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It’s always a good idea to learn music. However, you might need to learn some music theory before you choose the instrument you’re going to learn or the style of music you want to play. A lot of Brits are choosing to learn how to play the drums. In fact, playing the drums is becoming more popular. It’s probably because playing the drums is really fun! When it comes to choosing drum lessons, you need to choose the right tutor. In this article, we're going to guide you through the thought process you need to go through before you start looking for your tutors and how to find tutors and pick them once you've done this.

Analyse Your Drumming Needs

Before deciding on how your first class is going to be and which drum teacher you're going to work with, you need to decide what you want, what your goals as a drummer are are, what expectations you have, and what your budget. In fact, you might want to learn how to play drums group classes or prefer to work with one private tutor in particular. The teaching approaches will be vastly different, after all.

How much do drum tutors charge?
Regardless of their rates, every private drum tutor should be a quality educator and respectful of their student's expectations. (Source: wahujabuja2112)
Unlike piano lessons, flute lessons, or even guitar lessons, drumming lessons are only for those who want to learn more about percussion. When you attend a taster session, you’ll see exactly what it means to learn to play drums. There are also a few criteria that you’ll have to think about before getting drum tutorials:

  • What is my objective?
  • What is my level?
  • What am I willing to pay?
  • Am I more comfortable in a group class or a private tutorial?
  • Do I have a drum kit or drum set and am I willing to buy one? (Normally you'll need one with a bass drum, snare drum, cymbals including a hi hat, and tom toms)
  • Etc.

With so many questions, learning styles, and musical genres, it’s a decision you have to take seriously. Each student is different and that’s why you need to think about all these details so that you’ll be able to get the most out of each lesson. After you’ve thought about all this, you’ll need to consider your potential tutor’s experience and qualifications. If teaching yourself to play the drums didn’t work out, why didn’t it?

Finding a Drum Lesson Via Word of Mouth

While you mightn’t think it, word of mouth is a powerful thing when it comes to finding someone to help you with playing drums. When looking for a private tutor, you should make sure that people know that you’re looking for one.

Can you teach yourself to play the drums?
If you're struggling to play the drums, you should ask your friends and family if they know anyone who could help you! (Source: 931527)
Word of mouth is a great way to progress in your search. Maybe you have a friend of a friend who teaches music theory. It’ll help you find the right tutor for you at the right price! After all, you'll also have a link to the tutor via a mutual friend or family member. This works for both the student and the tutor as each of them has a responsibility to reflect well on the intermediary that brought them together. Private tutors might be much nearer than you first thought. Word of mouth can help spread the message to those in the community that you’re looking for additional instruction. There’s bound to be a friend or family member who knows someone who can help you. When you learn to play the drums, you need to learn more about music in general. You’ll see just how important this is once you have the instrument in front of you. You need to feel comfortable with your tutor and when you find a tutor via word of mouth, they’ll often be somebody recommended by someone who knows you. If you’re on a budget, tutors without classical-training tend to be cheaper. This could be useful for somebody who isn’t quite sure about learning to play the drums or who’s on a strict budget. When you learn to play an instrument outside of school, it’s usually a more relaxed process. You won’t be getting tests and exams, for example. We’re not talking about learning to play the piano, classical guitar, or how to sing, after all. The drums are synonymous with rocking out and letting loose. Of course, you can still learn how to play the drums with a serious teacher if that’s what you prefer. Some students prefer a thorough and rigorous approach to learning and have no time for fun and games. This is especially true for those wanting to learn to play the drums professionally, for example.

Learning to Play the Drums Online

The internet can work in the same way as word of mouth. You can post adverts and find a tutor that works for you. You can find the kindest, the most qualified, or the cheapest tutor quite easily thanks to the web.

Which are the best genres for drummers?
The drums are a very common instrument and are found in almost every musical style. (Source: krlosrocha)
After all, the web is one of the most powerful research tools in the modern age and is useful for finding tutors for any musical instrument. That’s why there are sites offering music lessons for all instruments from the harmonica to the ukulele for students to progress from the comfort of their own home. There are a lot of platforms available to aspiring musicians, too. To find the right tutor for you, you need to carefully look at the options, try out various sites, and find the best rates for you. The goal is to get exactly what you! The internet is a quick and easy way to find what you’re looking for. Most tutors can be quickly found on platforms with a profile detailing who they are, what they teach, their rates, and location. If you opt for online lessons, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home. When it comes to learning to play the drums, it’s much better to regularly meet with your tutor and practise playing the drums how and when you want. In the time between lessons, you can also find online drum lessons and free drum lessons from blogs and platforms like YouTube. You can also find a wide range of musical styles since each tutor will have their own preferences and favourite genres. Of course, if you find a private tutor online, there’s an element of trust involved. That said, there are platforms that can show you what their other students think of them as well as their experience and qualifications. As you’ve probably gathered, we’re talking about sites such as Superprof!

Learning to Play the Drums with Superprof

Whether you want to learn to play the drums for fun or for your career, Superprof offers a great solution for aspiring drummers. Our tutors are there to help you improve your musical knowledge and enjoy your lessons as you get better at playing the drums.

How long does it take to learn to play the drums?
The drums are the driving force at every concert. (Source: Free-Photos)
Most people nowadays don’t have the time or money to move about frequently or regularly attend lessons at expensive schools and conservatoires. You can find the ideal tutor for you on Superprof! Check out our list of the best music conservatoire in the UK. What’s better than having fun while learning to play a musical instrument? You can learn more about music theory and how a drum kit is put together while improving your musical technique and your own personal goals as a musician. We’re very proud of just how nice and friendly our tutors are. Do you love modern music? No problem! You can find a tutor who specialises in this kind of drumming. From folk music to chamber music, you can get the most out of your drumming with exactly the right private drum tutor. In just a few lessons, you’ll start getting to grips with the drums and realising that they’re not just for rockers! If you’re wanting to improve quickly, you can do so by choosing the right tutor. Is learning a musical instrument really that easy? It is if you’re working with the right private tutor. While there are many criteria for choosing a tutor, the music should always come first! If you can't get to a private tutor or there's nobody living near you, you can always opt for online private tutorials, too! This is when you connect to a tutor over Skype, for example, and get your lesson digitally!

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