High school students have a lot riding on their shoulders. Not only are the expected excel in academics, but they also have to maintain a social life and participate in co-curricular activities. Such pressure can adversely affect their studies.

English, in particular, is a subject high school students tend to struggle with. Excelling in this subject requires a thorough understanding of the basics, which can be tough to achieve with so many distractions facing the students.

Circumstances like this require a practical solution such as tutoring.

Whether you’re located in Chicago, LA, or Houston – tutoring can help you overcome your problems. Private tutors can provide your child with a lesson plan tailored to their needs to ensure your child receives the individual attention and care they need.

And so, hiring an English tutor is crucial if one wishes to do well in the subject.

Male English tutor teaching a male teenager
English tutors help develop strong analytical skills. Source: Unsplash

Why Hire An English Tutor?

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a private tutor for your English classes:

Individualized Lesson Plan

The average American high school classroom has approximately 23 students. A teacher cannot provide individual attention to so many kids, and this can lead to a lot of students’ challenges being placed on the backburner. Hiring a tutor translates to your child’s needs being prioritized.

When designing the lesson plan for a classroom, the English teacher will have to consider the general needs of all the students in the class. This results in some students’ needs being sacrificed. An English tutor will only focus on the needs of their student and plan the entire English lesson around them.

Since the tutor will be working closely with the student, they will be able to identify weak areas of the student and help them overcome any learning obstacles they face.

In a classroom environment, English teachers cannot ensure that each student has understood the content of the subject effectively. They cannot, and will not, slow their pace down as they are on a strict timeline to finish the syllabus.

On the other hand, English tutors are not restricted to any tight schedules. They can adjust the teaching pace according to the student’s learning speed.

Boosts Self-Esteem

Understanding and excelling in English as a high school subject requires an in-depth and holistic understanding of grammatical rules and contextual cues. However, many students are afraid to ask their teachers questions in class in fear of looking unintelligent in front of their peers.

As a result, their misunderstanding is never resolved, and they have to experience poor grades and lower confidence. With an English tutor, you have exclusive access to a knowledge resource that can provide satisfactory answers to your questions and confusions.

A clearer understanding of the subject allows you to regain your confidence and be a more visible part of your class. This boost in self-esteem not only reflects in your behavior but also your grades.

Help With College Preparation

A significant purpose of high school education is to prepare students for one of the biggest milestones of their life: attending college. A sound grasp over the English language is crucial to getting admissions into colleges, and most importantly, doing well in your subjects.

Moreover, hiring an English tutor will teach students useful skills that will be beneficial to them in college. These skills include creating studying schedules, learning time management, and developing sound critical thinking skills.

Moreover, college is the time when students have to learn to be independent study wise, and an English tutor will help with just that.

Reinforcement And Retention

Tutors are a great way to ensure that the concepts learned are thoroughly understood and retained.  This will help provide a strong base for more complex concepts learned later on in the future.

Moreover, English tutors help students gain more clarity over their understanding of the subject. As they become well-versed with the nuances of English grammar, their concepts will be reinforced, and they will retain this well into their adult life.

Improve Your Professional English Skills

Almost all colleges and workplaces call for some semblance of command over English, which can allow you to have a professional conversation.

Hiring an English tutor will not only improve your comprehension and reading skills, but they will also improve your vocabulary and teach you how to use English in a professional setting.

This will improve your communication skills in vital situations such as interviews, writing emails, giving presentations – all of which are important for professional communication.

Develop An Interest In English

Hiring an English tutor may help stimulate your interest in the subject itself. Regardless if you reside in New York, Boston, or Philadelphia - English is generally considered to be a dull, slow-paced subject for most high school students.

An English tutor has the ability to make the subject more interesting through the use of interactive lessons tailored to your needs. This may also encourage an interest in reading, teaching you how to enjoy reading through long, complex texts of revered authors like Shakespeare and Dickens.

Ace The STAAR Examinations With The Help Of An English Tutor

State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) is a set of examinations all students in Texas public primary and secondary schools have to give. These are designed to evaluate the academic achievements of each student.

High school students have two sets of English tests they have to give: English I and English II. Our tutors based in Houston are well-equipped with the knowledge to prepare high school students for the STAAR examinations so that they can pass these exams with flying colors.

Since the STAAR exams contribute 15% to a student’s grade in each subject, any student who was failing English can easily make up for it by scoring well on the STAAR exams – through the help of experienced English tutors based in Houston.

Get College-Ready With The Help Of An English Tutor

According to the Houston Chronicle, most graduates of Texas high schools are forced to sit through remedial courses in college because they score too low on college entrance exams such as the SATs and ACT.

Both – the SAT and ACT – place a lot of emphasis on having a strong command of the English language. Our English tutors based in Houston, or anywhere else in the states such as Philadelphia or Boston, possess a proven track record of helping students achieve high marks in the English sections of these tests. Good scores in the SATs and the ACT will help students get accepted into good colleges and avoid getting placed in remedial classes.

For many American students, getting placed in remedial English classes can prove to be an embarrassing experience and may discourage them from developing good study habits. Our English Tutors based in Houston are accomplished individuals with access to the tools and resources required to help students achieve higher scores.

Assignment checked by an English tutor
English tutors provide detailed feedback on assignments improving clarity and fixing conclusions. Source: Pixabay

Get Help For AP English Exams

Advanced Placement English is now a necessary prerequisite for high ranking colleges and universities.

Colleges have boosted their requirements, obliging students to take on extra classes and extracurricular activities to fit the bill. AP English is one such requirement, and it can be a difficult subject despite how well you think you are in English.

Even the smartest of students need some help managing their already-tight schedule. Our English tutors are well versed in the requirements for AP English. They can help students with AP English examinations, which will help them get a head start on experience in college courses.

Why Should I Hire An English Tutor?

English is a core subject in almost all institutions and is used in all avenues of life. From being the primary language of instruction to acting as a bridge to understanding other subjects better – a strong command over English is imperative if one wants to achieve professional success.

Learning English in a classroom environment does not allow weaker students to get a good grip on the subject and gain the required expertise of the subject. The English teacher is there to teach all the students whereas a private English tutor is there just to guide you. This distinction can make all the difference in how well a student learns.

This is because a private English tutor will set everything according to the students’ preference - including the schedule, the pace, and the content to be studied.

English tutor marking a test
Hiring a private English tutor will help you prepare for college entrance tests guaranteeing acceptance to a good college. Source: Visual Hunt

How Do I Find An English Tutor In Houston?

If you’re searching for a qualified, knowledgeable English tutor, SuperProf can help you out.

All of our tutors are very accomplished, experienced individuals with an impressive list of credentials.

They have been screened and are capable tutors with an in-depth understanding of English, instructed to deliver customized tutoring schedules tailored to fit your preferences.

Moreover, you will receive instant feedback on mistakes being made. This speeds up the correction process and preventing any habits from forming. Reach out to us on our website so we can help you find the best English tutor in Houston – or anywhere else in the States!

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