Are you interested in taking adult dance classes in Chicago? Are you a beginner? Whatever your level, there are several great dance studios that provide instructors who teach newbies to experienced dancers throughout the Windy City.

No matter what style of dance you’re interested in, you’ll find a class that specializes in something you’ll love- from hip hop dance to jazz to ballet and more.

Here, you’ll find a list of some of the best dance studios in Chicago that provide a variety of classes and some great ways to exercise.

Dance Lessons in Chicago

If you want to watch a class before you dive in, you may want to check out Visceral Dance Center. Here, you can take six-week dance classes in jazz, ballet, hip hop, and modern dance and as long as you check with the instructor, you can watch any class to see what you’re in for.

The state-of-the-art dance facility offers a user-friendly website for registration and many of the dance instructors are members of the city’s best companies. It’s one of the busiest and most reputable dance studios in Chicago.

Women taking a Jazz dance class
Great Jazz classes are available in Chicago (Source: / CC BY-NC-ND)

It’s also dedicated to contemporary dance with bold, progressive choreography and celebrates diverse artists and community collaboration.

American Rhythm Center offers a range of dance classes for beginners to experienced dancers. They offer Flamenco, tap dance classes, Afro-fusion, Zumba, Bollywood Dance, Modern, Hip Hop, Capoeira, and ballet. Plus, you can start as early as two and there’s no maximum age.

Classes run seven days a week, and they provide student discounts, senior and professional dancer discounts, and special rates for veterans. There are even All-4-One events that offer $1 public dance classes for an entire week.

You can also watch classes before you jump in at Lou Conte Dance Studio. They offer single classes at $15 each, and they provide introductory-level modern dance classes, jazz, and ballet. Also called Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, it runs workshops and dance lessons seven days a week, beginner to professional, teen to adult.

They also have a Pilates Studio and a special experience called the Parkinson’s Project to help heal through dance.

If you are interested in more folk-dance traditions, check out Old Town School of Folk Music. This international dance studio offers Latin dance, African dance, and Brazilian dance. Sessions run for up to eight weeks and rates can vary.

Dance Schools in Chicago

If you’re looking to take ballroom dance lessons in Chicago to get ready for your wedding dance or you want to perfect that Tango or Waltz, check out Ballroom Dance Chicago. This school provides excellent private lessons, group lessons through their BYOB Group Dance Classes, and you can learn to dance the Salsa, Swing, and of course classic ballroom favorites.

One four-week group class is $85 a person and there are special rates to take several classes simultaneously.

The Fred Astaire Dance Studio is another excellent dance school that offers training in traditional ballroom dance such as the Foxtrot, Latin dance, and Swing. There are nine studio locations throughout the Chicago Metro area. It’s been rated the best Ballroom, Latin, and Social dance instruction in Illinois.

The Mixed Motion Art Dance Academy focuses on all things Salsa and has beginner, intermediate, ladies, and wedding dance lessons. They even have a Salsa Bootcamp! If you’re nervous to get started you can take salsa classes online and if you’re ready to strut your stuff you can try out for the MMA Dance Company.

You can also focus exclusively on swing dance classes at Big City Swing where there are several levels of classes, dance socials, and on-stage performances.

You might also want to check out All About Dance which offers programs for children in several types of dance from 18 months to 18 years, Audition programs for serious dancers or those considering pre-professional training, and several

Ballet Dance Schools

When you’re looking for a ballet studio in Chicago for kids to adults, check out the ABC Dance Academy. They provide dance classes for children, teens, and adults in ballet, hip hop dance classes, rhythmic gymnastics, Argentine Tango, ballroom, jazz, tap, and even breakdance classes.

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Enter a ballet school in Chicago (Source:

You’ll also be able to take private or group lessons where they offer a highly personalized experience. You can also rent the space for practices, events, and parties.

And the serious dancer simply must check out Ballet Chicago. It’s an internationally recognized professional track school of ballet known for creating exceptional dancers. It works to foster aspiring artists and provide the opportunity to explore your full potential. They aim to make classical ballet training accessible to all talented students.

