After high school, students are faced with endless paths and opportunities, and sometimes making a decision can be overwhelming. This is why you need to start creating a post-high-school plan even before senior year and beat the stress and anxiety of having to make a tough decision.

It is wise to start your research and have a crystal clear idea of the things you need in order to apply to college. You'll probably need to show SAT scores, an essay answering a specific prompt, school grades, a letter of recommendation, and more.

So, if the SATs are essential, you're now probably wondering about the benefits of taking the Literature Subject Test, and how this test can get you into the college or university of your choice.

Starting to prep for the SAT with enough time in advance is probably one of the first things you need to cross off of your to-do list. But, of course, you first need to figure which path you'll take after high school and guarantee you take the tests and get the scores you need.

Here, we will argue in favor of the Literature Subject Test, and you'll find the reasons why this test is a must and the benefits of taking it.

If you feel you could benefit from extra help to prep for the Literature SAT, private tutoring is a great way to guarantee better performance on the test.

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Academic success is not only in an English, math, language, or history SAT, you need to work on other skills like essay response to wow any college admissions office. Photo by Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash

Benefits of taking the Literature SAT

The Literature Subject Test is one of the most popular tests and one of the most challenging you'll take. It's popular because students have been taking literature classes throughout their school years which makes it a familiar subject. But, even though this test is in English, it doesn't mean it will be easy an easy test to take.

Students are often wondering why they should take the Literature SAT and what are its benefits.

Studying literature can give you many valuable skills that any university looks for in their students. Your reading comprehension and writing skills will improve and your vocabulary will expand. These are just some of the benefits you gain after you study literature.

You will also have a better understanding of the subject (English language) and if you wish to write well and have college-level writing skills then taking this class and this test would be a good idea!

This exam is designed to see how prepared you are for college, and if you don't want to take the Literature SAT then you will have to take the class sometime during college. This SAT can exempt you from taking literature during your freshman year, which means instead you can pick a class you're more interested in.

If you are wondering about the level of difficulty of the Literature SAT, go ahead and check the article on the link.

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Colleges want outstanding students, regardless of the state they live, they want a student whose application shows aptitude for any subject (math, history, English, response, language). Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

What will they be testing you on?

The Literature SAT is designed to test your knowledge of literary terminology and literary concepts. They will give you a sample text (a passage from a literary work) and could ask about vocabulary use, context, genre, tone, and more.

The Literature Subject Test has three elements that make up the questions. Each question will contain a sample or passage from a piece of literature written in English, from different time periods (chronology), and finally different genres.

Students are given one hour, a time in which they are expected to answer all or most of the 60 questions on the exam. If you are left with some free time you may go back and check any question you might have skipped and try to answer it.

Keep in mind that colleges, universities, and schools are searching for students with outstanding scores, which is why you need to do well in these exams. The mean score for the Literature SAT between 2018 and 2020 was 616, it would be better if you aim to get a higher score and stand out and guarantee admission to your favorite school.

Once again, remember that this is not an exam where you'll have to write an essay to answer a question. This is all about reading comprehension, question interpretation, and showcasing your knowledge of the subject. The best way to prepare is by taking practice tests, studying during your free time, and taking your high school education years seriously.

Colleges don't only want to see that you did well on every Subject Test, they want to see you exceed expectations, especially if you are applying to a prestigious university.

You can check the practice tests available for you here.

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The university admission process is long, schools look at school grades, SAT scores, they read your application, read essay response, your education level, and more. Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash

Get to work!

As a student, it is your responsibility to prepare accordingly for any SAT you'll be taking and work on your application to state schools or colleges. You also need to do your research and decide if you wish to take the Literature Subject Test.

It is important you know the exact date of your test, this way you'll know how much time you have to study for the test. It is recommended for students to start getting familiar with the concept of standardized tests even years before they have to take the actual test.

As we mentioned above, the Literature SAT is considered one of the hardest of these exams. This means you need to prepare, practice, read, study, and sharpen your skills to guarantee a high score. You should also consider learning how to interpret multiple-choice questions since they can be tricky at times.

Students are advised to consider getting extra help if they're feeling a little overwhelmed, you can always find this help by reading a book, studying with a friend, teacher, or tutor. You can also check our guide with Tips to Prepare for the Literature SAT.

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Each question on the test includes a literary passage, aside from the passage there is a question in multiple-choice format and options with one correct answer that need a response. Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash


If you're a student dreaming about college and how you'll spend each year in university, then you have to plan ahead and guarantee you make your dreams come true.

Part of that is getting ready for the Subject Tests and deciding which subjects you'll be taking the exam for. There are many exams you can take, like math, history, language, English, science and more. You just need to see which are a requirement on your college application.

The SAT is an academic challenge and part of your education, so you better stop stressing about it and get proactive. You can find help and guidance with a tutor or study group; you can start reading about the SATs and find answers to your questions online or if you read an SAT book.

Keep in mind that an admissions board will only be wowed if you exceed expectations and do better than average. You can even do things early and guarantee a spot in college with early admission.

These tests are designed to challenge you, so you need to do your best to be prepared, even if that means getting into an SAT course. The course will help you learn important things like how to interpret a literary passage or answer multiple-choice questions, enhance your reading comprehension, and more. They can also give sample tests to spot common mistakes and learn to avoid them.

Remember that even if there is no writing during the SAT, you will have to write an essay (not academic) where you show your writing skills and address it to the admissions board of the university or college you apply to.

For more information, you can always check our Literature SAT Study Guide.

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