If you've heard of The Hideout, Green Mill Jazz Club or Empty bottle you've definitely well on your way to immerse yourself into Chicago's live music scene in Chicago. Chicago has a whole host of venues that cater to live music and is considered, quite rightly, a music city.

Chicago like other great cities in the USA created bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Disturbed, Wilco, Rise Against, Earth, Wind & Fire and Fall Out Boy to name just a few so there's plenty of inspiration to be had in the windy city.

Other musicians you might know of are Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Jennifer Hudson, Sam Cooke and even Muddy Waters who is known as the Father of modern Chicago blues.

Singing Lessons For Kids

At what age can your child start learning music? If you want to indulge your little one in music, be assured, there is no such thing as too young to start singing and you will only find out their singing ability if you enroll him or her into singing lessons.

A child can be enrolled as young as three years old.

If a child is exposed to music at a tender age, there are early childhood music benefits you should watch out for.

  • It instills discipline and patience. Private lessons require focus and attention; it requires a child to sit still for a certain period of time and be attentive.
  • Playing an instrument teaches children to persevere through hours, days, months and even years to reach the desired level.
  • It boosts self-esteem. Group lessons help children build confidence as he or she would be required to perform among peers.
  • Lessons offer a scenario where children can learn to accept and give constructive criticism.
  • It improves physical and social skills. Childhood music improves the overall development of a child.
  • Instruments help children develop coordination and motor skills; they require the movement of the hands, arms and feet.
Music teacher teaching kids
Music teacher giving singing lessons to kids in a classroom - (Source: Visualhunt)

So where in Chicago can you find the ideal music academy for your child? Like other big cities such as New York or Los Angeles, there is no shortage of singing lessons for children.

The Music Institute of Chicago

The Music Institute of Chicago is a Community music school designed for students of all ages and levels. Their goal is to provide the highest quality music education.

Their early childhood music and movement program offers a sequential and comprehensive music training for the development of children from birth to age seven in a joyful, educational environment..

They even offer summer music camps, classes and special events including singing.

This Community Music School also has an academy of music designed for gifted pre-college pianists and string players. It provides comprehensive musical education to students who aspire to be advanced musicians.

Pre-college musicians aspiring to be professional musicians will engage in private instruction, chamber music, music theory (ear training, rhythmic and melodic dictation), master classes and a variety of performance opportunities.

The school calendar runs a course from the spring semester to the summer.

Another academy we recommend is Bucktown Music. This is Chicago’s premier center for music education and a family owned music studio.

Bucktown offers music lessons to both children and adults.

They believe all students are musical and studying music is of great value to them.

They have a child-centered play-based kindermusik class that takes your child right from birth on a musical journey to being a young musician. From piano, violin, guitar, ukulele, banjo, cello to voice coaching, there is a wide range to choose from. Each singing lesson is tailored to meet the need of children of all ages and abilities and your goal as a parent.

Their available group class includes a choir and a rock band.

Find Your Singing Voice in Chicago

You may already have this passion to sing but feel like you don’t have the voice. All you need is confidence and a few singing lessons!

Women singing with microphone
Find your voice with singing lessons. (Source: Photo by Josh Rocklage, Unsplash).

Chicago School of Music

This music school was established in 1998. They offer individual lessons, styles of music, sight reading, lessons for children and artist development just to mention a few.

They have lots of great and experienced voice teachers you can choose from.

The singing teachers will take you through singing techniques, breathing techniques and how to use this singing and speaking voice in a healthy and natural way.

You also get performance opportunities that give you the opportunity to express your voice in a public forum.

If you have a fear of singing in front of others, the singing teachers will help you overcome this fear and help you build the confidence you need.

Whether you are a working professional who needs to prepare for auditions for shows, performances or bands, or a beginner, they have got you covered.

Cappelli Institute of Music

Well, we can’t mention the top music academies in Chicago without mentioning Cappelli, a music for life academy.

The Cappelli Institute of music bases its teaching on a strong foundation and conventional understanding of music that focus on a student's ability to express music in his or her own language.

This fundamental teaching includes music theory, historical meaning, instrument development, and performance refinement.

Cappelli music offers private lessons, in-class training as well as individual instructions for all ages, music major, levels and styles in musical instruments such as piano, guitar, violin, upright and electric bass.

Students in Cappelli also engage in recitals based on a student's performance and recommendation given by his or her music instructor.

As a student, you are encouraged to include personal expression appropriate to the musical genre and form into your performance. This means you should express emotion while singing.

Singing with the expression of emotions brings life and light to the stage.

It makes your audience feel you and they feel a special connection with you. That’s the essence.

Heart of Singing Academy

Another academy to know in Chicago is the Heart of Singing. In this academy, stars are born.

Heart of Singing believes if you are a singer, then you are a special kind of musician.

Pianist, guitar players, and drummers may have their instruments to rely on but singers have their instrument within them.

Nicole Cooper at Heart of Singing Academy takes pride in her singing voice and she wants to help others find that pride, too! She is a winner of multiple vocal competitions and she has often been praised for her rich, round voice.

Heart of Singing Academy is a Chicago based performance arts school that offers private lessons from beginning to advanced students as well as group classes and dance classes.

Learn to Sing Jazz in Chicago

A young lady taking a singing lesson from a voice coach
Find your passion and learn to sing jazz in Chicago - (Source: Pixabay)

When you listen to more jazz than any other music genre, you're bound to fall hard one way or the other. Falling means wanting to only sing this particular genre.

At it’s most basic form, Jazz singing is just like any other kind of singing but it is less likely you'll need to hit the high notes, have a high vocal range or even have any special kind of technique. However, this is not what makes jazz singers able to sing jazz easily.

Like other cities such a PhiladelphiaHouston, or Phoenix, Chicago is renowned for its jazz scene, where is the best place to learn jazz singing?

Jazz Institute of Chicago provides Jazz education, develops and supports musicians and also fosters a thriving jazz scene.

It's one of the best places to learn. 

Jazz Institute of Chicago also gives you the means to donate to the course to help promote Jazz in the community.

Whatever your style, in Chicago you'll be spoilt for choice. Find singing lessons today!


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