Even though women have been practicing the sport since it was created, boxing has always been seen as a male-dominant sport.

This shouldn’t discourage you from getting involved.

Since the boom of women’s boxing in the 1990s, women continue to practice the sport competitively and for fitness purposes.

There are many ways as to why boxing may interest you. You may have decided to take up boxing as a new hobby, a new workout regime or you want to learn some self-defense techniques.

Anything that involves being active and has positive outcomes such as protection or health benefits is worth trying. Additionally, boxing can also be fun and can pull you away from your boring workout routine.

Joining some kickboxing classes can definitely make it seem more of an amusement than an hour-long torturous weight class.

Something worth looking into though is the different type of boxing classes that are available to you. You may also want to see if any of these classes are offered near you.

We all have a preferred method of taking lessons of any sort, either with a group or privately. The same goes for boxing lessons.

Additionally, there are other things you should keep in mind before joining a boxing gym. Keep reading to find out!

Which Boxing Class Suits You?

blue hand wraps
When boxing, it is highly recommended to use hand wraps under your boxing gloves for the safety of your wrists. Source: Best Running

You are familiar that there are different types of boxing classes, but which one is right for you?

It’s important to realize why you are taking boxing lessons. If it’s a sport you want to pursue and eventually compete, then taking lessons at your local gym may not be the best option.

But, if it’s a sport you want to just do to mix things up with your daily workout sessions, then paying a large amount of money at a boxing studio in addition to your gym membership won't be the way either.

Once you have established this, you can research what type of boxing will best suit your needs.

There are different types of boxing that you can choose from, whether its English boxing, French boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing, and Burmese boxing.

Maybe this list can offer a better understanding of what each type is about.

You have decided why you want to begin taking boxing lessons, you have determined what type of boxing you wish you try first and now let's discuss what method of learning will you go with.

Like any other sport, you can choose if you wish to learn it as a group with other people or if you wish to have private lessons.

Boxing Lessons at the Gym

Guy practicing boxing techniques at gym
With the increased number of people practicing kickboxing for fitness purposes, many gyms are including boxing lessons in their class schedule. Source: Justin Ng on Unsplash

If you are lucky enough to be part of a gym that already includes boxing lessons then that is already a great advantage.

Now all you have to worry about is see when the next lesson is! No need to stress if your gym doesn’t have any boxing lessons or if you aren’t part of a gym yet. You can view your options first before registering anywhere.

Since boxing has become very popular in the fitness world, plenty of gyms around the country are including boxing as part of their classes offered for members.

This may not be the case for all gyms since they need to have the space to have punching bags, boxing gloves and additional boxing equipment.

If you are still researching what gym would be best for you, looking at gym websites can help you determine if they offer boxing lessons.

Most gyms offer a list of their available classes, or you can simply just call or email them. Gym memberships can vary by pricing based on location, size, classes offered and city.

Generally speaking, gyms in the United States can vary in pricing from $30 to $200 a month. To name a few gyms, there is 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness, Planet Fitness or Equinox.

The downside of practicing boxing at a gym is depending on the gym’s schedule. Most likely, boxing lessons won't happen every day and when they do, classes may or may not be at capacity.

But, if you do end up snagging a spot on your gym’s next boxing class, then get those gloves and mouthpiece ready!

When doing boxing classes at a gym, their main goal will always be fitness. You will still learn boxing techniques but you may not actually be practicing on an actual boxing ring as you would if you were at a boxing studio.

You also will be happy to hear that when practicing boxing at a gym, your instructor may not ask you to participate in an actual boxing competition with someone.

When practicing boxing at a gym, the differences between male and female boxing won't be as relevant either because again, the main purpose here is fitness.

At a gym, you will most likely either be assigned a partner or a punching bag and practice defense, punching and kicking techniques, but again, it will in a non-aggressive manner. Unless it’s the punching bag, then, in that case, you can release as much as you want!

Boxing Lessons at a Boxing Studio

guy standing on a boxing ring ready to train
A boxing ring is a space in which a boxing match occurs. A modern ring consists of a square raised platform with a post at each corner. Source: Harvey Gibson on Unsplash

Say you want to try boxing on a more serious level, as a sport. Then maybe taking classes at your gym once a week isn't enough.

Taking a look at boxing studios may be a more obvious choice due to their increased knowledge on the sport, the availability to specialized boxing coaches, access to boxing equipment and boxing facilities.

You will also be learning to box with people that have a similar interest, which can increase your motivation.

Boxing studios can range in pricing anywhere from $100 to $200 a month. Some boxing studios in the United States even offer passcards where you pay in advance for a set amount of visits.

Pricing can be higher at boxing studios instead of a regular gym, but you have to keep in mind that these studios will be boxing specific and you will be learning boxing on a more professional level, potentially to even compete.

Boxing studios can also be higher in price because unlike gyms, boxing studios only specialize in boxing, so they will have classes around the clock.

Boxing studios will also be training on all levels, you may start as a beginner, but with time your level will increase and so will the intensity of your boxing lessons.

Determining whether you wish to compete or not will just be depending on you, but if you decide that you do wish to, then you are already at the perfect place to practice.

Boxing Lessons with a Private Trainer

Private boxing instructor with a boxing student
With the help of Superprof, you can find personal boxing instructors near you! Source: Mark Adriane on Unsplash.

It is no surprise that you may not coincide with your gym’s boxing schedule or the closest boxing studio to you is an hour away. Luckily, like any other sport, there are also private boxing trainers.

When you think of private trainers, you may think of a high expense. This is not always the case. There are companies such as Superprof, that help you find private instructors near you and withing your budget.

Superprof is an online community including trainers in just about any sport, including boxing! You can search by location and you can not only see a trainer’s pricing but you can also read a little about them such as their previous experiences on the sport.

Generally, Superprof boxing trainers in the United States range from $30 an hour to $100 an hour. The pricing can be based on location, skills, experience, and level.

It may not be a quick decision to hire a private boxing trainer, but the great thing about Superprof is that trainers will offer their first lesson free! You’ll have a chance to see if an instructor is good for you.

With any choice you take, there will always be pros and cons. The pros of taking private boxing lessons are that your lessons will be personalized to you and you will have the full attention from your boxing trainer.

If you are learning boxing for the first time this is a great way to start as you will learn techniques quicker and get the most practice out of your lesson.

The con on taking boxing lessons with a private trainer is that you won’t be practicing with other students.

When it comes to a specific sport, it’s always good to see how other people on your same level are doing, too, and experience training with someone who isn't a highly skilled boxing trainer. Your competition will be more realistic.

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