"The world is a beautiful book, but serves little to those who can't read."

Carlo Goldoni

Today, good grades are undeniably linked to professional success later on. Whereas previous generations were able to have a brilliant career without studying, some professions nowadays require an irreproachable education.

According to Child Trends, dropping out from high school is associated with negative employment and life outcomes

To avoid absenteeism or a total rejection of education, some parents call for one-on-one tutoring!

By setting a regular pace, a tutor can transmit knowledge and schedule tutoring in order to support his or her student all the way through the school year.

Here are our tips on private tutoring near me!

Why Private Tutoring

According to a 2014 Opinion Way survey, 84% of parents believe that academic success is critical to the prosperity of their child's future.

Yet, many American students are held back in school every year.

Whose fault is this?

According to some recent studies, children blame their teachers.

teacher and student listening
Listening is indispensable to a child's progress in school.

It's true, American classrooms are often very crowded (up to 30 students per class) and it is therefore impossible for teachers to teach on a case-by-case basis and follow the progress of each student.

This is a pity because children need a lot of attention. Jason Okonufa--the author of a study to demonstrate the importance of teachers when it comes to students' success--said in an interview with Huffington Post in May of 2016:

"When teachers show an interest in students this helps humanize students. This allows them to no longer see them only as labels but as people who grow up, who can change, who can learn to behave more appropriately with help."


Many parents opt for academic tutoring at home, which comes with many advantages:

  • Compensating for the classroom's weaknesses,
  • Consolidating student achievement,
  • Perfecting the student's knowledge and intellectual abilities,
  • Improving student concentration,
  • Bridging gaps in knowledge to avoid failing,
  • Boosting the student's grade average,
  • Preparing for important exams (final exams, SATs, midterms...),
  • Revising a course's content in order to achieve have a handle on everything, etc.

Moreover, the private tutor takes on the role of pedagogical adviser for his student. By targeting his desires and working on his academic strengths, the student will then be able to follow a curriculum that is adapted to his professional desires.

With a mix of serious and playful lessons along with optimal communication, the private tutor will provide great academic support for your children!

From What Age Can You Start Being Tutored?

Contrary to what one might think, there is no real age limit for taking tutoring classes.

If parents choose to go through a private agency such as Tutor Hub or Suprex, then private tutoring lessons will be more restrictive. Indeed, courses offered generally begin in middle school and continue on to high school. There are some courses for university students, but few tutors agree to teach at such a high level.

little student
What if your kid could get started with some tutoring lessons as soon as elementary school?


However, online classified tutoring ads remove age restrictions!

On Superprof, there are:

  • Private lessons for young children, from kindergarten on,
  • Private lessons for elementary school students,
  • Private lessons for middle school students,
  • Private lessons for high school students,
  • Private lessons for university students,
  • Private lessons for Ivy League students,
  • Private lessons for adults who need a refresher course.

Here, it's not age that comes into question but rather the student's level. Tutors for young children concentrate mainly on pedagogy, while the tutors for high school teenagers focus on the student's level and aiming to prepare them for college, for example.

Be aware that it is advisable to wait until the 8th grade to impose at home tutoring for your child. The student will then have had time to develop his autonomy and will be mature enough to understand the educational stakes of tutoring.

Thanks to evening classes or intensive courses during school holidays, the student will be able to meet the expectations of any school out there and even get ahead of his or her program!

The Different Forms Tutoring Can Take


When one thinks "private lessons," a clear picture emerges: a private tutor teaching their student at his or her home.

And yet, private lessons can take many forms!

It's true, academic tutoring is growing so fast that the forms are multiplying in order to meet the expectations of parents.

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Thanks to online distance learning lessons you can even access your tutoring lessons on holiday!

Here are the different types of private lessons:

  • Private homework help: the most popular form of private tutoring. Here, the qualified teacher helps his student by supporting him during math problems or advising him on his writing skills in English. The aim is not for the tutor to do homework in his or her place but to help develop his or her autonomy.
  • Group tutoring: This type of tutoring is especially useful for parents on a small budget. Students can learn from a tutor and several students (generally between 3 and 8 students) also taking the quality course for a thorough follow-up on what they learn in class. There are also multiple subjects, which allows the student to communicate with peers and feel less alone in their learning adventure.
  • Private one-on-one tutoring: the teacher's objective here is not only to review the material the student has learnt in class, but also to supplement his or her knowledge in order for the student to improve as a learner overall. The tutor will propose a different approach to the course in order to help the student be more attentive and to take an interest in the subject he or she teaches. He or she can also provide additional exercises to help the student practice individually.
  • Private lessons via webcam: this new form uses educational resources all available online. The advantage is first and foremost the price, which is much lower than a classic course because the tutor has no traveling expenses. As the classes take place in a digital context, students are more likely to become interested in their education and may even discuss and seek advice from their tutor via online forums.

Some teaching formats, such as group lessons or webcam lessons, can scare off parents who are not familiar with these new practices.

No need to panic: over 92% of our Superprofs offer their first class for free!

This means your child can test these new educational methods and choose the one that is most adapted to his or her needs!

Choosing the Right Tutor

Before starting private lessons, you have to find the perfect one for you!

In tutoring agencies, the company takes care of finding the right tutor.

With Superprof, the students are in charge of choosing an ideal tutor adapted to their skills and educational goals.

Several criteria have to be taken into account:

  • The student's level: beginner, intermediate, or advanced. To find the right tutor, you have to understand your level and choose an experienced tutor to match it.
  • Course modalities: When you first chat online with your teacher, consider asking for his or her availability to see whether it fits your own schedule.
  • The objectives of the course: to help a student progress effectively, the tutor must know the course's objectives. This can be a projected grade, an overall improvement, or a language certification...
  • Rate: with Superprof, the teachers define their rate. It is however possible to get a deal thanks to available packages (for example, 20 USD/hour but 25 USD for 1h30),
  • The teacher's rating: our Superprofs are rated by their students, who often leave positive comments explaining their strengths. Good grades prove a tutor's worth, which is a great plus for students hoping to get into a good college.


Going through our platform means you won't be pressured to find the right teacher the first time around: you will have a month to get in touch with as many teachers as possible.

It's also important to choose wisely since private tutors often accompany students in their learning for several years!

With the help of a competent tutor, the student can revise one or all of his school subjects:

  • Math,
  • English,
  • Spanish,
  • French,
  • Geography,
  • Physics or Chemistry (physical sciences),
  • Biology,
  • History

Don't wait a second longer and benefit from Superprof today!

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