Starting the guitar... A whole program. You skim the internet with a keyword such as "guitar lessons" and others...

You can keep doing that for many months, years, even decades.

But after all, when you want to learn the guitar, it's for the pleasure that you do it. By embarking on a difficult and endless journey. It is up to you to ask yourself the right questions before learning the guitar.

But then, how do you begin? Should you buy an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar? Should you learn solfeggio with a teacher or learn guitar alone, with tablatures? Do you want to have a guitar teacher in person or take online courses? A variety of media and solutions are available to help you learn how to play the guitar - including video games!

Why learn the guitar?

You've been thinking about it for months. Maybe even years later: play the guitar!

We would all like to play it, but why launch into a process that can sometimes be long? Why get to the bottom of playing guitar? A very simplistic question, but one that deserves to be asked.

How to play arpeggios on guitar?

Jimmy Page, legendary guitarist of Led Zeppelin. One of those that will have to be listened to again and again...

For music lovers, the guitar isn't even a question. The guitar is seen as the king instrument. He who has consecrated the greatest. From Keith Richards to Jimmy Page, Hendrix, Clapton, BB King and so many others.

But the acoustic guitar (or folk guitar), like the electric guitar, is above all a means of expression. An instrument that, once you can get rid of all this technique (solfège, tablature, score, notes, arpeggio, chords, chords ...), allows the most beautiful improvisations. The guitar becomes a real extension of oneself, capable of sublimating the emotions. And this, whatever the style chosen: blues, rock, hard rock, reggae, soul, jazz, pop ...

Moreover, to start playing the guitar, it is also putting several advantages in your pocket - like being able to play anywhere. By the fireplace, in a park, in the street, in the evening... The opportunities to take out the guitar never fail! The guitar also remains an instrument that will be called "universal". Universal by the panel of musicians it touches: young and old can do it. Similarly, the pieces that can be played on the guitar, from a score, are a multitude!

Begin the guitar, sing it over it, but above all do it for good reasons: for yourself first of all!

Can we start the guitar with video games?

So here are the two classic methods borrowed by guitarists for decades. Are there any others?

What if we were talking about video games for learning guitar? Games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band have been an opportunity for many children and teenagers around the world to start the guitar. Certainly, in a less academic way. But still, this immense guitar-shaped controller has the advantage of giving taste to the most rock n roll instrument ever!

How to become a guitarist?

The famous guitar controller to play Guitar Hero. A taste of the instrument?

But what about these 2 games? Can you learn music theory, chords, tablature, play a score, correctly place your fingers, classical guitar style, electro and or acoustic guitar?

If Guitar Hero will always put you in the shoes of a guitarist, Rock Band will have the advantage of introducing you to other disciplines: drums or vocals. One can not deny that a guitar education in these two platforms can inculcate certain things to you: the stage, the rhythm, even the musical ear.

To start the guitar more seriously, there is also Rocksmith which offers you to plug your instrument on your console and play. This is a revolutionary guitar method that will give you real music lessons. By doing so, we are taking an extra step in learning the guitar on video games here. But starting the guitar on these supports will never replace the knowledge of a guitar teacher in flesh and bone. Their teaching has multiple advantaes: learning to tune your guitar, chords, guitar pieces adapted to you,left hand and right hand coordination, singing and playing at the same time, finger placement...

Start the guitar: an easy instrument!

We wanted to reassure you, who is preparing to begin the guitar: it is an easy instrument!

It presents some difficulties, but so many guitarists have been in the self-taught mode for decades... This is proof that the guitar, in many ways, represents a rather easy way of learning music.

Beginning with guitar tablatures! The "tabs" are those music sheets with numbers that indicate where exactly to place your fingers on the guitar, replacing musical notes.  Awesome!

It is a tool that allows you to start the guitar without having to go through the solfeggio scale,  even if this is recommended. Many sites offer you free tabs, as well as Youtube videos.

In general, there is a multitude of methods to learn the guitar easily and quickly, in order to begin with the guitar lessons as we have previously mentioned - whether you take them with a private teacher or in a music school, for that matter.  Free guitar lessons are on the rise online, with guitarists showing you, note by note, how to play any kind of song. Once you have found the support to begin the guitar, you will only have to practice regularly.  Pleasure, motivation and theory will one day lead you to play the guitar in a group...

Why is it easy to start the guitar for some and hard for others?

How to learn solfeggio?
A real budding little guitarist!

It is true that the guitar is one of the easiest instruments. To learn the basics at least. Because to become a confirmed guitarist, it will take a lot of work.

But if some aspects of the guitar are easy for some, they can be difficult for others...

This is particularly true of:

  • The whole musical theory. Sometimes considered a science, it doesn't hurt to have a scientific mind in order to understand quicker!
  • The musical ear. Then there, unfortunately, we have it or we don't... This may be part of nature and nurture.  It can be hard to play the guitar without that, but it isn't impossible!
  • Similarly, some will always fit perfectly in a group, while some will not be able to play the guitar unless they're alone. It is necessary to adapt to the musicality (or musical talent) of each person.
  • Finally, the love of music and the motivation that accompanies it... this cannot be learned. If you have both, starting the guitar will be simpler for you. Without that... It's almost useless to start!

5 Good Reasons to Take Guitar Lessons

To think it over, we could certainly find more than 5 reasons... Twenty or even several dozen more!

Where to take a beginner guitar lesson?
A 6th good reason? To acquire a certain style...

But let's be precise and concise.

If the art of music requires accuracy in order to express yourself well, then we need to properly show that.

So, with 5 convincing reasons to take guitar lessons, it's always better to have an experienced teacher than to start self-learning (even if self-taught guitarists are a bounty):

  1. Receive regular follow-ups from a guitar teacher, who will strengthen your strengths and help eliminate your weak points,
  2. Do not maintain bad habits,
  3. Do not give up on the first difficulties (for we all have this kind of tendency as humans...),
  4. Expand your musical repertoire and don't limit yourself to the few songs that you love and know,
  5. Meet other music and guitar enthusiasts...

Learn more about guitar chords and techniques by clicking this link!

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