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Lawyer Career Path in the USA

A Guide to Becoming a Lawyer in the United States  One of the most popular and successful professions in the United States is the practice of law. For those of you who aren’t hip to legal terms, that means being a lawyer.  Along with working in medicine or software, being a lawyer is seen as […]

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Which University Is Right For You?

Choosing the Best University for Yourself According to a number of publications the United States has the highest number of top colleges and universities in the world. This article by the website Top Universities lists the 100 best universities around the globe according to QS, which is a ranker of universities. Over a quarter of […]

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A girl is seen enjoying her graduation day. Graduating from college is one of the finest moments of a student’s four-year college life. However, to ensure it remains a happy moment, you have to choose a college that matches your interest and hobbies

A College Guide

A Guide for Future College Students American colleges are becoming more competitive and expensive every passing year. And the pressure on students to continue education beyond high school is also increasing. Furthermore,  getting into a reputable college is also becoming a challenge! Goal-oriented students start preparing for college well before the actual applications; sometimes, they […]

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Preparing for the SAT

Preparing for the SAT

A Guide to Preparing for the SAT The SAT exam has become somewhat of a rite of passage for every prospective college student. With over 2 million SAT test takers alone in the 2019/2020 school year, the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) has become the gold standard entrance exam along with others like the American College […]

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Starting university is often a very stressful time for students. Find advice for starting uni with our helpful guide.

Get advice on choosing what subjects to study at uni, how to choose a university, and help for financing your studies.

If you are just about to finish uni then you’re probably thinking about the next step in life. Read about what to do when you finish your course, career options, and more.

If you need some academic support while at uni, Superprof is here to help!

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A Study Guide for the SAT Spanish Subject Test

The Ultimate SAT Spanish Study Plan Applying to colleges can be fairly daunting due to the endless application essays, recommendation letters, and transcripts that have to be submitted, and fulfilling standardized testing requirements. Most colleges and universities nowadays require not just an ACT or SAT score, but also SAT Subject Test scores. This can put […]

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How to Write a Dissertation

Dissertation Writing How-tos From your earliest assignments in essay writing and, if so instructed, composing book reports, you have been in training for your most challenging academic ordeal: writing a dissertation. Far more goes into this work than reading a lone book and discussing its finer points or engaging in bouts of critical thinking and committing […]

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