As a popular percussion instrument, drum kits can be fun to learn and play and is a good instrument to help you learn your rhythms. When you watch a live band play, the percussionist often catches your attention by moving to the beat of the music. But it is the job of a drummer to make playing drums look easy when it is, in fact, a lot more complicated to learn.

If you are interested in learning more about the art of playing drums, know that it will be an exciting journey and an adventure that can last a lifetime.

There are so many musical styles and genres you will get exposed to once you start playing. Needless to say, it will also enrich your everyday life. You can start your drum journey at one of the many music schools near you, especially if you are a beginner drummer.

Person sitting next to a drum and playing on it.
Start your drum journey at one of the many music schools near you. (Source: Unsplash).

Benefits of Playing Drums

Like with learning any musical instrument, learning how to play the drums brings many benefits to your life. The first and one of the most important benefits is the reduction of stress. Do you many any negative emotions that you have no way to express to the outside world? Then try using your drum set to let it out via some cool rhythms.

Another benefit of learning to play the drum sets is increased academic performance. Research has shown that learning the drums makes it easier for people to understand mathematical concepts like fractions.

This is especially beneficial for children who are just starting out in school.

Other side benefits you can gain from learning to play the drum kit include increased confidence levels, especially after playing a perfect drum solo, and making friends. It is much easier to start a conversation with a stranger who has the same hobbies as you and to become friends with them for the long term.

Why Take Drum Lessons at a Music School?

Music schools are places that teach people interested in enhancing their musical abilities. Some music schools can focus on a single instrument, like the piano or guitar. While other music schools might offer a wide range of courses from voice lessons, to music theory and drum classes.

Whether you are an experienced drummer or someone who has never touched the drums before, you will benefit from taking drum lessons at a music school near you. Check out this list of benefits below:

Learn Proper Techniques

If you have started your drum journey by following online videos to learn drums on your own, there’s a chance you might still become pretty good at the art. However, it may be hard for you to know if you are following the proper techniques or not without playing under the watchful eye of someone more experienced than you.

When you take drum lessons at a music school, qualified drum teachers will be able to show you how to hold your arms and place your legs, as well as any motion you do. They will also be able to correct your techniques if they are wrong, helping you form better habits to enhance your drum playing.

Stay Motivated and Make Faster Progress

When you learn any new skill, you will always experience ups and downs that can sometimes discourage you from continuing - especially if you are having a difficult time mastering one of the skills. Playing the drums is no different. Sometimes you will run into a skill that is difficult to master which can slow you down in your learning process.

When you enroll in a drumming course at a music school, you will be placed in a paced program of studies that outlines what you will learn each week.

This will keep you on track so you are less likely to abandon your studies when the learning gets tough. Your dedicated drum teacher can also help you overcome any tough spots in your learning process so you can continue to make progress in your drum playing.

Person stepping on a bass drum pedal.
Learning drums from a professional who can correct your techniques if they are wrong. (Source: Unsplash).

Receive Immediate Feedback

If you are learning how to play the drums on your own or via a pre-recorded online video tutorial, it might be more comfortable to learn from the comfort of your own home. But what happens when you have a question about a drum technique or other drum related questions?

When you take drum lessons at a music school, you can ask your drum teachers these questions to get an instant answer. This comes in handy especially if you are not sure if you are following a particular technique the correct way. Your drum teacher can take a quick look and tell you right away whether your technique is right or wrong.

Insider Drum Tips & Tricks

Drum instructors at your local music school are usually experienced drummers who either have professional playing experience or graduated from a professional music school.

With all this experience at their disposal, you will also receive many insider drum tips and tricks to enhance your playing.

Not only can a professional drum teacher advise you on what type of drum set to purchase, but they also have links to industry professionals and can help you get your next playing gig, or connect you with other talented drummers and music players if you are interested in playing within a band.

A brown drum kit sitting in a white room.
You will receive many insider drum tips and tricks from professional drum tutors. (Source: Unsplash).

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Drum Course

If you have decided to enroll in formal drum lessons at a drum school or a music school, you will have to choose one that best meets your needs. Consider thinking about what type of school you’d like to attend and whether the drum school or music conservatoire will be able to meet your needs.

The first criterion to consider is the cost. After all, drum courses can range wildly in price depending on who your instructor is, so it’s good to know your budget before you set out to find the perfect drum school to meet your needs.

The second criterion to consider is the location of your school. Do you have a particular music and drum school you are highly interested in attending but is a two-hour drive away from your house?

Chances are, you are not very likely to pick the school if it means having to drive two hours every time you go for a lesson.

Another factor to consider is whether the teaching philosophy of the music school matches your own and whether the teaching style of the drumming teacher matches what you are looking for in a drum instructor.

Does the instructor favor a formal teaching style or a casual one where you are allowed to talk? How about the instructor’s personality? Do you prefer someone more relatable or someone who is more strict?

And lastly, what type of drum classes would you feel more comfortable learning in? Some drum schools offer private lessons where you are the only individual receiving instructions.

Other schools offer small and large courses where you might take instruction along with five or more people. Generally, the greater the number of people in a class, the cheaper the lessons would be but the less attention you will receive from your instructor.

Finding a Drum Course Near You

The best way to start looking for a drum course near you is to ask a friend, family, or acquaintances who you know if learning how to play the drums for recommendations. If nobody you know is learning how to play drums, then consider using the word-of-mouth to let everyone around you know that you are looking for drum class recommendations.

You can also harvest the power of social media by posting your wishes online.

That way, other people who are friends with your friends and family might see your posts and respond with their recommendations. You can also post on general online drum forums where strangers can give you recommendations.

Finally, doing a quick online search can help you narrow down your choices. However, without personal recommendations, you might have to try a few different coaches or drum courses before you find one that best meets your needs.

The most important thing is to not give up and to keep looking until you find the best match.

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