Who hasn't already looked into academic support sessions (for themselves, or for their family)? In fact, more Americans every year are resorting to academic support for their children: in 2005, 30% had already hired a private tutor for their child at least once. Homework help, educational support, tutoring...Nowadays, tutoring represents an important part of the economic market and it is growing steadily every year. Tutoring is most important during high school, but can also be used during elementary school in some cases, and is even useful during post-secondary studies. This success, of course, is not without explanation. There are many reasons for academic support, the most conclusive of which is the failing national school system in our country.

Cases of Necessity

A large number of students are not totally comfortable with schooling techniques. There are many different factors that could be getting in the way: the student's temperament, his or her learning disabilities, or personal aspirations. Either way, the school curriculum is not really adapted to these students. It doesn't correspond to their desires or needs. If this is your child's case, you should closely supervise homework. However, at this point, parents are likely to encounter obstacles, difficulties, and blockages. In order not to aggravate the situation or deteriorate intra-family relations, a private tutor with whom you have a good connection can make it possible for a student to get over learning difficulties. The academic tutor will be able to share all of his know-how in the face of specific problems.

A library is a great place to meet a tutor.

Cases of necessity concern different kinds of children. For example, there are kids we call "gifted" (they usually have their own section and take advanced versions of the courses other students take). These students are easily bored in class and have a curiosity and intellectual vigor that need to be nourished. Like other students, they usually need to grow some self-confidence. So how do you choose a private tutor in this case? According to their profile and pedagogy of course! There are also children who have trouble with concentration or dyslexia. Classroom hours do not allow them to study at their own pace, so they need the extra time. In any case, sometimes a learning disability is only temporary and concerns only a short part of the child's academic career. However, remedying it as soon as possible via tutoring is highly recommended.

Addressing the shortcomings of the education system

It's the number one reason for the great success of tutoring classes.We talk about it incessantly and most of us see it first hand (including when we teach): the American education system is on its way out. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) supported standards-based education reform based on the premise that setting high standards and establishing measurable goals could improve individual outcomes in education. The Act required states to develop assessments in basic skills. To receive federal school funding, states had to give these assessments to all students at select grade levels. The Every Student Succeeds Act, which succeeded it under Obama in 2015, also sets new mandates on expectations and requirements for students with disabilities. Most students with disabilities will be required to take the same assessments and will be held to the same standards as other students. ESSA allows for only one percent of students, accounting for ten percent of students with disabilities, to be excused from the usual standardized testing. Though these bills are supposed to help students, there are still a lot faults with the national education system. That's where private tutoring comes in. Private tutoring is aware of how crazy demand is getting, and as a result, the private sector brings to the challenge of improving public education. A class with too many students, sick teachers and without substitutes, crowded programs...These are factors that could discourage your child with his or her education. These are situations where students may feel troubled and unable to work. Private tutoring courses are there to remedy one or more of these possible situations. There has been a great number of tutoring solutions implemented in NYC, as well as Miami, and San Francisco for example. When is it necessary to take tutoring lessons? Well, when you notice there is a problem with your child's education! It is always best to address it early.

Knowing What Problems to Target

It's usually during Fall break--usually the first school holiday in your child's school year--that these questions start to ask themselves. In that moment, you must make an urgent decision.

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Benefit from a tailored tutoring solution to your child's educational needs!

Benefit from a tailored tutoring solution to your child's educational needs!

Yes, because after a few weeks of course - where problems and learning gaps have already started to manifest themselves - you will be able to understand what subjects need some working on for your child. What's important is to identify your child's needs as soon as possible, so that you can answer to your child's problems as soon as or right after they pop up. Just remember, your needs have to come second to your child's own needs: for example, if you're look straight As, put that on the back-burner as it could cause real stress and anxiety to your already frazzled kid! Private academic tutoring online platforms (such as Superprof, serving over 100000 students a year) and special reference books with the address and phone numbers of countless tutors who could help you with whatever your young student is struggling with will enable you to find a tutor who is adapted to your child's needs and the subject he or she is having trouble with. For example, does the private tutor needs to hold a diploma from an Ivy League (this may be the case if you are having your child prepare for an Honors test that could get him or her into an Ivy League of his or her choice...), certain competences, and cost. The costs are varying, with tweaks depending on the website, the person, and their credentials. It's important to know that most tutors near me will give you one session for free. In any case, if you'd like the academic support to be really work for your child, he or she has to be the one asking for it. As soon as you are forcing the situation, or they feel obligated to follow certain rules, the hours will pile up without your desired results. Communication is therefore essential with the matter if you would like the academic tutoring to be accepted by both the parents and children alike, and have clear set goals that are defined from the start (you can't for example, ask a student who has difficulties with science classes to get a prize in math with the local math club.) Trust us, this is great advice for parents!

