The IT field is one that is rife with opportunity. Almost every industry and business in existence today need IT, professionals, to handle at least one aspect of their company or operations, ranging from cybersecurity to accounting to marketing in the United States.

Our world has been fully transformed into a digital epoch, so you’d be smart to notice where the wind was blowing and pick up some IT skills for your own career.

Nowhere is this more apparent than New York City itself. It’s arguably the business center of the entire world, and it’s more deeply integrated into the new digital paradigm than any other metropolitan center.

Getting an ideal IT education can be the exact boost your career path might need. IT professionals who distinguish themselves in the field can enjoy job security and lucrative positions for many decades after they’ve finished learning.

Yet even though IT skills are among the most desired in the workforce, finding great basic computer classes can be tricky. Even in larger cities like New York, there are often so many options demanding your attention that it can be dizzying trying to figure out which is right for you.

Thankfully, you’ve stumbled onto this guide! Below, we’ll outline what you need to do to get the IT education you need for success and where to find it. Let’s get cracking!

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Skills You’ll Need to Learn to be an IT Professional

Before you start looking for schools or online tutoring solutions, you must identify the actual skills you should be seeking out in the educational marketplace. After all, it won't do you any good to head to a school or sign up for a class if you won't need the skills being taught.

When it comes to IT professions, there’s a broad selection of skills that will be valuable throughout the job marketplace. Some of these will be more generalized and will likely be needed no matter what IT job you end up seeking out.

Others are more specialized and are great choices if you want something specifically within the niche they’re about or if you already have an interest in a subsection of tech.

In the end, any IT professional should have a toolkit of skills that can make their work seem like magic to those who don’t share their expertise. Some of the most important IT skills are:


By far, every IT professional needs to have at least some understanding of coding. Those who code will learn how to program computers and software to do specific tasks or be able to build unique programs that can solve the solutions of their client or company. Coding is best thought of as the staple skill that IT professionals should all share.

That being said, different educational avenues will offer different coding indications. This matters because, like with writing, coding is taught in different languages.

Some companies or jobs prefer IT professionals with certain programming language specialties, while others rely on C++, which is a staple of most businesses.

Either way, it’s recommended that you pick a coding language and stick with it rather than achieving only moderate skill across a wide variety of languages.

Cloud Computing

The development of the Cloud has changed the digital game, and as a result, IT professionals who can successfully manipulate and protect Cloud data are among the highest-paid in the industry.

Not only is this important for your overall salary, but learning about Cloud computing can open up a lot of potential professional doors for you since learning about Cloud computing requires that you learn about a lot of ancillary subjects at the same time.

As a result, it's a versatile and in-demand skill that any IT professional should pursue. Cloud computing focuses on binding and manipulating technologies such as machine learning and tying things into the Internet of Things.


Another more specialized skill you might seek out is cybersecurity. Put simply, cybersecurity is the study and implementation of security measures for digital valuables. IT professionals who learn about cybersecurity will figure out how their antivirus works and be able to use those skills for their clients.

This is particularly important in New York since many IT professionals will work for banking or financial firms. It's no surprise that these companies, and many others, want to make sure that their data is protected against nefarious hackers. Cybersecurity professionals are already and will continue to be in high demand in the future.

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Determine How to Get the Education You Need

Once you’ve identified the basic computer skills classes you want to learn (whether they are from our list or from your own interests), it’s time to start nailing down your educational options. Wherever you’re planning your education, remember to take your local state offerings into account.

For instance, more rural states will have fewer universities in general, while more metropolitan states will have a greater number of higher education options.

But before you even think about college, consider whether you’ll be able to learn the IT skills you need for your future job without plunking down a lot of cash. As an example, the New York Public Library is one of the largest in the world and contains possibly the greatest collection of educational resources mankind has ever achieved. To say that you can find educational books on any kind of IT topic is an understatement; you can find an entire library's worth of knowledge on any subject you imagine.

Khan Academy is another great choice for those uninterested in college. They offer free and paid educational options, with paid membership granting you access to higher quality content. Either way, you should be able to pick up some basic IT skills from here before moving on to more specialized adult computer classes.

Community and Further College

College is a big deal for most people, in no small part because it tends to be very expensive. So community college should always be your first consideration if you plan to go to university in NYC.

In many cases, these schools can provide you with the IT background you need to succeed without taking so much out of your wallet. Other cities to consider are Chicago and Houston.

Guttman Community College is a particularly good choice. Though it was only founded in 2011, it already has top programs in IT, a liberal arts and sciences, and human services.

Later, you can proceed to universities that can award you with a bachelor's degree in the IT field of your choice and take advanced computer classes. These degrees provide you with the credentials necessary to be hired by many of the top firms and businesses both in NYC and beyond.

If you have particularly good grades, you might be able to get into New York University, which is a highly competitive but well-regarded school located in Manhattan. They have not only excellent IT programs but great offerings in just about every subject.

Online Tutoring Options

There’s another alternative to college: specialized online tutors. These are an excellent choice if you require a more flexible educational schedule because you need to work or balance things with your family.

Online tutoring doesn’t always offer the same kind of education as traditional classes, but these solutions can be quite affordable. They’re also very convenient.

One of the best online tutoring platforms is Superprof, bar none. While they haven’t been around for long (yet!), they’re already one of the best platforms through which students can select tutors that are perfect for their subject and scheduling needs.

Even better, students will be able to leave reviews about tutors so you can always vet potential teachers before you sign up for their offerings. Superprof even goes further when it comes to keeping your budget in mind by letting you select a tutor based on price if you desire.

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Following A Plan

Once you come up with the best plan to finalize your IT education, set out a specific schedule and budget. You might consider beginning with the fundamentals of Information Technology by selecting affordable and convenient PR or Apple computer classes or educational opportunities to build up your foundational knowledge.

Then you can proceed to universities that can further specialize you in your desired field and lead you to a career you’ll enjoy.

Either way, just be sure to pursue what you want, not necessarily what everyone else does. The IT field is diverse and there are lots of opportunities however you want to jump in!

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