When you are going to travel to an English speaking Country and an ESOL English language learner. You will be in for a treat because there are lots of countries to choose from and travelling in the country where English speakers live can do wonders for your language skills.  Another for the international student which is a huge bonus is that you will get to experience the language and culture.

Australia is the 6th largest country in the world and a haven for unique animals, nature and remarkable cities. Australia also affectionately known as down under because of its location on the earth and distance from many other countries. This hasn’t stop hoards of tourists taking the often 24-hour flight to visit Australia every year.

Australia like Canada is a vast land mass that is very sparsely inhabited, all of the countries cities are located along the coastline, and inland the towns are very remote. Like in most parts of the world people flock to the cities for a better quality of life. Wikipedia states that more than 85% of Australia's total population live near the coast.

Australia is full of beautiful nature such as the famous great barrier reef, It is home to unique animals such as Kangaroos and koalas which are native to Australia. It has a popular trekking and road trip routes plus some of the best surfing spots in the world.

The native language and official language of Australia is English, the accent in Australia is distinct and different to English in the United States of America for example. Like all English speaking countries, native English in Australia has its own dialect and words. But as an English learner where it is clear that English is not your first language. It is likely that the locals will speak to you in more international English to help you with your comprehension.

Preparing your trip to Australia will be an excellent intensive learning environment for you to learn English online, improve English proficiency and to gain confidence in your English language development. Travelling to Australia, you will find yourself able to have conversations, practice your reading and writing skills and as a whole, your language learning will strengthen through full immersion into Australian culture.

Australia has its own dialect and words
Australia is full of beautiful nature such as the famous great barrier reef. Photo Source: Unsplash

Benefits Of Learning English While Travelling In Australia

If English is not your first Language, you will find that travelling to English speaking countries will bring enrichment to studying English. English from the UK is very different to Australian English, and also from the English spoken in the USA. So if you like to hear different sounds Australian English will be great.

Top Benefits To Learning While Travelling

  1. Despite how good the methods of teaching or language training are that have supported you to learn English so far. There is no better student achievement than being able to put into practice in real life the English language vocabulary, grammar and new language skills that you have learnt.
  2. Using your English to communicate especially if you have limited English, will do wonders for your confidence. Actually, using your English Skills is the best Language assessment you can have to comprehend your fluency and achievement.
  3. You will get to use your listening skills, your writing skills and your reading skills and it won't feel the same way as it does when you are in the classroom with your English teacher. It will be a full immersion into cross cultural
  4. Cultural enrichment. Meeting native English speakers and other non native international students on your journey. Will give you a multicultural experience which will support your preparation to becoming a fluent English speaker.
  5. Australian language and culture are unique, and you will get to learn about this culturally diverse country.
  6. You will be surrounded by new opportunities to use your Reading and writing, speaking and listening skills. Such as watching English TV, Ordering in English speaking restaurants, listening to English music and reading English newspapers and magazines.
  7. Business English students especially those in adult education, could hire a certified teacher to guide them around the city so that they can practice speaking in formal English in real situations. Continuing your professional development like this is one of the strong strategies for student achievement.

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Benefits Of Learning English While Travelling In Australia
Australian language and culture are unique. Photo Source: Unsplash

Other Options For ESL English Learners To Visit Australia

If you would like to apply to study in Australia, then you can apply for an Australian study visa. The visa will be valid for the duration of your education program, Becoming an international student is a great way to build your second language proficiency towards fluency. You could become a full-time English learner, you could take part in an exchange semester or English language placement program. If your school has the opportunity for this, it could help with your overall academic achievement in regards to your language study. Your school teacher in Australia will be able to help you with your ESL classes and support with your English learning.

Preparation For Which Part Of Australia To Visit?

Australia is a huge country, made up of 6 states, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia. Because of the size of Australia, you should make sure to plan your trip well before booking it.

Australia is very diverse, and your experience will be very different depending on where you go.

The States Of Australia:

  1. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, Sydney is the jewel of the state with iconic buildings and a bustling cityscape that wraps around Sydney harbour.
  2. Queensland is tropical white sand, blue sea paradise with Brisbane as its capital.
  3. South Australia is relaxed and a great place to unwind with fine wine, Adelaide sits at the capital of this state.
  4. Tasmania is rugged with mountains and lakes. Hobart is the capital which is wrapped around the harbour.
  5. Victoria is full of rich history, multicultural cities with Melbourne as its capital.
  6. Western Australia is full of gorgeous landscapes and vast natural areas with Perth as its capital.

Australian Essentials To Know For The English Language Learner

The Weather

The sun is extreme in Australia, much more extreme than you may typically be used to because the ozone layer over Australia is very thin. The UV rays are dangerous even on cloudy days, and you should exercise caution between 11am and 15:00. Make sure you know how to be sun smart and how to protect yourself from UV rays.

For example, you can wear protective clothing made from thicker breathable materials like linen, a big hat, UV safe sunglasses. You can also use protectant creams and make sure you are hydrated throughout the day.

Entry Requirements

Everyone who visits Australia needs a visa to do so, only Australian and people from New Zealand are exempt from this. There are a few visa options available with the minimum period to stay from 3 months per year. You have the option to get a tourist visa, and you can also get a student visa or a work visa. Once you are clear about your trip, you can apply for the correct visa. I advise getting your visa approved before booking your flight as visas can be refused.

Essential practical Information

  • Australia is multicultural and multilingual so you can hear many languages in addition to English here.
  • The currency is Australian dollars (AUD)
  • The legal drinking age is 18 years old
  • The emergency number is 000
  • It is safe to swim in Australia, but it is essential to know beach safety before going in as there can be dangers in the water such as jellyfish, sharks or crocodiles. Red and Yellow flags show safe places to swim.
  • The international dialling code is 61, and each state has its own area code
  • Free wifi is widely available

Travelling to Australia gives you a huge advantage when you are learning a language. You have the chance to put your basic skills to the test and learn in a new fun learning environment, as all of Australia will become your English language learning playground. This experience will have a significant impact on your speaking skills, academic achievement.

Victoria is full of rich history
Western Australia is full of gorgeous landscapes and vast natural areas with Perth as its capital. Photo Source: Unsplash

As you travel your development as an ESL student will only blossom as you find yourself immersed in the language and culture of Australia. Although the ESOL lessons, English teacher and English class helped to support your development of the grammatical and foundation aspects of English.

The classroom cannot compare to how powerful it is to use the language that you are learning actively and to be surrounded by real English communication. Living with the English language all around you will be the preparation that you need to take you toward English fluency.

So if you are questioning if it is worth it for English language learners to travel abroad to English speaking countries. Please do not hesitate to make a plan and book a flight as it will be the turning point in your English proficiency and achievement in your language skills. No matter what you will have a great time on your trip to Australia. Imagine being able to say that you became multilingual by talking to people on the beaches of Australia.

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