There certainly aren't many university courses that open up such a vast range of employment prospects than the field of economics.

An economist researches and analyzes economic issues and advises governments, businesses, and individuals on economic topics.

What awaits beyond higher education is the option to work in either the public or private sectors, for a firm with a global reach and a vast client base too, or a path to self-employment in which one uses their own knowledge to consult individuals upon all matters within the field of economics.

The sky is certainly the limit and this is why the rate of students opting for a future as an economist is ever increasing.

Countless colleges and universities across the state offer such opportunities.

From UCLA to a number of established colleges including Occidental to Claremont Mckenna, Los Angeles County is a popular destination for aspiring economists.

Not alone do such establishments offer undergraduate courses, but there are opportunities to specialize in a variation of Masters and Ph.D. (Postgraduate) programs.

An undergraduate (bachelor) degree within the subject is composed across a four year period as opposed to a master's which ranges between 1-2 years - depending on if the course is part-time or full-time.

The online website Universities compiled a list of all such establishments and ranked them in list form in accordance to data gathered from governmental sources, student surveys and interviews to help prospective students identify which places they would like to apply for.

Their data further established how many students graduated from economics-based educational courses within LA County, with over 1530 students completing their bachelor's degree to over 450 students which completed either an associate, master's or doctoral program in the year of 2018.

So, long story short, economic tutors in the USA and additional economic classes are a necessary component to help support the thousands of individuals specializing in the subject across The City of Angels.

Moreover, with the subjects' leaning toward mathematics, it means that a large percentage of those looking for additional support may not have to acquire the services of an economic tutor, but instead opt for the guidance of those who are advertised as math specialists.

Economics Tutoring - Why Is It Necessary?

A piece gf graph paper reads the word 'WHY?'
There are a number of extracurricular activities to choose from so why choose tutoring services? (Source: Visual Hunt)

Prior to diving head first, into the depths of online search engines, it is imperative that one knows what it is they are searching for before any button tapping begins.

Not alone are college students looking for additional support within such fields, but many people use various tutoring platforms for professional development.

From CEO's to interns, gaining a stronger understanding of the economic out-linings and procedures for most companies is vital.

What drives individuals within certain areas to purchase certain products? How, as a company, does one tailor appropriately for demand whilst generating an understanding of cultural trends upon its customers?

As anyone who is aware of the fundamental basics of economics, the allocation of scarce resources is the fundamental principle of the subject area, yet, in practice, this principle is comprised of a range of contrasting elements.

Such elements, especially when broken up into an undergraduate scheme of work may include:

  1. The study of incentives. In short, this acknowledges how people make choices as well as how they react to changes in price and environmental aspects.
  2. The interaction of strategic agents. How one anticipates how other companies/buyers may react once decisions within sales have occurred.
  3.  An individual's reaction to industry/economic decisions. How people make conscious decisions in alignment with new investment opportunities and transversely how they may refrain from investment due to such situations as a slower rate in economic growth during times of austerity/economic recession.

Such examples help to illustrate the contrasting areas involved within the economic world. Therefore, establishing which area is most pertinent to your development is of utmost importance.

Postgraduate students are also likely to continue their studies within a specific field associated with economics, whether that be within law, culture, markets or politics.

It is especially important for those who specialize in such areas to cite those specific requirements to ensure that the designated tutor bears the necessary skills and experience to help cater to a required developmental area.

Online Economics Classes

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Most students have a personal computer and access to wifi making studying online easier than ever. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Online educational courses have increased in popularity over the last decade. People are drawn to furthering their education via online platforms due to the increased flexibility allowing those from all scopes of life, with varying (and at times hectic) schedules to gain more ownership over their learning.

Many of the options online now offer bachelor and master's degree certified courses in economics and numerous attendees have talked of their rich and commendable experiences.

Further benefits when embarking upon online classes include the development within self-discipline and responsibility in one's learning. Whether you're in Los Angeles, or New York or Chicago, for that matter, online classes mean you can learn economics from wherever you are based.

Usually, the courses are significantly cheaper than most physical universities and similar to the aforementioned, the completion of such courses is likely to promote career advancement whilst enhancing hobbies and personal interests.

Study Portals is an online platform that specializes in educational establishments within the Los Angeles area. As well as offering expert advice on physical establishments, they also provide a list of online universities that are available to residents within LA County.

This is also an effective platform for international students as well as a list of accredited universities, they also provide information on average living costs, future career prospects and general advice for the non-locals.

Expanding your Network

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Be sure not to limit your friendship and studying circles whilst at college/university. (Source: Visual Hunt)

The more people you ask, the more chance of finding what you are looking for!

Pretty obvious right? Well, people don't always exercise such principles, often leaving the best opportunities to go amiss - don't be that person!

Starting a university degree for the first time can be, like most new hobbies/courses/jobs, a little heart rendering. You most likely won't have a parent/guardian awkwardly pushing you through the front door, encouraging you to make new friends. Yet, the butterflies often enter the stomach when people are presented with new situations.

Expanding your network as a student is really important in helping you to find the best options out there.

As a student of economics, a number of the core modules will contain elements of complex mathematics, and as we all know, math isn't known to be the easiest of subjects.

Universities like UCLA also have a great way for economic students to connect with fellow peers and their professors via their online forum.

By exploring their content (specifically for those taking modules in the economics department), you will see that they have various listings from events, interviews with lecturers as well as up-to-date discussions regarding all present topics surrounding economics.

Also on these forums, you are able to contact people with a request for, well, in this case, additional tutoring.

From there you can be directed to graduates and tutors recommended by the university!

Do you know a friend that may benefit from this information but lives in a different city? From Philadelphia to Houston, there are similar opportunities across the United States.

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