Most undergraduate students (whether current or prospective) who are completing their bachelor program in economics are likely to be engaging in a range of contrasting modules within their studies.

The rationale behind this is that qualified economists are required to work within a range of diverse and professional fields.

One of the most prominent areas for this is within marketing. The five key areas within marketing economics constitute product sales, pricing, the promotion of products and services, distribution to physical destinations and customer experience.

The focus on marketing holds defining importance over things people buy, sell and receive every single day. Presently, our society has never been so fixated with the desire to consume, justifying the incremental rise in need for professionals who specialize within the industry.

Other areas such professionals tend to specialize in after their bachelor degree varies from economics in crime, family, war, religion, culture, law, politics and genetics.

A number of the universities across New York offer such opportunities making it a city filled with aspiring economists alike.

New York University boasts a sizeable campus which offers undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. programs. As a learning establishment, it prides itself on being one of the world's leading economic research departments.

With a wide range of students enrolling in such programs every year, it ensures a vast number of individuals within the city are looking to sharpen and hone their knowledge through additional learning opportunities - whether that be through the means of study groups or private tuition.

So, when that eventual time arrives, and students across the country are nibbling furiously at the ends of their fingernails as they await their hectic examination schedule, fear not for Superprof has kindly extended its helping hand.

First of all, it is strongly recommended that additional tuition should be composed throughout the year to ensure that learning is continuously reinforced: consistency and repetition spread across time is a more organic and effective method of learning.

However, if it is a case of cramming in (so to speak) that last bit of knowledge through the help of a trained economist - regardless of reason or restriction of preparatory time, private tuition is a great way to reduce anxieties and enhance knowledge when it is most needed.

Familiarize yourself with some of the suggestions highlighted in this article to help determine what the most pertinent choice is for you!

How Tutoring Develops Knowledge

A student takes notes
Whether you are in your freshman year or a postgraduate, students of all levels of experience often opt for personal tutoring. (Source: Visual Hunt)

There are countless benefits when it comes to tutoring and neither age nor topic area does not counteract this.

Not alone will the process help to consolidate and strengthen your understanding, but many experienced tutors will help you to develop personal learning strategies to enhance effectiveness when studying independently.

With an increased intake of students attending further education, a number of the population can resonate with the experience of a university lecture hall all over the states.

Amongst an eager set of budding intellectuals, it doesn't take long to establish the difference in setting between high school and college/university.

"Where are the seats?" you may gasp in frustration; shocked to find the seminar hall is packed to its capacity as the number of students surpasses the hundreds.

The fact is, higher education isn't designed to create a personable learning experience.

Well, that's what it's supposed to be right? Further education, after all, aims to enhance one's independence by promoting students to use self-initiative when forming study groups and when acquiring necessary learning resources.

The thing is, the learning experience changes dramatically from school to college/university and the expectation of increasing independence can be overwhelming for the most.

So, to help with that transition, finding a private tutor to help direct you along the way is a perfect stepping stone to enhancing your skills as an independent learner.

Economics Tutors in New York

A student is helped by their personal tutor.
Tutors often come from various ages and levels of experience. (Source: Visual Hunt)

There are a number of options to look out for when searching for the right tutor. But where better to start than Superprof?

The website has a number of experienced tutors who can offer both general or specialized assistance.

By simply typing in 'economics' within the search bar, whilst stating your preferred destination within the city, this helps to create a wealth of options to choose from. Cities, such as Philidelphia and Los Angeles also offer these same options.

Each tutor ranges from price and experience and if you are looking for a specific area to help develop your knowledge, whether that be microeconomics to mathematical leanings - each tutor aims to respond to any such request within the day.

Again, finding the right tutor for you depends on the level of mastery you are currently working at/working towards.

The various college establishments from Columbia to Cornell each offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses. This results in various levels of challenge and specificity so forming an awareness of which particular area you aim to develop is of ultimate importance.

College faculties are often a great place to head if you are looking for extended development after college hours.

Liaising with university lecturers and students which are further within their education are both effective references to direct you along the right path.

Many colleges provide a service in which graduates who have majored in the same subject areas offer 1:1 and group-based tutoring services. So, if it is a particular module which is proving most difficult, then receiving direction from someone who has 'been there and done that' will help you to overcome the most challenging of barriers.

Two students welcome freshmen to their university
Staying active as a student union representative is a great way of extending your network (Source: Visual Hunt)

Most colleges and universities promote their students to form a network of friendships with fellow academics who study in the same field. In the words of the late Robert Heinlein, the established Science Fiction pioneer, 'when one teaches, two people learn'.

It is vital to building rapport with those you are studying with; for what may seem easy to yourself may be challenging for another, and of course vice versa.

Creating work partnerships and study groups can also be an effective way to iron out misconceptions whilst forming a stronger awareness of areas which cause the most challenge. Although the use of specialist tutors will work on getting you that higher grade, the reliance on motivated companions is always a plus.

How About Online Tutoring?

The main benefit of online teaching is that it can work around your schedule. Tutors from across the globe can provide you with specialist online classes catered to the areas in which are most applicable to your needs.

There is an abundance of platforms that offer opportunities for budding economists and if you head over to the Superprof website, there are also specialists who offer this service.

As well as specialist online tutors, there are various online programs that provide scheduled classes in which you can receive further schooling as well as additional resources tailored to your requirements.

Such online classes, including those offered by The Foundation for Teaching Economics, provide undergraduate and qualified students to partake in approved online courses.

They ensure that each course follows the necessary curriculum within their teaching and you can receive additional accreditation for partaking in such programs.

Many colleges/universities also have student forums in which those who major in economics are able to contact each other directly to inquire about the possibility of additional learning support, whether that comes from 1:1 or online opportunities.

Columbia University has recently celebrated its 16th annual forum for those which study African Economics.

Each student is eligible to sign up to discover the various opportunities occurring both internally and externally from the university. From upcoming talks to information on acquiring additional learning support, all such opportunities can be accessed via this platform.

As well as a forum dedicated to new opportunities for registered students, New York University has a page dedicated page with updates specifically from the faculty. Within this page, lecturers update their opinions upon the latest news in alignment with the world's main economic debates and issues.

There is a range of options to choose from when searching for additional opportunities, it is down to you to explore such options to help determine what is the most effective method for you!

If you are looking to get out of town or if you are aware of fellow students/professionals which may benefit from this information, we also have a number of articles highlighting similar themes in Chicago and Houston for example.

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