As an ESOL student planning a trip to a country that speaks English is going to be a huge treat. While learning English in the classroom can be fun and very useful to give you the foundations of the language. Nothing compares to travelling to a country that speaks the language that you are learning.

There are so many English speaking countries; Australia, Canada, the United States of America for example, but the English language is also used as a global language for people from different cultures to come together to communicate. English has the potential to bridge the gap and open communication between non-native English speakers and native speakers alike.

According to Wikipedia, there are over 50 countries where English is the official language, and of course, there are many more countries where English is widely spoken as the unofficial language of the country. This gives English language learners lots of choice for places to travel to and the opportunity to receive a comprehensive cross-cultural learning experience for their language development.

4 regions; The Northeast, The mid west, The West and the south.
The United States of America (USA) is a country made up of 50 states. Photo Source: Unsplash

About The United States Of America

The United States of America (USA) is located in North America and is a beautiful country full of everything that you could ever hope to find in a country. Vibrant nature; with redwoods, sandy beaches, snow-capped mountains, blue flowing rivers and historical canyons. Cities bursting with life; New York and the statue of liberty, Miami’s huge Beaches, Florida’s Disneyland, LA’s Hollywood and Las Vegas’ Lights.

The country is made up of 50 states, these states can be divided into 4 regions; The Midwest, the South, the Northeast and the West.

  1. Kansas is a city that is located in the Midwest.
  2. New York is a city that is located in the Northeast.
  3. Miami is a city that is located in the South.
  4. Los Angeles (LA) is a city that is located in the West.

The Benefits Of USA Travel For English Language Learning

  1. The United States Of America is a multilingual and multicultural country despite English being the primary language. So the Locals are used to dealing with people who speak English as a second language. You don’t have to be nervous to try to talk even if you only have basic English. People, in general, will be very supportive and grateful for your attempt to communicate with them.
  2. In the US you can take some of the most fantastic tours to places like the Grand Canyon, the empire state building, the redwood forest or if you like celebrities you can take a tour of the house of the rich and famous. While these tours will be fun, they will also give you the chance to speak to other people about a specific topic.

Useful Tips For Second Language Acquisition Traveling In The United States Of America

  • Apply for the correct visa or entry document for your passport
  • It is a big country so make a plan for where you want to travel to and fly into the closest airport.
  • If you have limited English and feel nervous. Try to make some friends online, with locals who can give you advice about preparation and immersion into the area.

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Essential Information For ESL Students

  • The currency is the Dollar (USD)
  • The legal drinking age is 21
  • The number for emergencies is 911
  • The country code is +1
English fluency can only improve if you study
Travelling in the UK gives you a huge advantage. Photo Source: Unsplash

About The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom (UK) is a beautiful eclectic island with historic castles that sit comfortably next to modern high rise buildings, where all communities from different backgrounds come together to have street parties and speak English with beautiful rich accents from all around the world. In the north, Scotland crowns the country with Northern Ireland and in the middle, England begins and leads down to the south where we find Wales. Each of these countries are majestic in their own right and have their own cultural history, customs and native languages as well as the collective United one.

England alone is well known for Robin Hood, and his merry men who came from Nottingham, The Beatles who came from Liverpool, Manchester United football team who are from Manchester and Shakespeare performed his plays at the Globe Theatre in London. Not to mention Henry the 8th who chopped off the heads of a few of his wives at the tower of London.

The United Kingdom is made up of four historical countries (Scotland, England, Northern Island and Wales), which makes the UK quite unique.

  1. In England, people speak English, and the capital is London.
  2. In Northern Island, people speak Irish (a Celtic language) and/or English, and the capital is Belfast
  3. In Scotland, people speak Gaelic (although the language is somewhat dying) and/or English, and the capital is Edinburgh.
  4. In Wales, people speak Welsh and/or English, and the capital is Cardiff.

The Benefits Of UK Travel To Learn English

  1. When you are travelling around the UK, you will notice that you are actively using your reading skills, your writing skills and your listening skills. This constant practice will support your rapid improvement and comprehension in the English language. You may find that this is faster than when you work with an English teacher in your language school or English If you have a personal English tutor, you can ask if you can take your classes outside the ESL classroom or learning environment.
  2. Applied linguistics are always going to develop in a stronger way for you than any language skill taught for solely academic reasons. ESL programs, colleges and universities that offer study abroad semesters. Are aware of the enrichment opportunities for your vocabulary and grammar.
  3. A key benefit is that you will be learning English either actively and consciously or passively. When you are in a foreign language learning environment, you cannot stop the learning experience. This full immersion method is how you learnt your native language fluently. Following a similar routine of bilingual education, you can repeat this success toward academic achievement.

