Many American students make the mistake of disregarding how tricky High school English can be.

As a result, many of them end up not paying attention in class, falling behind, and failing.

Since English is a core subject in almost all assessments throughout the United States, it is important to do well. Whether you’re attending high school in LA, New York, Chicago, or Philadelphia, you’ll need English to graduate high school.

Besides studying the language to graduate high school, many college entrance assessments also test your proficiency in English in their exams. The SATs have a pretty big segment that’s dedicated to English.

If colleges deem that students do not meet the requirements, students may be asked to take remedial courses in English to be able to study there. These courses end up taking over a significant chunk of college students’ time, casting a shadow over their college experience.

Moreover, many American students who are placed in these remedial classes report feeling disgraced. This experience can further demotivate students and lead to them losing the motivation to study at all.

English Tutors can prevent all of this.

Our English tutors are capable individuals with an impressive list of credentials. They’re hired to prevent these exact issues from taking place. By providing individualized English lessons for high school students, they guarantee an improvement in grades.

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Tutors can make sessions and interactive and fun by incorporating different tools. Source: Unsplash

Why It May Be A Good Idea To Study English As A Subject

Many students find English a dull, uninteresting subject that offers no purpose or value to them. It appears more of a burden than a benefit. However, this is not the case. Studying English can prove to be immensely helpful and can lead to skills that will help students throughout high school, college, and well into their adult life.

Studying English can develop your reading and comprehension skills that are essential for professional excellence.  Additionally, English requires a lot of analysis and critical evaluation – these abilities will come in handy in college and throughout your adult life.

Taking English tuitions also means strengthening your foundations. As mentioned above, English is a core subject in many tests and assessments. If a student never makes an effort to improve oneself, they’ll have a weak foundation for the rest of their lives, making many of life’s situations unnecessarily difficult.

Studying with a tutor also means improving your vocabulary and gaining the skills needed to communicate effectively while also being able to understand the subtext of conversations.

Besides the plethora of professional benefits, a good vocabulary can give high school students a better chance to express themselves creatively. This will help when writing their college essays, helping admission officers learn more about their lives as students as well as their experiences.

Studying English through a tutor can also help you realize any untapped interest you may in the subject. This could help in declaring your major in college, or you do not have any interest in the field.

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Finding English Tutors In LA

Dubbed as America’s entertainment hub, LA is home to a population of 3.99 million people. The city is also home to some of America and the world’s most renowned colleges such as the University of California, Los Angeles, University of South California, and Loyola Marymount University.

All of these universities have some general academic requirements. This means that they may require their students to take some online English classes even if these classes are not a part of the regular curriculum. These classes are intended to build complementary skills such as essay writing and researching.

Since most of the time, university students have no choice but to study on their own, they must have a solid foundation of these skills beforehand.

This makes it important for high school students to work with an English tutor beforehand so they can ace college admission tests and forego these classes if possible. They will be able to take these courses and do very well since they’ll already have developed a strong base.

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Tutors can increase student self-esteem and confidence through encouragement and fostering friendship. Source: Unsplash

Benefits Of Hiring An English Tutor

Individualized Sessions

Sessions with the tutor are held on a one-on-one basis. This means that the English tutor’s entire focus and attention are on you as opposed to a classroom setting where the instructor’s attention is scattered.

This benefits the student immensely as their needs are prioritized – the teaching method, the pace, and the content all depend on the student.

The English tutor can design interactive sessions to keep the student engaged and pique their interest in English.

Every student has a different learning style, and a private tutor can quickly gauge it and adapt to the learning needs of their pupil. The entire English lesson plan is designed to custom fit the student’s needs.

Complements In-class Learning

Many school teachers are against tutoring as they think it distracts the student from the school curriculum. Moreover, some English teachers believe that the content being taught in tuitions conflicts with what they are being taught in the school.

School teachers may also complain of a child being overburdened and challenged beyond their capabilities.

However, this is not the case at all. English tutoring is designed to help the student overcome the learning obstacles they face in class.

Additionally, tutoring does not conflict with in-class learning but instead supports it. By creating custom, interactive lessons tailored to the student’s needs, coaching will improve the student’s attitude towards learning. This will also enhance their attitude towards school as they no longer feel frustrated and confused in class.

This helps create a positive correlation between learning and achievement and leads to an improvement in academic performance for the student.

Boosts Confidence

Tutoring can lead to an increase in confidence and self-esteem. Since the entire lesson plan, pace, and goals of the session are based on the student’s needs, understanding and comprehension is considerably increased.

In addition to this, tutoring will eliminate competitiveness that exists within a classroom environment. Students may not be able to ask the questions they truly want to due to shyness. In a tutoring session, the tutor will ensure that the student is comfortable and encourages them to ask questions.

Prepare For The California Standard Tests

The California Standard Tests (CSTs) are part of the STAR program. Every public high school student from grades 9 to 11 must take these tests to meet their high school graduation program requirement.

Students are required to take English/Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science as subjects. The purpose of these tests is to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each student. Performance is divided into four levels: Below Basic, Basic, Proficient, and Advanced. The goal is to have all students performing at Proficient or Advanced levels.

English tutoring makes this very easy to achieve. Our English tutors in Los Angeles are all very experienced in dealing with the CSTs. Through private English tuitions, the student will be performing at the required levels.

This is because our English tutors go above and beyond to ensure complete understanding and comprehension of the English curriculum. They deploy tried-and-tested strategies to prepare students for the assessments. Additionally, the lesson plan is customized to the student’s needs to make sure the student is not overburdened.

English tutors in Los Angeles can do an effective job in preparing high school students for the California Standard Tests. 

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Since tutors set everything according to the student’s preferences, tutors can opt to teach in any method which is online or in-person. Source: Pexels

How Do I Find An English Tutor In Los Angeles?

SuperProf is a website designed to help connect students with a qualified, accomplished tutor anywhere in the United States.

Whether you’re located in Boston, Houston, or Los Angeles, SuperProf can find the perfect tutor for you. Sessions are created to improve academic performance and develop useful abilities that will stay with students for life. Other valuable skills, such as reading, writing, time management, and studying habit, will be encouraged and developed.

At SuperProf, we believe every student can benefit from academic tutoring. Whether you’re ahead of your class or falling behind, tutoring can be of great help in ways that cannot be imagined. Our talented tutors will ensure they help you maximize your academic potential.

The earlier you sign up, the sooner you’ll be able to reap the immense benefits of English tutoring. So be prepared to see unbelievable results in just a few weeks. Join us today!

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