According to the US Department of Education, at least 32% of high school students require some form of academic tutoring. Although figures vary across the states, chances are regardless if you’re from Boston, Houston, or even Philadelphia - you will require tuitions in one class or another.

Being able to read through long, dull texts of literature, as well as writing good analytical essays with proper grammar and sound vocabulary is something many students are unable to do.

But a little nudge in the right direction by an experienced English tutor usually sets them right.

An English teacher can help you develop the right skills to excel in exams and also gain real-world skills so you can practice the language confidently. However, don’t expect your English tutor to do your assignments and homework because that will not be the case.

By hiring an English Tutor, you’ll be able to gain many benefits, besides just receiving better grades.

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Our tutors can plan English lessons according to the student’s needs and deliver them in person or online. Source: Pexels

One-On-One Sessions English Classes Can Help You Succeed

Classrooms across American are overcrowded, and teachers have their hands full of hundreds of students at a time. They can’t be expected to give individual attention to their students.

At the same time, students are expected to excel at learning English literature and grammar, despite these challenging circumstances. They not only have to take down notes in noisy classrooms, but they also have to make sense of these notes all by themselves.

It’s not fair, let alone possible to expect students to learn on a strict timeline and make sure that the content of the subject is covered.

That mandates the need for after-school English tuitions.

One-on-one sessions with your tutor can help your understanding and comprehension of the subjects.

Your English tutor keeps pace with your learning needs, as opposed to a classroom where the teacher is too preoccupied with completing the curriculum to care if some of the students get left behind.

Additionally, you can also count on them to deploy various teaching tools and techniques during the English tuitions. This helps students with diverse learning needs by making sessions more interesting and lively through fun, interactive games.

Having one-on-one sessions with a tutor enhances the student’s understanding, making it the focal point of the entire course. This essentially means that only the student and their learning needs are prioritized above all else.

This approach helps students score better in school and improve their grades.

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Time Management Skills For Surefire Success

Besides helping a student score better grades, an English Tutor can also teach valuable time management skills.

These abilities come in handy at every avenue of life – from high school tests to college entrance tests, college exams, and work presentations. Although most students have no choice but to develop time management skills in college, through tutoring, you can get a jump start on the ability.

For starters, you’ll work on a daily schedule to plan your studies with the tutor. This should help you figure out how you spend your time and where you are losing it.

It’s also important to set proper goals to help you measure your progress. Sit down with your teacher to break larger goals into small, more achievable and actionable tasks, so learning doesn’t become too overbearing for you.

While it can be exciting to have a tutor who understands your learning needs, beware of how you plan your classes with them. Don’t wait until a few weeks before the exam to hire them because you probably need more time to learn English than you think you do.

Building better habits and routines are essential for long-term success as a student.

Time management can also help reduce test anxiety, which is one of the leading causes of not being able to complete tests and assessments in time.

Develop A Life-Long Interest In English

Lots of high school students may not even realize how much they love English because of a dull teacher in class. The right English tutors design interesting study sessions making even the most tedious lessons appear interesting.

Moreover, most high school students report finding Shakespeare dry because they cannot understand the difficult words. An English tutor fixes these shortcomings, helping pique a student’s interest in English. Students may even discover some analytical and critical thinking skills they did not know even know they had.

Having an interest in languages comes in handy when students have to declare their majors in college. This is because they know which subjects interest them and which ones don’t. If a student isn’t interested even after the tuitions, at least an English Tutor will be able to clear all the student’s doubts and will be able to help them realize with certainty that they do not like English.

Get Professional Advice

Our tutors have experience and expertise in English Literature; they not only love the subject but also have relevant degrees to show their proficiency.

They can understand common problems the student might face because they’ve also been in similar circumstances. English Tutors can guide students in matters such as helping them understand whether they should pick English as a major or not.

Additionally, our English tutors in Boston can also mentor students and advise them on which colleges in Boston they should apply to. Our tutors foster real friendships with their students, providing them advice with any non-English related issues they may face.

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Our English tutors can clear any confusion students may face. Source: Pexels

Help With Assessments – Step Towards A Bright Career

Our English tutors are qualified to teach students for all college entrance exams such as the SATs, ACT as well as help Boston High school students meet their graduation requirements.

Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS)

The MCAS 2.0 is an assessment for public high school students in grade 10, and it assesses their college-readiness. To graduate, high school students must earn a competency determination in ELA (English Language Arts), Math, and Science.

Our English tutors in Boston are capable of helping students prepare for the ELA. Students are guaranteed to score well by practicing extensively and overcoming any weaknesses or doubts they may have.

Moreover, MCAS also looks at a student’s coursework.

Our English tutors will create personalized English lessons to ensure that equal effort is given to both aspects. Hence, confirming that students meet their graduation requirements.

College Entrance Assessments

Almost all reputable colleges require high SAT/ACT scores. If you’re looking to ace admission tests for colleges, our English tutors can teach you just how to do that. Our English tutors are qualified to help you prepare for your college entrance exams in the best possible way.

Moreover, college entrance exams require complete focus and prioritization. Since the content of these exams is very specific and requires practice and strategies to score well, you need expert help.

Our English tutors keep you on track, ensuring you don’t waste time on useless info and practice tried-and-tested strategies for bonafide success.

Since our tutors have experience with the SAT/ACT, they can provide specific and effective strategies to save the student time. Our tutors can also make the long, tiresome process of preparation more interesting and enjoyable.

This helps students deal with pre-exam anxieties and puts them at ease about the upcoming tests.

Lastly, an English tutor for the SATs/ACT can instill confidence in a student, making their test-taking performance better, which in turn will help them score well.

Your tutors will not only teach you how to ace these tests but also check your abilities with mock exams to instill confidence in you that you can achieve your goals.

So, if one wishes to be able to get an admission at a prestigious college, hiring a qualified tutor is key.

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English tutors can help students learn effective strategies and tricks to prepare for the SATs. Source: Pexels

The Best English Tutor In Boston

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High school English is a tough subject, putting it beyond the grasp of many students, young and old alike.

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