An increasingly popular phenomenon for those looking to gain further insight whilst consolidating prior learning is the adoption of an academic tutor to support individuals with their studies.

Is this a new approach?

Absolutely not. Tutoring has been around since the ages of the Greeks, however, in an archaic sense, it was a practice mostly used by those that were considered high members of society.

A lot has changed since then, with this mode of educational practice hitting the mainstream in the early 20th Century.

With elementary and high school education becoming a mandatory practice many years ago across the States (in the early 1920s to be precise), more people across the country are opting for additional support to help individuals that are still within structured elementary/high school education.

Technological advancements over the 21st Century has presented the world with alternative teaching and educational methods.

Some of these include the use of phone/computer-based applications. In the science world, some of the most downloaded apps include:

  • CHEMIST - A virtual chemistry lab
  • The Periodic Table
  • Amazing Science Facts
  • Brilliant - various math and science quizzes as well as the latest scientific topics in which students can explore.

Although these each serve a unique purpose, the use of tech-based learning in a solitary sense may have its restrictions when it comes to a student's ability to excel within their learning.

An experienced tutor will not alone have a good understanding of the educational curriculum, but they will also have a personal level of teaching experience and associated qualifications to be sure their lessons are administered in an effective and relevant way.

Naturally, the learning areas within the science curriculum (which is one of the three mandatory subject areas) may change ever so slightly each year.

A tutor will recognize such changes, to ensure the coverage of their lessons is reflective of the student's circumstances.

There can be a plethora of reasons as to why a student may require a personal science tutor.

Biology has a broad reach of learning areas and within those are several scientific concepts that students can find challenging to comprehend the first time around.

Also, in structured education, students are working in a classroom/lab/outdoor space with up to 30+ additional students at any given time.

Because of the high concentration of students, teachers are pressured to work at a consistent speed to ensure that the necessary coverage of learning principles has been covered to best prepare the individuals in the class for end-of-term examinations.

Naturally, students learn at differing rates, as well as endorsing information in ways that are unique to their character.

To ensure such gaps in learning don't persist, personal tutors can ensure that particular learning areas that require the most attention are addressed within the scheduled learning timeframe.

Throughout the endless accolades, comments, and positive feedback left on the thousands of science-based tutor profiles on the Superprof website, each presents a poignant reason as to why the need for academic tutors continues to rise each year.

In this article, we will examine the options that are currently available across some of the most populated cities in the country.

Finding a Biology Tutor in Los Angeles

Home to over 4 million people, LA is a coastal city in Southern California that boasts a wealth of well-established colleges and universities that offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate certifications within the field of Biology.

A student celerbates on the day of graduation.
Hiring a tutor is a popular approach amongst students in the final year of their studies. (Source: Visualhunt)

Some of the majors you could expect to study in the City of Angels include general biology, biochemistry, cell biology, and genetics.

The city is a huge draw for students, as it is one of the most exciting city's in the country to live in.

It is an especial hit for those aspiring to work in marine biology.

With over 840 miles of stunning coastline set between the state of California and The Pacific Ocean, Marine Biologists are in high demand for those with relatable qualifications.

Currently, there are 47 colleges and universities in which students can enroll within a biology-related course.

Due to this, students are often on the lookout for additional opportunities to enhance and strengthen their knowledge in particular areas.

Hiring personal tutors in LA has therefore become more commonplace within the city and many qualified science educators offer their services to those who require the support.

There are multiple benefits associated with one-to-one educational support and hiring a biology tutor in Los Angeles has never been easier.

Hiring a Biology Tutor in New York

Seashore and cityscape at night.
Whether you find yourself in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, or Staten Island, there are ample opportunities for those that are looking for a tutor to support them in their learning. (Source: Visualhunt)

Often considered as the home of science, with multiple museums that attract millions of visitors each year - New York also boasts a plethora of well established higher educational institutions that offer biology-related courses.

Still unsure as to where you will be studying in the next academic year?

