In the field of guitar lessons, there are several ways to indulge your passion while providing quality lessons to motivated students. Between traditional or online teaching methods, there are many possibilities to suit all kinds of teacher.

1st Step: Working Out the Prices of Guitar Lessons

A music teacher, guitar in this case, is a qualified professional, who has followed a long musical training.

Giving guitar lessons requires a strong personal involvement along with many other qualities, and the price of lessons should reflect this level of investment.

The price of a guitar lesson
The price of a guitar lesson

You should know some information about guitar teachers.  They do not necessarily take paid holidays (they often give lessons during the school holidays), they do not have a lifetime contract with their pupils, and their situation is always a little precarious.  They must take on travel expenses as well as purchasing materials, or renting a room if they are not going to teach at the student's home, as well as covering taxes.  Therefore there are many points to consider when calculating the price of a guitar lesson.  The price is always calculated in TTC, taking VAT into account.  On average, the price varies between 20 and 40 $ per hour.  If you live in a city the price may be higher, but it will be lower in the suburbs or in the country.

2nd Step: Finding Students for Guitar Lessons

How to go about finding pupils is a question every guitar teacher must face. You can begin by talking to your friends and family: we all know someone who wants to learn the guitar, don't we?


Before giving a guitar lesson, you must be contacted by students.
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Here are the different methods to find students for guitar lessons:

  • Talk about yourself, use word of mouth, and spread the message.
  • Social networks: currently the most used channel to find pupils in record time.
  • Classifieds, flyers: in music stores but also in supermarkets, and local stores
  • School support platforms: a method increasingly used by music professionals and students.
  • Music schools, clubs, creative centers.
  • Private tuition: you set your tariff and adapt your courses according to the level of your students.

3rd Step: Giving Guitar Lessons via Webcam

You can give guitar lessons online or via webcam in a more playful, interactive way.

Using a webcam and online communication software like Skype, the student will be able to learn the guitar and have their teacher correct them from their own home.

Guitar lessons online and at home
Guitar lessons online and at home

They can book lessons online, choose a teacher for their chosen style and check their availabilities in a few clicks.

This saves the teacher the effort of travelling to see their student in person.

The only drawback is that the teacher cannot physically show their pupil techniques like finger placement.

It also requires a very good internet connection, and a high quality webcam.

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