The information technology sphere is rapidly expanding, both in terms of the devices we use and enjoy every day and in terms of job prospects in the United States.

Whether you want to accelerate into a new career track or just want to understand more about the devices that enhance our everyday lives, learning IT skills through advanced and basic computer classes is an admirable goal.

Yet the ways in which you can learn about IT subjects are far more varied than what college websites would have you believe.

In truth, you don't just have to go to a university to learn more about information technology. There are lots of avenues available to you, particularly if you live in a vibrant and diverse city like Philadelphia. A similar guide is available for NYC.

Let’s go over what and how you should learn as you seek to understand more about IT.

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Which IT Skills Are In High Demand?

Before you try to figure out where to find basic and advanced computer classes, you should first figure out what topics you want to learn specifically. This will help you narrow down your options and allow you to determine which educational pathway is right for your needs.


The underpinning of virtually every other IT skill or subject is coding, which deals with how programs are written and compiled and what language rules each type of coding follows. Not only is this a robust and rich subject (enough so that you can spend a lifetime studying it), but it’s also one of the more accessible subjects within the IT-sphere.

You don’t just need to go to college to learn about coding. There are a wide variety of available tutors and local learning resources you can take advantage of if you want to become fluent in the language of computers.

You can learn the most common programming languages or several rare types; it all depends on what you’re interested in!

Cloud Computing

Another major upcoming IT skill that is in high demand by employers is Cloud computing. In a nutshell, this subject follows how Cloud databases are built and how they integrate with wired and wireless systems. As more businesses and organizations transition to Cloud servers, they’ll need skilled architects to help them move their stuff to the floating space in the ether.

But Cloud computing can be fun to learn about for your own enjoyment, as well. Many of us love to save tons of pictures and music and figuring out how Cloud computing works can let you enjoy that recent digital development to a much greater extent.

Wireless Networking

Of course, wireless networking as a whole is one of the more marketable and interesting IT subjects you can study, either from basic computer skills classes or from independent tutors. Wireless networking has evolved significantly from its first iterations in earlier decades, and now it’s a staple feature of many businesses and homes.

Despite wireless networking being such a foundational facet of our lives, for most of us, it might as well just be magic. Computers spontaneously are able to communicate with one another without a physical cable!

If you’ve ever wondered just how wireless networking works and how it allows you to transmit information without apparent cause, this subject might be an excellent topic for you to pursue.

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The world is going wireless. Image Source: Pexels

Lots of Ways to Learn

The above options are just a small sample of all the IT topics you can learn about in Philadelphia and beyond. Once you’ve nailed down what you want to study, then you can move on to exactly how you’ll get that education and where you should look.

College Studies

Of course, college is an excellent choice if you want a degree in the IT field or are interested in obtaining an IT position in your career. In fact, the vast majority of IT jobs will require at least an associate-level degree, which can be obtained from a community college.

These institutions are usually much more affordable than four-year universities, and they provide you with the same foundational PC or Apple computer classes in IT concepts as their more expensive counterparts. Philadelphia has a wide array of community colleges to choose from, such as the titular Community College of Philadelphia.

This school is open to most, and you’ll be able to select a from a huge spread of classes whether or not you are aiming for a degree in the end.

Four-year universities are an avenue more appropriate if you want to obtain a bachelor’s degree or higher. They offer more advanced computer classes and can help you understand more specialized concepts about IT subjects.

The University of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia, is arguably the flagship university in the state. They can provide you with not only excellent IT education but also opportunities for work experience and networking.

Online Resources

Of course, the Internet allows you to find IT, educational mentors, no matter where you live. But websites like Superprof are particularly helpful because they allow students to link up with tutors that work for their needs and their budgets.

You’ll be able to use this platform to find an IT teacher who can educate you on whatever topic you desire, and potentially even find one in the Philadelphia area for real-life meetups!

Beyond Superprof, other online academies are similarly valuable because of their flexibility and course catalog. Udemy is a great example of one of these resources, as they provide a huge host of topics and classes across any subject you can imagine and provide a 30-day trial with a moneyback guarantee.

You do need a membership to access their catalog, though, which may Superprof a more affordable choice in the long run, particularly if you link up with a top-tier teacher in your area.

Local Resources

You can also access the Free Library of Philadelphia, which has a website and several physical locations. This library is just as impressive as the famous library in New York City, and it has just as much in terms of educational material and self-teaching books when it comes to IT subjects.

This is an excellent free way to learn more about your favorite IT topics.

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Do you prefer to learn at home or in a classroom setting? Image Source: Marek Levak on Pexels

Putting it All Together

Overall, there's no limit to the ways that you can study IT classes or take adult computer classes in Philadelphia. We would recommend thinking about your budget and overall educational goals before settling on a schedule.

For instance, if you just want to learn more about IT as a hobby or because you want to more effectively use the devices you are surrounded by every day, finding a personal tutor on Superprof is an excellent idea.

This is more budget-friendly than going to a university. You can also use the free library in Philadelphia, and you'll be able to study all the resources they have on hand at your own pace.

On the other hand, Philadelphia has a vast network of capable colleges and universities that you can select from if you decide to get a degree in an IT topic.

Regardless of your monetary circumstances, it’s always a smart idea to go to a community college first to save money and later transfer to a four-year university which is possible in other cities such as Chicago and LA, too.

Not only is this budget-conscious, but it also lets you cut your teeth on basic IT classes and see if the subject is really right for you in terms of a long-term career.

That way, you don’t spend lots of money on a four-year degree that you end up disliking to such an extent that you switch careers anyway.

Whatever you decide to do, hopefully, you’ll stop by again if you ever have questions about tutoring or need help learning a new topic. Thanks for reading!

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