Among one of the largest cities in the US with an estimated population of 2.7 million, Chicago certainly has a lot to offer.

Renowned for its towering skyline and appreciation of the arts: Chi-Town is a cultural hub that has long been a magnet for the tourist industry.

So, boxing, how does that fit in exactly? Well, the city certainly celebrates its history when it comes to one of the longest standing and most recognizable contact sports to grace this beloved earth.

The Chicago Golden Gloves Championships was an idea created before boxing was legalized in Illinois. After a grueling four-year period, legislation had passed through government and the competition debuted in the year of 1928.

Why is this important exactly? Well, what became one of the sports most recognized competitions began solely with amateur athletes. That’s right, individuals that had never boxed professionally were eligible to partake in the competition.

Fast forward ninety years and a number of Olympic champions and former heavyweight boxers such as Sonny Liston and Muhammad Ali hold the title of former Chicago Golden Glove Champions.

The competition was also responsible for introducing competitive female matches and was recognized as a significant contributor to the development of Women’s boxing – pretty impressive right?

So, whether you're reading this article because of an interest in developing as a professional athlete, or it’s that you recently learned about one of the most effective methods of developing body fitness - regardless of your compelling desire to box, you are in the right place!

Find below some suggestions that will help to point you in the right direction.

Boxing Clubs In Chicago

woman wearing blue boxing gloves
The sport has experienced an insurmountable rise of female participants. (Source: Visualhunt)

Having more options does not necessarily make the best choices – a sentence used in an abundance of contexts I am sure we’ve all heard before.

Due to the size and scope of the city, and the formidable rise of the sport in recent years, new boxing gyms keep popping up left right and center, making it a little more challenging in your quest to find an opportunity tailored to your requirements.

But here at Superprof, we are here to grace you with a helping hand! So, as opposed to a few simple links we will talk you through a number of the options available for gyms and fitness studios with positive reviews from members!

POW! Gym, located near Westside on Racine Avenue offers a wealth of varying amenities from an open gym, climbing walls, fitness studios and boxing areas with regular classes and friendly and experienced staff!

The gym welcomes people of all ages and levels of experience to be a part of their community. They offer memberships to access all amenities or alternative pricing for their regular boxing classes – all classes are listed on the schedule section of their homepage

Need help working on your coordination and self-defense techniques? Well, look no further than TITLE Boxing Club. The establishment prides itself on inclusion, emphasizing their wish to bring in boxers of all size, weight, age, and experience.

The club is perfect for those looking to use boxing as a way to develop and accomplish fitness goals. Rigorous training regimes and tailored classes are regular within their weekly schedule and the franchise has four locations across Chicago – Lincoln Park, Wicker Park the West Side and Little Italy; minimizing the odds of an arduous commute.

Looking for a grueling work out to pump up those muscles and burn those calories? 9 round Boxing near Lincoln Park offers just that!

What makes this place so unique is that there are no scheduled times for their classes. They have trainers at the ready to deal with your every need making it a perfect setting for those with a busy schedule.

Kickboxing has also seen a growth in popularity and Dynamite Kickboxing Club may just be the place for you. Their high-intensity workouts aim to help you burn up to 1000 calories in one hour and they offer a free trial to help sway your decision.

Boxing Associations and Charities

The Department of Financial, Professional Regulation (DFPR) is responsible for boxing licensing in the state of Illinois. If you are looking to box competitively you must first register yourself via the online portal.

The website provides all up-to-date information regarding boxing rules as well as the full contact martial arts act. To ensure you develop the ins and outs of the sport, it is certainly effective to familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations prior to taking part in any competitive based boxing match.

As previously mentioned, Chicago Golden Gloves also works as a registered company toward charitable causes. The association provides scholarship money to aspiring boxers and it also donates equipment to local gyms that are in need of financial support.

It is a great community-based cause that looks out for eager participants that may not have access to certain facilities or opportunities.

Mixed Martial Arts in Chicago

Man in defense pose
Mixed Martial Arts his continuing to take the world by storm. (Source: Visualhunt)

One of the fastest growing sports of the 21stCentury, organizations like The UFC have taken the public eye by storm and such an increase in interest has led to a number of new gyms to open across the city.

Mixed Martial Arts, like Muay Thai, does not rely solely on the fists as a means to block and attack an opponent. Instead, your knees, feet, and elbows are utilized making it a more complex and technique based contact sport.

Kensho Martial Arts located off West North Avenue offers a range of MMA classes from conventional Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, Karate and Savate (French Kickboxing).

The many choices available enables you to experiment with various styles in one setting to help decide which is the right one for you!

Would you like to be better, faster, stronger and more confident? Well, that’s the moto over at EKF Martial Arts. They embed many forms of MMA within their training principles and have gained their philosophy from the foundations of its Chinese heritage: respect and self-discipline. 

Boxing Clubs For Kids        

Two kids posing with boxing gloves
Most of the boxing clubs supply equipment for all ages. (Source: Visualhunt)

Having already discussed the philosophy of MMA, and how it is the ongoing practice of an individual’s ability to develop self-discipline and respect, contact-based sports including Karate and Muay Thai provide a perfect opportunity to help generate such qualities upon both children and teenagers.

As well as adult classes, EKF Martial Arts run a youth program with a busy schedule for children between the ages of 5-8 and 8-13 years. Head over to their homepage to find out more information now.

They specifically encourage the practice of Kungfu within their programs as it illustrates the importance of hard work and discipline: it certainly seems like an opportunity in which one can install an element of self-reward and satisfaction – perfect for a youngster!

Chicago Youth Boxing Club (CYBC) offers opportunities for inner-city youth, helping to provide constructive direction within a safe, community-based environment.

As well as organizing regular tournaments, CYBC has a beginner’s program with access to a range of equipment and facilities. They also provide access to gaining one’s boxing license through their website and they pride themselves on the low cost, monthly membership fees. Certainly worth a look!

Looking to find such opportunities in different places across the US? Or, would you perhaps like to send some suggestions to friends or family that may live in a separate state? Boxing in the U-S-A has never been easier!

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