is a great place to take care of your IT basics before moving onto more formalized classes or tutoring opportunities.

Check for Classes at a Local Community College

As noted, community colleges offer some of the absolute best opportunities to get up to speed when it comes to IT skills. Particularly in the LA area, community colleges are also conveniently located to make it easier for folks working in other jobs to participate in their further education on their own time.

Take Los Angeles City College, for example. Currently, they are offering several courses in C++ and JavaScript programming that are geared for learners with minimal background experience in either field.

Meanwhile, East Los Angeles College offers courses that are designed to empower participants to break into the growing healthcare information technology sector with a contemporary skill set.

Should you be more interested in a full degree program in IT, institutions like West Los Angeles College offer state-certified degree programs centered on this subject.

However, if you are only looking to get your foot in the door, this same college offers a similar certificate program that only emphasizes the bare necessities and saves you money along the way.

Learn from a Knowledgeable Tutor Online

computer screen with code
Communication is also an important skill for IT work. Source: Unsplash

While classroom-style education may be one of the most sure-fire options for learning new IT skills, it can also be among the most expensive options. Not only that, but many programs require you to travel to campus, which may or may not fit in well with your commitments to your job and family.

With that in mind, you should seriously consider working with a specialized tutor in order to learn IT skills in an efficient time frame. Find an IT tutor in the New York area.

Though their services don’t always take the form of traditional classes or courses, this type of tutoring is often among the most affordable and convenient option for folks looking to further their IT education.

Of course, there are lots of options when it comes to tutoring, both online and in-person. It’s difficult to simply trust random recommendations posted online, so you’ll need to find a platform that facilitates the entire networking process from a safe distance.

server room
Networking is an important aspect of information technology. Source: Unsplash

Fortunately, Superprof is ready and willing to make your learning dreams come true.

You may not have heard of Superprof before, and that’s perfectly okay. As a new player on the online tutoring facilitation scene, they’ve done their absolute best to make this entire process as easy as possible. Through Superprof, you’ll be able to efficiently screen potential tutors in your desired subject (IT, in this case) and learn about what makes each provider special.

Much like popular restaurant review apps, Superprof also encourages its users to leave reviews about their experiences with certain tutors. These reviews can be a major asset for a first-timer like you as you can quickly get a feel for qualities of each tutor that are not covered by their resume of experience.

Superprof also has your wallet in mind. Specifically, they allow you to search their catalog of thousands of qualified tutors based upon their individualized rates.

Many Superprof tutors even offer their services for free for the first lesson, thus allowing you to get a taste for a certain tutor and the abilities overall.

Make a Plan to Learn

Now that you’ve seen the options before you, it’s time to make a game plan for what kind of IT education you’re going to pursue and through what venue you’ll facilitate said education.

While a cheap, convenient option like Superprof may feel like the best option right off the bat, you should still examine your educational expectations prior to committing to that platform’s outstanding tutoring.

First, consider your time constraints. Perhaps you work a hectic job with long hours or have kids at home that make it difficult to attend in-person IT courses. If that’s the case, an online course or pre-scheduled tutoring may be your best bet because you can shape these options to fit your schedule.

Next, consider how much money you are willing to budget in order to become a competent IT professional. Folks who are trying to work within a tight budget may consider tutoring through Superprof to be a good introductory option because they can keep their investment low from the get-go.

Finally, your IT education plan should be focused on your goal. That is, if you have a specific type of IT position in mind, you should learn skills and gain certifications that enable you to reach that dream job. To get a better handle on this consideration, you should speak with other currently practicing IT professionals to understand what they had to learn to attain their position.

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