After school tutoring is great. We all agree with that.

But, when faced with which tutoring to choose, we can feel a little lost.

With so many offers on the tutoring market, it can be a confusing time.

Don't sweat it, we will help you navigate all the information at hand with this guide on the different tutoring available out there.

The first thing we have to look at if we'd like to wrap our head around things is look at the different forms of tutoring.

Tutoring through Homework Help

Typically, homework help is offered on a first-come-first-served basis or through academic ads online.

Indeed, this type of tutoring is available after school and with a private tutor or school teacher.

Homework help is perfect in order to make sure your child does his or her exercises well and learn his or her lessons when needed.

If you work late this may be a great solution for your family.

Once you come home, both you and your child can spend quality time together without thinking about homework. This is ideal for relaxing and not thinking about what lessons need to be revised for the next day.

Having said that, be careful not to entirely rely on the private tutoring.

In the best of worlds, homework assistance must be done on an ad hoc basis, not every day.

It will also be your job to ensure that your child knows how to work on his or her own.

If your child does not have that skill, he or she will have a hard time getting to work alone without the help of someone over his or her shoulder.

Therefore, your goal is to create an effective working environment for your child to work in serenity at home and without the help of anyone.

With a private tutor, avoid frustration with schoolwork.

Why not ask your child's teachers to help him or her with homework from time to time in order to make sure everything is going well?

This can help your child to catch up on his or her lessons and avoid academic difficulties as soon as Kindergarten.

In this way, your child can enter middle school with all the tools to succeed.

Academic Help with Private Tutoring

The second type of tutoring available to you is private home tutoring.

In our opinion, private home tutoring is to be avoided during primary school.

The child is still too young and the homework is not hefty enough that the child really gets anything from his tutoring sessions.

That being said, from 7th grade on, keep an eye on your pre-teen's grades.

If they begin to resist doing homework, time for some action: ask their teachers (primary teacher and/or math teacher, or any necessary subject) for help.

If necessary, resort to a private tutor.

This also applies to high school because anything past middle school becomes more difficult and many students get left behind at that point.

Middle school and high school tutoring always prove to be an excellent option.

In high school, more subjects are introduced and more time at home is needed to work on homework. Some children are quickly discouraged by this change.

Often, they lose track of their classes and lose confidence in their abilities.

If this is the case for your son or daughter, it may be time to talk to him or her.

It is utterly important to involve them in their own academic success and the choosing of a private tutor able to give effective private tutoring lessons (such as, knowing how to answer your child's questions on homework.)

Please note that private tutoring home lessons are offered at 20 USD per hour minimum (you'll find this information in "How much does it cost?")

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Tutoring Lessons in Small Groups

Alternative educational support can take the shape of tutoring in small groups.

This tutoring method is offered by many tutoring organizations.

Whether it's filling in your child's learning gaps, helping out with some tough homework, or helping a young student revisit a subject as to perfect their learning, these small groups have many uses. They are a perfect answer to the question: "Why Take Tutoring Lessons?"

A tutor can help you to think outside the box!


These courses are different from the school on several levels.

First of all, groups contain a maximum of ten people.

That way, the teacher can take care of each student individually if necessary.

In addition, these group courses are often held in a neutral place (which means not at school or the family home.)

In these environments, children are more serene and therefore more able to learn new things.

Group lessons are cheaper than private home tutoring classes.

In addition, numerous group courses are organized throughout the year for all levels and on a large number of subjects.

You can easily find tutoring for math class during the school year or language lessons during the holidays. And how about English tutoring sessions during the weekends?

Have a talk with your child about which subjects most interest him or her.

The most important thing is to involve him or her in his or her learning.

It's important to note that this type of academic support works best with self-motivated students who want to improve their academic skills.

A child who isn't motivate or does not have effective learning methods to help him or her with school will find it difficult to gain the self-confidence necessary to overcome academic difficulties.

Academic Support Online

Let's finish our reviewing of the different kinds of academic support with one last category: online tutoring.

With the explosion of the Internet, many organizations and websites now offer tutoring without your needing to ever leave the house.

Should we jump on the opportunity or take a step back before heading that route?

Let's review the different online solutions--both free and paid.

Free Online Academic Help: Let the Teachers Guide You

One free solution is answers to questions from your child's geography teacher, history teacher, Spanish teacher, or physics teacher for example.

Indeed, many middle school, high school, or university educators work overtime in order to provide the best help for their students.

The internet is therefore an excellent tool to have a dialogue with your teacher in an easy and quick manner.

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With a little help, your child could feel confident in class.

If you have doubts about a subject, don't hesitate to use this tool to ask your teacher for help.

It's ideal for following up on lessons after school.

Same Thing for Chatrooms, Forums, Online Videos, and Free Tutorials?

Among the free solutions, you should know that there are also forums, videos, and online courses available to every internet user.

Beware, however: sometimes we spend more time browsing the internet while looking for information on our courses and the answers on a specific topic than rereading our English lessons, math lessons, or science lessons.

So when it comes to academic support online, use it as a tool rather than a real learning method.

Sifting through information and sorting through relevant websites can sometimes take a long time. You could waste a lot of time, so be careful.

In addition, the internet could easily divert you from your main goal: getting better in school and revising your lessons.

Once you're online, it will be hard to ignore a call, a funny video, or a conversation with a friend on your favorite social network.

All this to say that the Internet is a very good tool, if you find that it can help with your goals.

Online Academic Support at a Fee: Online Tutoring

For some time, a form of online school tutoring has appeared on the scene: school tutoring at a fee.

Marketed as a form of academic support, this service offers different formulas ranging from online resources to one-on-one tutoring to a webcam course (which can somewhat be compared to at home tutoring.)

As you can see, there are a load of options available to you.

This solution may be useful for revising a specific lesson through interactive exercises before a quiz or test.

On the other hand, it does not work for the long term. And above all, it requires a very special kind of rigor and autonomy.

It's been proven many times before: the internet can very quickly deconcentrate a young student.

Tutoring will help you get back on track and in your teachers' good books!

Whether you are using a free or paid online site, the internet has many temptations.

Now that you know everything about the different forms of tutoring, you just have to get going!

Get your child involved in the choice--he or she will be doing the learning!

Indeed, tutoring is all about learning but also all about the method used to acquire knowledge!

And above all, it demands a great deal of participation and motivation!

Take your time to choose the right tutoring, one that meets both you and your child's needs while giving him all of the keys in order to succeed.

Finally, make sure you know when is the right time to start tutoring!

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