Being a United States citizen does not guarantee proficiency in the English language. Excelling at how to write English is very different than merely speaking it.

This is why high school students in Chicago often complain about struggling to cope with the English subject at large.

The students face difficulty in reading, writing, speaking, or understanding the English language. It hinders their ability to learn and communicate successfully in classes where English is the primary language of instruction.

English teachers in schools across the United States fail to effectively teach the very language to the students due to various reasons. A 2016 report from the Department of Education echoes concerns about the underprepared English teachers and the lack of resources.

The growing number of students, coupled with the teachers’ inability and limited knowledge on the topic, means there is a gap between robust educator training programs and the resources available in public schools.

A female English tutor assisting a student
An English tutor helping the student with different creative writing examples. Source: Unsplash

English Learners In Chicago

With the growing percentage of English learners across the United States, there are concerns about whether the schools will focus on English learners. In 2019, almost 20 percent of students — a total of 67,664 students—were identified as English learners in Chicago.

English learners often go without required help at Chicago schools because many students have fallen behind their peers in mainstream education. With US schools often struggling to hire and retain highly qualified school teachers, many students are left without competent English teachers to help solve their misunderstanding.

Nearly 1 in 5 Chicago Public School students are English learners, so those students need to have access to quality education. Children and adolescents are unable to reach minimum proficiency levels due to such a lack of resources.

English learners who did not reach proficiency before high school likely needed more attention and support compared to their mates.

All in all, It has become quite challenging for students to achieve equitable access to quality education in an inclusive environment. Schools are unable to provide them with adequate support to help them succeed academically and, further, sustain their progress in the future.

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Role Of A Private English Tutor

Over the past few years, private tutoring has emerged as a reliable answer to the problems facing high school English students. One key reason for that is because the role of a private tutor is different than that of teachers at school.

Tutors provide students with an opportunity to flourish at a faster pace by immediately spotting areas that require more attention and helping them make a significant improvement in those areas.

In conventional online English classes, a teacher has to look after the learning needs of many students, while simultaneously maintaining a good pace to cover the syllabus within a given period.

It is challenging for an English teacher to provide students with one-on-one attention and address their unique learning capabilities. However, when your child studies with a private English tutor, they benefit from the instructor's undivided attention.

A private English tutor teaching a student
Private English tutors help students strengthen their basic language concepts. Source: Unsplash

Reasons To Take Private English Lessons

Sometimes schools can be tough for some students, and they may need additional support and attention compared to other students. Students all across the states - from New York and Philadelphia to Boston and Houston - may require extra help to understand English.

A private English tutor can be invaluable in such a situation, and working one-on-one with an experienced professional can boost the students' potential.

Still perplexed? Here are more ways how can an English tutor help you:

Individualized Interaction

With a one-on-one model in place, instructors are committed to listen and actively respond to the student. This approach is tailored to meet students' needs who are facing difficulties with writing or reading English.

An English tutor can employ different language techniques according to student's caliber and assess what works for them. Furthermore, private English lessons allow students to explore the nuances of the language word by word – such as the contextual effects, and use of language and punctuation, in an unpressured environment.

Personalized Approach

The public schools' classrooms in the United States are overcrowded, which has become one of the major concerns for the cities. From Houston and Los Angeles to Boston and New York – every metropolitan is faced with the same issue.

To better address students' needs, an English tutor can tailor the learning environment and prepare individual English lessons to ensure the students' productivity. They can try different learning styles within their capacity that they know can benefit the students.

Comprehensive Learning

A private English tutor can assist the student along the way to achieve academic goals with comprehensive coaching.

The students feel confident and do not hesitate to ask questions, which helps the tutor to spot their weak areas and provide in-depth guidance on how to make improvements.

Taking private English tuition can help students strengthen the basics needed to learn English and identify the individual barriers that hinder their performances. Without the fear of being judged, students can share the challenges that inhibit their knowledge.

Boosts Self-Confidence

Working with a private English tutor can increase a student's confidence considerably as it allows them to `catch up` with their peers. They are not lagging anymore and start to grasp the concepts with further clarity.

A reliable English tutor knows how to help the student achieve better results, which increases their capacity to write top-scoring essays, precise short answer questions, and incredibly creative short stories.

Practical Knowledge

A private English tutor tailors the lessons to each student's needs. Moreover, they can involve different topics and materials to help the student better understand the English language.

Some of the students find English a bland language, so an English tutor can find ways to make the subject matter relevant. Unlike an English teacher, a private English tutor would not just stick to the syllabus material.

Since students can process different topics at their own pace, they are more likely to yield better results. They become optimistic about learning the language as they get more familiar with the subject.

A student noting down critical points related to the English language 
A student maintaining a list of Do's and Don'ts of the English language. Source: Unsplash

Significance Of English Language

English is one of the most widely spoken languages internationally and is considered the lingua franca (a mutually known language) by people from all around the world.

More than a quarter of the world's population converses in English, which means that about 1.6 billion people understand it.

In fact, English is a compulsory subject in many parts of the world. Still, some students make a personal choice to go to English classes. It is no wonder that the popularity of this language has filled some classrooms to capacity or beyond.

More than half of the content on the internet is written in English, and it further reveals new opportunities such as free resources, material, and software available online.

Quite simply, it is imperative to learn the English language as it allows students to broaden their horizons, from job opportunities to the ability to converse with people, and ultimately, to understand each other.

Prepare For ACCESS For ELLs Test With An English Tutor

With the help of an English tutor, students can enhance their preparation for the ACCESS for ELLs exam. They are designed to tests a student's ability in English writing, speaking, and listening.

If a student scores higher than the state-determined cut score, they are considered English proficient. This proficiency reflects brightly on their academic grade and result cards.

This is why the sooner students start preparing, the better. Students can benefit from the various revision techniques that an English tutor has to offer during English lessons to avoid cramming, which usually frets the student before taking the exam.

It is essential for students to carefully prepare themselves in the guidance of a trained and experienced private English tutor to outperform the test.

Find A Private English Tutor In Chicago

The bottom line is that all students have distinctive learning needs. It is essential to provide each one of them with tailored programs designed to complement the student's particular course or curriculum.

At Superprof, we strive hard to provide students with stepping stones to their future by delivering transformational learning experiences. We offer our students a variety of innovative and meaningful measurement solutions that enhance their quality of education.

Our English tutors are dedicated to empowering each of their students to expand their educational opportunities and prepare them for a remarkable future.

So, if you are searching for a private English tutor - whether in Chicago or Los Angeles - we are here to help you get a good command of the English language and help you ace your exams with our most exceptional customized programs.

If you live in Chicago and would like to get assistance from our experienced English tutors, we can connect you with the one that adapts English lessons and activities to fit your needs.

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