The rhetoric surrounding the sport over the past decade had largely referred to boxing as a thing of the past - citing the rise in Mixed Martial Arts' popularity as a contributing factor to its demise: don't believe it.

The sport continues to thrive worldwide and its appeal to the masses has taken a somewhat unexpected turn - for such public intrigue is largely thanks to a more unexpected audience.

Yes, there are still, of course, those patriotic lot that follow their countries sports people to the ends of the earth in the search of national credibility, but it is, in fact, your everyday 'gym-goers' which are incorporating boxing exercises into their everyday fitness regimes.

Not alone are new boxing gyms opening in vast amounts across the country, but standard gyms are providing such services as they look to cater for the increase in demand.

Boxer putting on boxing gloves
Lace up and reap the fitness benefits boxing has to offer. (Source: ImCreator)

The Benefits of Boxing

With countless ways to help develop physical fitness, why choose boxing? Well, the sport has a unique style of helping to train athletes holistically, ensuring participants gain a well-rounded workout whilst instilling mental stimulation with its focus on self-discipline and the elevation of confidence.

Fat Burning - incorporating boxing exercises into your fitness regime can see you burn around 1000 calories per session. The focus on short bursts of high-intensity exercise makes it the perfect activity for those looking to shed a few pounds whilst helping to tone all areas of the body.

Self-Esteem and Confidence Booster - Regular boxing training sessions and regular work on the bags helps to develop technique.

Most boxing trainers incentivize your development by the measurement of personal progression. Therefore, if you decide upon group classes or 1:1 private lessons, you will most likely have a set of personal goals to aspire to and these goals will be assessed regularly throughout your training.

Muscle Gain (Endurance) - If your main goal is to develop muscle whilst burning fat, boxing exercises prove a successful strategy in doing just that!

Punching is a fast and repetitive action which develops muscle tone. The diverse range of exercises also focuses on the core muscles and the lower body - enabling increased muscle mass in all areas.

Cardiovascular Endurance - Regular muscular contractions put your heart and lungs into overtime mode as a sufficient amount of oxygen must be pumped to all areas of the body. This helps to develop the efficiency of this process allowing you to exercise for more sustained periods of time.

Letting go of the Stigma

There is no denying it, boxing can be a ruthless sport. Usually, whoever inflicts the most pain upon their opponent comes out on top but the competitive element mustn't be used as a deterrent to your involvement.

Boxing is a sport which utilizes all areas of fitness to help prepare professional and amateur athletes for competition. Yet, you can still use these preparatory exercises without having to step a foot in the ring.

The fitness element plays a large contributor towards its popularity and most participants choose not to compete.

Although such an opportunity is a draw for some, amateur boxers largely wear protective gear during sparring sessions and competitive events to ensure added safety and protection.

Also, each US State is represented by an organization which manages licensed boxing events. So, if you are looking to box competitively, you will need to apply for a license and any such event will be regulated by the associated board.

To help direct you, such organizations are stated in the attached articles below.

Lastly, relieving the stigma behind a younger audience is also of importance. There have been multiple suggestions that regular boxing classes for infants and teenagers are a great way to install discipline, reduce stress whilst inspiring a lifelong healthy habit which can be transferred into adulthood.

That's right! Boxing isn't alone a sport suited to adults but it also has a wealth of benefits for youngsters too!

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Two teenagers competing in boxing
Most boxing gyms provide protective gear during sparring sessions. (Source: Pixabay)

Boxing Classes in New York

Known for the land that doesn't eat or sleep, New York is a haven for tourism for its worldly recognizable landmarks and vibrant nightlife.

With such a range of gyms/outdoor exercising areas and amateur sports teams, it could be a little overwhelming when choosing which sports/exercise programs you would like to be involved in.

Not to worry, for here at Superprof we have gone out of our way to produce a range of options to help you decide! Find a number of places you can sign-up for your first boxing class in The Big Apple.

Find a Boxing Class in Phoenix

Famous for its year-round sun and sweltering temperatures, Phoenix boasts a number of fitness establishments which specialize in boxing training.

Whether it's fitness you are looking to work on or if your plan is to get in the ring as soon as possible, each option is mapped out carefully for you to find the right Phoenix-based boxing classes for you!

A number of new gyms have opened in the city giving you a wealth of options to choose from. Some of these establishments have also opted for rolling classes as opposed to specific timings of sessions. This is to help those with a busy schedule - allowing everyone the opportunity to partake regardless of time constraints.

Learn to Box in Houston

When such names as George Foreman and Jack Johnson are mentioned, it doesn't take long to recognize the rich history Houston has with one of the worlds most recognized contact sports.

Houston has been a hub for producing professional talents on the global stage and this is thanks to the various opportunities available across the city.

A number of the more traditional and long-standing boxing clubs have been created by big names within the sport so you needn't question the experience of the trainers available at your disposal.

Each club mentioned in the Houston boxing scene offers a number of varying classes where performers can choose to focus on developing strength or general boxing techniques!

The sky is certainly the limit and Houstonian's have the opportunity to continue the already rich legacy the city has with boxing!

Road into Houston at night
There are regular boxing training classes across the city of Houston. (Source: Visualhunt)

Boxing Lessons in Philadelphia

Regarded as the 'city of firsts', the trend-setting city of Philadelphia has produced a wealth of successful athletes that have gone on to accomplish some of the sports most decorated achievements.

Philly is also a known spot for foodies and boasts over 2000 outdoor murals making it a hit with those with an appreciation of the arts.

It is also a city filled with opportunities for you to get involved with boxing!

With a wealth of options to choose from, be sure that your new gym or physical trainer is just a call away.

Take Boxing Lessons in Chicago

The third largest city in the United States is a popular destination for tourism as it welcomes around 48 million travelers every year.

There are many reasons as to why people are so drawn to the Windy City.

Its contributions towards music (particularly Jazz), the arts (impressionist/post-impressionist) and architecture (the first skyscraper was indeed built in the heart of the city) make it an exciting place to visit as well as an exciting place to live!

So, when one wants to follow the latest fitness trends, Chicago is the perfect place to be!

The increase in demand has seen a number of new boxing establishments open across the city.

There are a variation of boxing classes in Chicago to choose from and a number of gyms that offer free introductory sessions to help establish if the training sessions align with your personal goals.

Boxing Classes in Los Angeles

The entertainment capital of the world loves keeping on top of the latest trends, and here at Superprof we are making sure California's largest city does just that.

There are countless opportunities across LA to partake in various forms of exercise and fitness - but if you haven't given boxing training a go then you're missing out!

We have compiled a list of gyms and fitness studios from across the city to help you in your search.

There are also a number of personal trainers that offer specialist one-to-one sessions to further personalize your experience.

Finding the right class has never been easier so take a look through the various suggestions of boxing classes in LA to help book your first class!

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