Well, New York is the third most popular state in the United States to study Biology, with College Factual recently identifying that 80% of the city's colleges and universities are ranked within the top 5% of providers in the world.

With over 6,715 students gaining a major in the subject in NYC in 2019, the city is filled with students that are finding separate ways to enhance their chances of graduating with the highest possible grade.

With over a thousand New York-based science tutors that can be found on the Superprof website, there is a strong probability that students will find an ideal tutor in less than a week.

Upon creating your personal profile, these tutors can be contacted directly, and usually, the time of response does not surpass 24 hours.

Biology Tutors: Boston, Massachusetts

The 21st most populous city in the United States contains over 35 colleges, universities, and higher education providers.

In their latest study, Boston Plans recorded over 152,000 students currently in higher education, and over twenty years, Boston has experienced a formidable rise in enrolment within science-based undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. programs.

Across the state of Massachusetts, Beantown (as it is often referred to by the locals) is responsible for 34% of the state's population of students, and with a majority of the 35 colleges/universities offering programs in various science-related programs.

Boston University on a winters day
Founded in 1839, Boston University is currently home to just under 18,000 students. (Source: Visualhunt)

Looking for a biology tutor in Boston? Well, hundreds of qualified educationalists within the field offer their services for students that require additional support.

Whether that be elementary learners to those completing a P.h.D. in microbiology; contacting tutors within your local area in regards to their qualifications and scientific specializations is paramount in identifying a tutor in alignment with your learning goals and motivations.

Tutoring in Philadelphia

Home to some of the United States' largest state and private higher educational establishments, Philadelphia is home to a wealth of students studying a variety of subject areas.

Science-based degree programs tend to be some of the most popular chosen study fields in the country, and this is due to the breadth of subject-specific areas that stem from the three main branches of science: biology, chemistry & physics.

A quick search on Linkedin will provide you with almost 1000 active job opportunities in the city that stem from the field of biology.

From Drexel University to the University of Philadelphia, thousands of students are also majoring in bio-related degrees and are therefore on the lookout for additional support.

The city is becoming an increasingly popular option for those looking to major in a biology-related degree program, and with some of the most respected colleges in the country, competition for places has never been more challenging. 

As the demand for additional support has since risen, there is an increasing number of biology tutors in Philadelphia that are currently taking on new students.

Chicago: The Home of Science? 

Science is for everyone

An initiative carried out by the Chicago Council on Science & Technology (C2ST), aims to attract a diverse range of individuals in the hope of educating, whilst producing bright and innovative minds for generations to come.

With a range of public seminars, educational workshops, festivals, and science museums across the city, it comes as no surprise that Chicago has been acknowledged as one of the leading city's in the United States for scientific innovation.

Currently, Chicago has a population of over 2.7 million people, and in the state of Illinois, 41 higher education providers offer biology-related programs.

And, with the Condé Nast Traveler's Readers' Choice Award having accredited Chicago as being the most exciting large-scale city to live in the United States (for the fourth time running), there are plenty of reasons as to why students would opt to choose the Windy City. 

Students studying biology-related programs can now reach out to biology tutors that are currently based in Chicago. 

Houston Texas, The Leader in Space Technology

Boasting a range of unique Science-based landmarks, including the Houston Space Center (NASA's home for human spaceflight), the city attracts a wealth of science enthusiasts each year to visit and partake in a range of diverse, science-related activities and events.

Home to over 315,000 students enrolled in over 500 degree and certification programs, the city is truly bustling with exciting prospects for those embarking upon a biology course and each of these students has a variety of Houston-based tutors to choose from to help support them in their studies. 

Are you looking to follow in the footsteps of esteemed Nobel Laureate and Texas-born professor James P. Allison, director of the Cancer Research Institute (CRI)? The city is well known for producing some of the most respected scientists from the 20th Century, and fellow Houstonians have the opportunity in aspiring toward similar feats by enrolling in one of the many biology-related programs that are available across the city.

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