Boxing, an undisputed contact sport with a haymaker of conviction. Unlike many newcomers (so to speak), it had taken the back seat after such rises of Dana White’s UFC and various other combat sports which had, over the past decade - taken center stage. Still, it conveys a memory upon a numerous of generations: from Muhammad Ali to Mike Tyson - it truly is a sport to be reckoned with, and its resurgence is thanks to an attraction of a somewhat unexpected audience.

The increase in popularity has been a driving force behind its re-establishment. People from all spectrums of life are now craving for a slice of the pie and it comes as no surprise considering the wealth of benefits boxing offers.

Regardless of reasons (and there are plenty), as a sport, the physiological benefits are insurmountable. Boxing is a great aerobic exercise; it gets your heart pumping whilst helping to lower blood pressure, heart disease, strokes, and diabetes.

Not enough you say? Well, on top of that, it’s a great method of learning self-defense techniques that could be invaluable in the sticky situations you find yourself in life.

Boxing training exercises both muscular and cardiovascular endurance, so if you’re searching for both internal and external benefits, you’re in the right place.

Los Angeles has been a hub for many a great athlete in the sport so bathe in that achievement whilst lacing up those gloves. Find below a number of suggestions that can help you find the favorably located and appropriate gyms/places/establishments for you!

Boxing Clubs In Los Angeles

Boxing club location
You'll be spoilt for choice with the range of boxing gym's LA has to offer. (Source: Visualhunt)

The largest city on the Westcoast with an estimated population of four million, Los Angeles certainly has a high demand for exercising classes. With the increase in popularity of the sport, a number of new boxing gyms and classes are popping up across the city to cater to demand.

Home to the famous Mayweather Boxing Club, Los Angeles certainly has a history when it comes to one of the world’s most recognised contact sports. The undisputed champ has addressed the rising interest of self-defense exercise by franchising his company across LA.

There are over ten certified Mayweather gyms across California to choose from, reducing the chance of a tricky commute. Many of the gyms also offer 3 free classes to beginners prior to a rolling contract to help determine if it is the right setting for you!

Is your purpose to develop fitness whilst exercising with like-minded boxing enthusiasts? If so, check out Rumble Boxing! As well as group classes, they also offer private classes with experienced trainers. Your preferences can be met with a strict regime tailored around your every need.

Check out the section titled ‘Physical Centers’ within this article for additional suggestions!

Boxing Associations and Charities

If your desire for taking up boxing lessons is to get into the ring to fight competitively then it is important to be aware of which companies/associations are out there.

California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) regulates professional and amateur boxing across the state. So, licensed and supervision of such competitive events are controlled solely through the association.

The commission provides a range of information from educational videos to the latest updates of rules and regulations. It also provides instruction when it comes to arranging competitive fights.

Over the past ten years, boxing has been used as an opportunity to raise money for respected charities. So, if this is the main reason behind your interest, there are a number of opportunities to get involved in to help raise funds for a charity of your choice.

Individuals often create their own events with help from a certified boxing association but gyms are often sponsored to host such events.

For example, Real Estate Agents in LA have created a breadth of opportunities for individuals within their field to partake in charity boxing matches. Back in 2010, the LA sheriff’s department created an event to raise money for a child with cancer and earned around 75000 dollars in profit!

If this is your inspiration, it is certainly worth getting in contact with the CSAC to help organize your own personalized event.

Physical Centers

Each gym has varied opening hours and provides exercise/boxing classes specifically to your request. Some gyms mentioned may suit your preferences more than others and it is always handy to check the location to ensure the commute isn’t too grueling when traveling from home or after work.

This list of highly rated gyms may help you on your way to finding the perfect place to start your exercising journey:

  • City of Angels Boxing
  • Broadway Boxing Gym
  • Box ‘N Burn Boxing & Fitness Gym
  • Prevail Boxing
  • Mayweather Boxing & Fitness.

Although these are just a few of the options available, it is wise to first look at their websites, read customer reviews as well as visit them before deciding on enrolling in membership. Similar to the Mayweather Boxing & Fitness Gyms mentioned earlier, most of the other options offer a one-day free trial to help you get a feel for the place – try as many settings as you possibly can to help you in your decision!

Check for boxing lessons near me here.

Women Only Boxing Clubs

black and white photo of woman boxing
Working on the speedball is an effective way to develop your reaction time. (Source: Visualhunt)

The general consensus goes that mostly all boxing gyms in Los Angeles and elsewhere do not, unlike the past, have gender-specific classes – this occurs mainly in camps leading up to semi-pro and professional fights. However, we have hand-picked a few gyms designed specifically for women to give you that extra incentive!

Located on Sunset Boulevard, Foxy and Fierce offer a range of classes for women with an emphasis on kickboxing as a method to develop fitness whilst learning some valuable self-defense techniques.

Led by an experienced, all-female training crew, the classes focus specifically on parts of the body – so if you wish to focus on your core, arms and abs or chest and back, there are classes to cater for each and every need.

Trinity Boxing Club also offers two lessons per day Monday-Friday as well as weekend classes. They have a healthy mix of both men and women from all ranges of fitness levels and private lessons are also available to book with seasoned trainers.

Boxing Classes for Kids

KIds posing for a photograph in a boxing ring
Children are increasingly likely to develop friendships when partaking in regular boxing and MMA classes. (Source: Visualhunt)

Whether you’re looking to enroll your child to help develop their confidence, teamwork skills, general fitness or self-defense techniques, there are a number of options out there.

Boxing has been a proven method to help install discipline and can help to inspire a lifelong, beneficial hobby that your child can keep going back to into adulthood.

Wolf Pac Team Training located at Trinity Boxing Club is a course designed specifically for children that are looking to get into martial arts and boxing.

Children between the ages of 8-13 and 14-18 years can take part in what is called ‘pack training’, in which the attendees will be pushed to their physical limits in a team-based setting!

So, whether it’s private or group lessons, be sure that your child will be pushed to their optimum physical limit, ensuring they leave each session with a sense of pride and fulfillment!

A4 Fitness located in West Los Angeles also offers boxing specific classes to children as young as 6! The activities are described as fun, fast-paced and easy-to-learn whilst it focuses on developing athleticism and self-confidence!

On their website, you will find a range of options available for your child! The gym also offers a free introductory lesson for your first visit.

Looking to find such opportunities in different places across the US? Or, would you perhaps like to send some suggestions to friends or family that may live in a separate state? Finding boxing lessons has never been easier!


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