Chicago has one of the largest and most diverse economies in the world. The annual gross regional product (GRP), as stated by World Business Chicago, surpasses $600 billion annually with an impressive four million workforce employed by some of the city's major corporate companies.

Some of the main exports include computing/electronic products, chemicals, transportation equipment, machinery, and coal. The city is recognized as a key player in various sectors from manufacturing to information technology.

Such high economic activity in the area makes it a great place for aspiring economists.

Due to the high demand, and of course, the fact that Chicago is home to a wealth of well respected educational establishments, there is a range of opportunities out there for those looking to get involved.

The overall climate and wealth of business opportunities create a number of options when it comes to employment.

Being an economist is a multi-faceted profession, for there is a range of responsibilities associated with the job across the USA.

From developing methods to obtaining data to generating forecasts upon various matters including interest rates and business cycles; the various responsibilities associated with such a profession are geared towards an academic with a keen eye for problem-solving and mathematical concepts.

The University of Chicago is considered to have one of the world's most reputable economics departments, with previous students of the university program receiving thirteen Nobel Prizes in Economics, more than any other college/university in the world.

It isn't, however, the only institution that is recognized for its level of academia within this field. Roosevelt University, The University of Chicago Booth and Driehaus College are just three further examples of well-respected destinations for students to continue their studies in economics.

As well as bachelor programs, most of these establishments offer a number of post-graduate opportunities which aim for students to develop their knowledge of economics in alignment with their main interests - whether that be law, culture or the analysis of public markets.

Just like cities such as Houston or Philadelphia, Chicago has an abundance of learning programs. The city is filled with undergraduate and postgraduate students who specialize in the field of economics.

As most of these programs have strong academic underlining, students are often seeking extracurricular learning opportunities to help consolidate their understanding, mainly in preparation for examinations or extended writing projects.

When it comes to extracurricular learning, one of the most popular options is to hire a tutor. There are countless benefits in doing so, such as:

  • One-to-one tuition helps to personalize the learning experience;
  • Encourages self-paced and self-directed learning;
  • Consolidates existing learning thus strengthening knowledge;
  • Aids in the development of more positive work and study habits.

Although the benefits of hiring an economics tutor are vast, such benefits only exist if the right tutor is chosen. Within this article, we have included a few suggestions including additional ways to seek extracurricular support within the field of economics.

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As well as the option of specialist Math tutors, there are a number of educators available within Chicago which offer economics specific classes.

There is also an option to hire a tutor who can conduct an online session, reducing possible commuting times and therefore making the process more time effective.

Faculty and Fellow Students

Students celebrate the end of the academic year.
Offering support to those around you will help to develop your own learning. (Source: Visual Hunt)

A fantastic way to find out about scheduled events, extracurricular opportunities and much more is to strengthen your network with fellow students and lecturers.

Not only is one-to-one tutoring an effective strategy, but study groups are a great way to help develop knowledge.

Identifying areas of weakness is the first step prior to attending a student-based learning group. This promotes effective discussions upon crucial topics as some students may have a more significant understanding within areas you may find a weakness.

Delegating areas of learning between study partners is also an incredibly effective method.

Sometimes it feels as if there isn't enough time in the day to get through all the recommended reading often assigned by lecturers in preparation for future classes.

In order to combat this, compartmentalizing the assigned reading/extracurricular studying with your partner and summarizing the main points together prior to the next lesson is an effective way to stay on top of the game.

When it comes to looking for an experienced tutor, there is no better reference than the faculty of the economics department.

A familiar set up in most higher education settings is that students who are further on in their undergraduate or postgraduate qualification offer the chance to assist freshman students with advice and one-to-one tutoring sessions.

The 'been there done that' expression couldn't relate more to this situation. Approaching more experienced students with queries regarding particular modules is a perfect way to gain direct insight from those who possess firsthand knowledge.

The University of Chicago, similar to other universities within the city, offers an online forum for their students to help keep up to date with the latest events and extracurricular activities.

There is also a mailing list and upon joining, students are able to message a range of questions/requests. Using such platforms as a means to gain a reliable reference for local tutors is an effective strategy worth employing if your college or university offers an active online forum.

Chicago's Online and Public Resources

A student looks through a book in the library.
Students have access to a number of free/discounted memberships to help them throughout their studies. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Not alone will colleges and universities in Chicago possess a wealth of accessible resources for their students, but Chicago Public Library is also a fantastic source for learning materials. Anyone can register for free and they have an extensive range of books and additional resources which can be reserved and rented for personal use.

Their homepage comprises of upcoming events within the community and the library prides itself on the vast range of genres within their book collection.

They also have a range of online services so when it comes to reserving or searching for an available book, you can do so through their website to help save time.

There are also extensive online materials available for those studying economics. The American Economics Association (AEA) offers multiple resources for students from suggested graduate programs, suggested blogs and literature as well as advertising careers within the field of economics.

Economics Online Courses

A student types on her computer whilst taking notes.
If you have access to fast wifi, there is no reason not to use it to help better your learning experience. (Source: Visual Hunt)

There are multiple benefits of partaking in an online learning course. Firstly, online programs allow more flexibility for those who may have busy working or personal schedules.

They often offer lower costs than traditional higher education programs and they still present a variety of course options with similar accreditations.

The University of Illinois and The University of Chicago offer tailored online programs in the field of economics.

A number of colleges also provide similar services and you don't have to enroll within a Chicago based program to reap the benefits of such opportunities; Harvard University has economics-based online courses available to people worldwide.

Another positive in regards to online courses is that most course providers offer direct contact between students and faculty/faculty associates. They are able to deal with any uncertainties and can provide students with informative feedback and tailored advice to help them along the way.

Multiple professionals continue their development by enrolling onto courses that do not fall under the standard higher educational accreditation, yet this isn't perceived as a lesser qualification in the eyes of the business world.

Regardless of age or experience, professionals embark on such programs to both reinforce their understanding as well as familiarizing themselves with new concepts and approaches that may have changed since their university years.

A number of educational establishments in the city offer refresher courses to help those who wish to consolidate and further their understanding of new economic concepts. A number of corporate companies also offer such opportunities to up-skill their staff members resulting in multiple possibilities for aspiring and experienced economists to develop their knowledge within the field.

Chicago isn't the only city that offers such services. Los Angeles and  New York, for example, are also home to well-respected higher educational establishments, resulting in high demand for extracurricular learning in the field of Economics.

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