Beef Up Your Academic Results

Private academic tutoring is very successful when it is targeted at a specific entrance exam, for example. Revising for finals or other important tests is always the best solution if you would like your child to do the best he or she can do. But, above all, there are the SATs to worry about. They are the crown jewel of high school: maybe some English help for some struggling with literature, private math lessons for those who are not math heads, and a class in Spanish or French for those who are interesting in becoming language professors (or whatever it may be they are interested in)... This is one of the most popular reasons why people opt for tutoring.

Working and enjoying learning is a flow
After the effort, the comfort: knowing how to have fun while working is the pinnacle of an effective and successful learning.

Crayons: if your elementary school kid needs rest and fun above anything; that's something to think about too!

Of course, all of these things need to be anticipated so that you don't find yourself playing catch up when it's too late! Private academic tutoring shows you its benefits if you stick with it long term. If you stick with it on the long term, your memory starts to exercise itself and the lesson material begins to stick to your brain. You will start to understand certain methods and notions, and on top of it, it of course is the best way to grow self-esteem and feel good about academic successes. It is the key to a good life. A tailored private tutoring is an excellent tool in order to learn certain methods of learning while also beating those academic problems most teenagers have. Knowing how to plan ahead, synthesis, good behavior in all of your classes and in front of pop quizzes and tests...these are the things you have to learn from your tutor, and trust us, there are solutions to each and every problem you may be experiencing! And, finally, a good teacher knows how to get his or her students to like the subject in question. The private tutoring is therefore an occasion to reconcile thede young student with philosophy, math, or biology, etc. There is nothing better to get an appetite for learning and excelling again!

The Drawbacks of Private Academic Tutoring

You must keep your cool, however. There is no miracle solution to learning--or if there is, please let us know! Private tutoring lessons cost a certain amount of money, and you will have a certain budget to consider to keep going. After the end of a tutoring bout, you will have a bill in front of you. In any case, a grade on its own cannot be evaluated, it needs to be taken into context: what is the average of the class? Did the child have a sickness that obligated him or her to miss some days of school. Several factors could affect your child's grades. As far as the report card goes, the parents cannot become a slave to the letters obtained: you also have to look into the commentaries and notes that the teacher leaves for each subject. These are more important and give an indication of how things are really going. They also may contain the key to why your child is struggling in class. These problems can then be targeted with tailored tutoring. Progression in school is a long term project and has to be thought of this way. Without the child's motivation and hard work, he or she may fail class, and even worse, have to do a grade over--which may keep him or her from his or her dreams.

The calculator is essential in science, while a laptop can be useful in all subjects: Spanish, English, German, Italian, French, SVT, physics, chemistry...Digital academic supports are not to be shrugged off in the making of your child's academic career.

* Private tutoring and academic support are for the most part a way to answer occasional or more permanent problems within your child's education. It is most efficient from high school on, which is when it's taken over by a professional, and no longer the child's parents. Parents at this stage must make sure that the child is happy with his or her academic support and also be certain that the workload is not too much--something that can aggravate the academic problems already at hand. In certain cases, it is possible to resort to distance learning (there are a few private tutors who allow online classes during holidays or just in general.) For example, if you are living somewhere that makes it difficult for you to find a good tutor, an online tutoring class may be the solution for you! When the child's difficulties are surpassed, you can also think about private tutoring lessons for pleasure in different subjects such as Greek, Russian, or painting for example! Finally, why don't you decide what type of academic support is right for you...

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