The Rast Ballet & Dance Studio is another excellent choice. Walk-ins are welcome and there are class cards available as well. They offer adult ballet classes for dancers of all levels, including absolute beginners to professionals, those returning to dance to teens.

There is also Joffery Ballet School location which provides ballet classes for beginners to professionals.

Dance Fitness Classes in Chicago

When you want to feel the burn, try out MaZi Dance Fitness Center. Opened in 2009 by sisters Marisol and Ziba, this dance fitness studio is a place where professional dancers have created a fun space to exercise through the MaZi method.

It’s all about ballet dance-based strength conditioning and cardio classes working seamlessly together. The music, choreography, and formats are picked out by the instructors to provide a heart-pounding workout that’s fun.

For kids to adults, check out Fly Girl Dance & Fitness. This studio/gym is all about having fun and utilizing dance for a killer workout. It is designed to be a supportive, inclusive environment where every shape, size, and background are welcome. In their words, “this 2,000+ square foot space […] is tailored to the woman looking to dance, punch, kick, squat, and Namaste.”

In fact, they’re Chicago’s #1 dance and fitness studio. They even have an app for class schedules and registration.

When you want to steam it up a bit, try out Stiletto Dance Studios. They provide pole dancing classes to Chicago residents in order to promote self-confidence and fitness. They’re Chicago’s largest and most popular pole studio and work to make exercise creative and enjoyable so that you stick with it and get healthy.

Woman in blue, bellydancing
Bellydancing is great for fitness (Source:

Vaudezilla offers a fun twist to dance and fitness as well. This studio focuses on Burlesque-style dance and provides classes, a place to perform, and you can hire them for bachelorette parties and more. They have several classes for different levels, including Burlesque 1, Bellydance, Geek’n’Grind, Rubenesque Burlesque, Improvisation, and Fan Dancing.

You might also want to grab your girls and try DivaDance. This studio is all about all levels, sexy fun. They have adult dance classes for beginners, chair dance classes for adults, and Swagged Out dance classes. You can even learn to slay just like Beyoncé and perfect moves like twerking, the chest pop, body rolls, and the dip’n’step.

All of them provide Diva Perks where you’re taught the signature hair flip, will master facial expressions, and have clean makeup and changing areas. You can also sign up as a member and receive a free tank, guest passes, access to online videos, and much more.

Ethnic Dance Classes

When you’re looking for uncommon dance classes and those that specialize in World Dance, check out Arabesque Dance & Fitness. They offer Oriental Dance classes, Bellydance, punch cards, 1-day sessions, 7-day sessions, and even have a shop to pick up belly dance essentials.

Best of all, they’re inclusive of every fitness level, age, race, size, and shape.

For Middle Eastern Dance, check out Yallah! Dance Chicago. The goal of this studio is to pass on the knowledge and technique of classical and modern Egyptian-style dance and make it accessible to everyone.

You can also try Hip Circle Empowerment Center. They offer Dance with Me Toddler! classes, Bellydance BaseFusion on the Lake Michigan beach, and you can throw Bellydance parties with them.

Hip Hop Dance Classes in Chicago

When you want hip hop dance classes in Chicago, you’ll find that Old Town School of Folk Music isn’t just great for traditional dancing they’re also great for breakdancing. They provide dance education on the basic movements of this street dance and hip-hop dance in general.

They’ll take you through the culture of breaking so that you can improvise and compete with the best of them. Develop your personal style and test your abilities.

learn to hip hop dance in chicago
Try the hottest tricks. (Source:

DivaDance is also a fantastic place for hip hop dance lessons, so keep them in mind.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump into something comfy and get started today. Also, keep in mind you’ll need shoes for ballet and tap classes. You should also wear clothing that doesn’t hide the line of your body and keep jewelry to a minimum if you’ll be jumping. Get on the floor and have some fun!

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