Useful Tips For English Proficiency When Traveling In The United Kingdom

  1. Go to the pub to meet some locals, People from the UK tend to like to socialise around a beer or some wine. This makes the local pub a perfect place to go to meet people. With that said a don’t try to do this on Friday or Saturday night when pubs and bars are at their fullest as it will be harder to hear what anyone is saying.
  2. Make use of the free museums around the country and join the free tours that often run throughout the day. You can note down vocabulary that is new to you. You can also practice reading and writing the information found throughout the gallery.

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Essential Information For Esl English Students

  • The currency in The United Kingdom is Pounds (GBP)
  • The legal age for most things is 18
  • The number for all emergencies is 999
  • The country code is +44
Sydney is the capital of New South Wales
Australia is a huge country, made up of 6 states. Photo Source: Unsplash

About Australia

Australia also known as ‘Oz’ or ‘Down Under’ is a vast country but it is also a continent. Due to its location south of the equator, Australia has developed a remarkable ecosystem that is home to some of the rarest and one of a kind animals and natural environments in the world. The great barrier reef is a gorgeous coral reef system that just happens to be off the northeast of Australia and the largest of its kind in the world. Kangaroos Tasmanian devils, kookaburras, Koalas, and the list goes on and on for weird and wonderful animals that only exist in Australia. This is not to mention that the country has some of the most poisonous animals in the world too.

As one of the largest countries in the world, Australia actually has more kangaroos than people says the Further, most people live close to the coast which leaves the centre of the island mostly uninhabited and underdeveloped.

Australis is an exciting country for anyone to visit for English language development. Australians are so welcoming and friendly, and conversation can start with the lovely locals by just giving a warm smile. Although Australians are mostly not bilingual, they are helpful to tourists and immigrants and are keen to share their language and culture with newcomers.

The Benefits Of Australian Travel For English Language Acquisition

  1. In Australia, people are amicable and social and enjoy socialising over coffee. For students who have some contacts, you could arrange to meet some new friends or make some new friends in your local coffee shop to have a chat about something that you enjoy.
  2. When you are in an English speaking country, your learning is not dependant on native language speakers, another English learner or even a school teacher. Opportunities to learn are all around you; you can read the newspaper, listen to the radio or watch the TV. English is surrounding you.

Useful Tips For Language Learning When Traveling In Australia

  1. You could meet people via online Facebook groups who are local to the area. Remember to use all the media at your fingertips both on and offline. This way you will be able to brush up on your conversational English skills. Just be careful and always meet in public places.
  2. Share your positive endorsement for Australia with the locals who will be thrilled to hear about your point of view, and they may in their enthusiasm take you to see even more beautiful Or share secrets that only the locals know about.

Essential Information For The International Student

  • The currency is the Australian dollar (AUD)
  • The legal age for most things is 18.
  • The number for emergencies is 000
  • The country code is +61
Canada is a huge country
The rest of Canada is more or less English speaking although people may also speak French. Photo Source: Unsplash

About Canada

Canada is in North America and shares a large border with the USA. It is a fascinating country and is home to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. English and French are the national languages of the country, and they have many other unofficial languages. Although it is a vast country, the majority of the population live near the US border, and large cities and small towns are the most popular places to live.

Canada's unique culture is no secret and millions of tourists visit every year, national parks, snow sports, whale tours and the natural environment seem to be very popular.

The Benefits Of Canadian Travel For The Language Learner

  1. When you travel, you can not only gain a lot through the experience by learning about Canadian culture, but you can also share information about your lifestyle. This cross-cultural appreciation benefits everyone and makes for an exciting time for native English speakers who may never have met or spoken to someone from your country before.

Useful Tips For Language Acquisition When Traveling In Canada

  • Students who are learning Business English or those in adult education could hire a tutor or an English guide to show them around.
  • You can visit free events in the main cities and practice using formal and informal English. This is not only great for your professional development but also for your confidence.

Essential Information For The English Language Learner

  • The currency is the Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  • The number for emergencies is 911
  • The country code is +1
  • The legal age is 18-19 depending on where you are in the country

Despite how it is that you like to learn new languages you can not deny that travelling is one of the top methods of teaching yourself how to retain and engage with the English language. This strategy of language training does require some ‘lesson planning’ to ensure that you are actually making the most of your time in the country.

But these real-life situations are going to give you a new point of view of the language, especially when compared to studying English in your ESOL classroom. Full immersion is how you learnt your mother tongue and remains in my mind the most reliable way to not only learn but to retain the language, gain confidence in the language and be able to communicate your thoughts and ideas fluently in English. Happy Travels!

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