One-on-one English lessons can allow a student to be more expressive about their concerns. Source Unsplash

New York City has over 100 universities and colleges that serve over half a million students. It is also one of the first cities in the world to have an organized education system for students of all ages.

However, these days the local education system is inordinately burdened. Even though New York is recognized as one of the most important educational hubs in the United States, students' learning needs aren't being met.

And that remains the case all across the states - whether you live in Boston, Philadelphia or even New York. Many students here struggle to understand English, and since it is the primary language of instruction and a compulsory subject in schools, this means trouble.

In a regular American classroom, English teachers have more than 40 students to deal with. But an English tutor, on the other hand, helps students with English lessons on a one-to-one basis.

The time a pupil takes to learn a language depends on the experience and expertise of a private English tutor, as well as the student's ability to understand and learn. Moreover, it rests on the dedication of both students and their private English tutors, playing a vital role in speeding up the learning process.

A student's aptitude on the English language, the level a student aims to reach, and his background and circumstances all influence the process of learning the language. Some learn pretty fast, while others need time to process what they are being taught.

A female English tutor assisting helping out a student
One-on-one English lessons can allow a student to be more expressive about their concerns. Source Unsplash

Understanding and addressing students' needs in a classroom setting is quite difficult for teachers as they have several other things on the plate, too.

But if students learn the intricacies of English language and literature private English lessons, the chances are that they'll learn faster and retain more of their lessons.

Who Needs A Private English Tutor?

Academically, the English lessons will teach you composition, reading, and comprehension. Still, English learning is not just about how a student writes.

It is imperative to have command over English speaking, pronunciation, grammar, writing, etc. Students must have a tight grip on the basics of the English language. Moving forward, they will be able to develop other portable skills as they progress through employment, training, education, etc.

A private English tutor, with their undivided attention, can adjust to a student's learning needs and use teaching methods that get them good results. Therefore, hiring an English tutor is worth the added expense and commitment or students who want to excel at the subject. Tutors give students complete focus, a distraction-free environment, and can help improve them substantially.

Furthermore, English tutors let students move at their speed rather than maintaining a quick pace. Taking English tuitions will help you in an array of other subjects as well that require understanding English.

If a student is missing out on some areas, for instance, they have difficulty understanding English grammar; a private English tutor can assist them, helping them build up proficiency from scratch. They'll identify and bridge the gaps left by classroom teaching.

Working with a private English tutor has many incentives; most important of all, it guides the students and helps them grasp concepts that'll serve them well for life. Tuitions help builds a powerful foundation that's based on an in-depth understanding of the subject.

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Things To Expect From An English Tutor

A private English tutor offers exceptional benefits, motivates you to learn and appreciate the subject, and boosts your self-esteem. They make you stronger, focused, and self-sufficient, all of which are great for exams.

Here are several reasons why English tuitions are a great idea:

Distraction-Free Environment

With a private English tutor, a student can have an uninterrupted one-on-one interaction at their homes, online or at a mutually decided location such as your local café.

Learning in comfortable settings with an expert tutor is a great way to enhance your understanding of the English language.

Students get to coordinate with their tutors during private English tuition, setting the pace for learning, sharing their concerns, and collectively working on them.

Better Learning Opportunities

The right tutors do not start their lessons without first gaining an understanding of the students' needs. They'll try to figure out where the student lacks in their comprehension of English language and literature sessions, and then fill up those gaps diligently.

They regularly evaluate a student and get more insights into how well they are processing it.

You do not have to worry about the delays in communication. Tutors make it easier to catch up with the topics, and get help with sentence formation or structuring, and speed up the correction process, simultaneously.

Social Competence

An English tutor is there to train the students and ultimately also help them grow socially, rather than just enhancing the command on the English language. Students get more exposure and grow socially.

When students are socially confident, and they feel heard, it enables them to become better communicators in that particular language. They realize that English tuitions are helping them grow as an individual, too.

Adaptable And Flexible

A private English tuition lets the tutor learn more about a student from the body language and non-verbal cues. It further helps the English tutor to adapt to their unique learning needs and get most of their tuitions.

As the tutor stays aware of the student's progress and tweaks the lesson plan accordingly, this makes the learning process more effective. An excellent English tutor will make sure the student understands how the language works instead of just getting them to memorize the words or sentences.

A student and a tutor having a session at a coffee shop
An English tutor assisting the student with English concepts. Source: Unsplash

How To Identify An Excellent English Tutor?

An efficient English tutor will never encourage the student to go for rote learning; instead, they will focus on meaningful methods of learning.

Here are some of the characteristics of a dedicated English tutor:

Ability To Evaluate The Needs Of The Student

Timely evaluation is critical to finding and improving weaknesses.

A determined English tutor will first figure out whether a student can speak basic English, and if they find it easier to speak or write English or need attention in both areas.

This information will enable the tutor to create a course outline accordingly. The English tutor can gauge a student's knowledge and can better address their concerns.

Should Inspire and Motivate

A committed English tutor will always encourage the students to try and implement different learning styles to get the results they need. Although learning a language is difficult, but a smart tutor would know how to work things out and motivate them to learn playfully.

Many students fret the first few sessions because they have trouble keeping up with the English lessons. But that doesn't have to be the case with the right tutor who helps their students relax and cultivate a growth mindset.

Come Up With An Honest Feedback

One of the best traits of a dedicated English tutor is that they don't cover up or ignore errors made by the student. The corrections are always swift and on point, which makes learning more effective. Furthermore, they suggest a workaround the bigger issues the student might be facing, all to help them excel at the subject.

A good tutor observes the student throughout the English lessons and figures out the best ways to learn and help them incorporate it. They have faith in the student and ensure them they can learn despite initial hardships.

Progress is an integral part of a student's performance, no matter how small. So a tutor must be able to properly give feedback positively about the areas that need to be improved.

Gear Yourself Prepared For The NYSITELL Test With An English Tutor

The New York State Identification Test is devised specially for the English language learners to measure their proficiency in the language. The results help determine the type of instructional program the student should be placed in.

An English tutor can assist you in the preparation and help you out in qualifying the assessment. An individualized tutor's plan helps the student focus on the areas that they think require more attention and can gain clarity in challenging topics.

With an English tutor, a student can minimize the chances of not being able to clear the test. The English lesson plans will be specifically designed keeping the requirements of criteria in mind by the tutor. One-on-one communication will make the learning process smoother.

A student taking the test
A student taking the English test after the first few sessions. Source: Unsplash

Looking For An English Tutor in NYC?

Since getting individual attention can significantly boost a student's performance, an English tutor is a perfect solution for those who are lagging in their online English classes.

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